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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Every time I write a blog post I question if I actually have any readers...the IDEA is to get a following...a tribe....people who are interested in the same things I we can bounce off each other (ideas, styles, venues, etc). SO if you're out there and reading this....don't be shy - leave a comment! I'd love to check out your blog!!

WIWW...I get less and less pics as my photographer gets busier and busier with her own social life! And the pics are do get at t he end of the day LOOK like an end of the day pic. SO bear with me...keeping me accountable....trying to get back into the full on dress and accessory look (was SO much easier when it was mandatory because I worked IN THAT FIELD....I do miss that portion of my job BUT most other things not that much). SO on to the head shot selfies and end of day pics.

THIS has become my FAVE saying!!! My bestie and I NEED this shirt - YASSSS QUEEN!!!

The next two are the requited bathroom selfies for any social media page!!
 What I'm wearing:
Sunnies - Betsy Johnson
Poncho - Chico's
Earrings - Walmart
 My Snooki hair!!!
Necklace - Gifted
Shirt - Macy's

SPEAKING OF Macy's....have you seen the Iris Apfel line there?!??! In case you are unfamiliar with her with she is recognized for her fashion sense (from her LARGE dark rimmed glasses to stacks and stacks of bracelets and necklaces- she was doing this BEFORE it was on trend....that's a REAL style icon). She's uber humble and just celebrated her 95th Birthday AND released a line for Macy's. Which strikes me as odd actually BECAUSE is a recent interview she mentioned "nobody is original anymore" she may have a point there...and the irony is we THINK we're all different! BUT she is contributing to the status quo with her for thought...I mean I still LOVE her!

While @macys homecoming dress shopping for my daughter my son chooses this dress for me - so EN POINT!!! I love my lil mister!

 What I'm wearing:
Headband - Target
Sunnies - Chico's
Top - Thrifted

 What I'm wearing:
Sunnies - Chico's
Vest - Thrifted
Top - Garage Sale
Pants - Thrifted
Shoes -Kenneth Cole NEW via the thrift (BUT NOT MEANT for running all over campus)

THIS is as good as it gets by the end of an 80 degree day in a sweltering gym!!!

You MAY have caught it BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is I am going back to school!! Not a big deal to some....BUT it's been 20 years since I've been in school - TRUE STORY!!! I've always tried to go back but either the timing wasn't good, I couldn't afford it, the biggest one - I was SCARED. What "they" say is true - the older you get the less you care what people think...and I feel like I am finally at that point (like who cares if I'm the Rodney Dangerfield of my college?!??! Well my daughter cares - she has already told me she will NOT support me playing any sports {total joke - I am by no means athletic}). SO when going back to school OF COURSE I need a flashy bag!!! And to be myself!!
I'm really enjoying school (so far)....I'll keep y'all posted! I think at this stage in my life (and the experiences I've had) have helped prepare me for SUCCESS!!!
Ok, linking up with The Pleated Poppy  to see what you all wore!!!