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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Another week has passed and that means more of WIWW! I'm still catching up on some new blogs I found last week!! Link up with Lindsey 
pleated poppy

Remember I found these grey skinnes at the thrift? I am convinced I should have left them there....even My photographer extrodinaire said "Mommy your legs look fat"

 What I'm Wearing:
Grey Skinnies - Target via the Thrift
Black 3/4 Shirt - Express
Flip Flops - Wal-Mart

 I was complimented on my t-shirt by one of my son's classmates....but my oldest doesn't think it's complimentary when a 7 year old digs your style! I though it was cute!

What I am wearing:
Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt - Maurices 2010
Lil Mermaid T-Shirt - Wal-Mart 2011
Jeans - Seven via Marshall's
Sandals - NEW via the thrift

As long as I was wearing my juvenile t-shirt (from my FAVEY Disney movie EVER) I decided to try the side pony I have been dying to sport.....

Friday I was feeling like a (preppy) WILD CHILD....I really wanted to show my spots!

 What I am wearing:
Leopard Long Sleeve Shirt - The thrift
Black Short Sleeve T-Neck Sweater - Ralph Lauren via Marshall's
Black Jeggings - Seven Via Marshall's
Boots - Uggs
FAB Pearly Necklace - Made by moi

See, the pearls match MY (dream) car's finish....

Saturday brought rain, so I was prepared....since I was thrifting and brunching with my girls.....
 I had layers, a hood and my rain boots

 Did you notice I am wearing 2 different stripes? Collared button down and hooded sweatshirt....
 Odd pairings - like chocolate and coca-cola BOTH of which I ended up loving!
 That's what's so FUN and challenging about see things and want to emulate OR try to think of ways to "push the envelope" without looking TOO CRAZY to the rest of the world!! You know, those one's that don't blog or get fashion (side note...not saying I get fashion at all...just a squirrel trying to get a nut!)

 I found that pearly bracelet at the thrift saturday morning and as soon as it was paid I added it to my stack!

MONDAY, Monday....I wanted to try something new with my hair....wearing it wavy / curly....stop fighting what naturally occurs....the only problem is I didn't have any curl enhancing products on hand, so I worked with what I had (Old non foaming - that's how old it was mousse) and hairspray.....

 I wore my maxi dress today and was going to pair it with a long sleeve shirt...I wanted to pattern mix....
 So I had black and white stripes and an animal print scarf
 BUT in the end, just the maxi dress and scarf won out because I LOVED my skintone in the olive green vs. the stripes....and you look prettiest when you feel GOOD, right ladies?!?!?

 As usual I stacked the bracelets on.....


 What I wore:
Denim Jacket - OLD
Silk Patterned Top - New to me via the Thrift
Turquoise Necklace - Vintage was given in a swap years ago
Black Jeggings - Seven Via Marshalls
Gold Sandals -Wal-Mart
MOST of these items are my go-to staples...the only different ones are the necklace and the shirt!! THIS is how I would look on a typical day....BUT I felt like I wasn't glamourous enough, so I did this:

 Took the jacket off and added heels - which ironically enough you can't even see!!  Oh, and threw my hair in a pony because it was MAJOR wild!!!

Left hand jewels....
 and right hand jewels.....


Makaila said...

you are soo SASSY and I LOVE it!! k, the last outfit, with the turquoise necklace.. Perfection! And I beg do differ on the gray skinnies, I love them on you!

smk053078 said...

You are too cute!! And you're legs DO NOT look fat! keep the jeans!! And, girl, my dream car is an Escalade too!! Maybe one day!! ;) New follower! One are so precious and so are your pictures...I would try to make them a little bit larger so people can see them better and see how great you are!!

Tamera Beardsley said...

Kudos my have been busy styling this week and to great success! Enjoy your week!