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Monday, December 21, 2015


I am a SUCKER for bling*bling and the extras! The frosting - I EAT it, the glitter - I add it, the holiday style - I sport it, the jewelry - I layer niece calls me "Aunt Fancy" (except when I burp...then she says "Auntie that's not sound like Elf"). I was at the #dollartree recently with my mom (picking up last minute tissue paper and bows) and I can't help but wander....I found THESE....
(well actually my daughter found the top left ones and it was all downhill from there!!! I narrowed it down to these 3....the top left are fun for Valentine's Day OR Christmas if it wasn't already THIS WEEK, the candy cane stripes - a NO BRAINER!! And the grey with silver glitter stardust PERFECT for the New Year).

You may remember when I picked up this pink glitter a few weeks ago? (I was secretly trying to find red glitter BUT that's harder than you'd think...SO this pretty strawberry glitter made my day). 

I used it here OVER the green....

This time I wanted red to coordinate with the candy cane theme (yes, I know I said the candy canes were pink and they'll see)

VIOLA!!! Holiday mani "on fleek" (don't know WHY I used that - I hate that word!! LOL).

The pink glitter over the red gave it that "magenta pink" I was looking for!! If you're only using the nails as an accent nail it's about .08/nail....share with your mom, neighbor, friend, daughter (that's what we do!!). The glue doesn't come with the nails BUT you can pick up nail glue anywhere for under $3.00 (I LOVE the Kiss brand...strong enough to hold for about a week -  and that's doing dishes and housework and everything else you would normally do and doesn't damage the nail). 

Lemme know if YOU try these!!! #dollartree has some great things!!! (and I was NOT compensated for this post OR the products....BUT if The Dollar Tree wanted to send me a few vouchers that'd be cool too!!).

Thursday, December 17, 2015


There have been a few inspirational nutcrackers along the way....UNFORTUNATELY I couldn't find the O N (Original Nutcracker) that was all blinged out....

After I plucked his hair and beard off he was scared....

I gave him a spray of primer and then white spray paint....and he crackled under pressure....which was ok...

FINALLY 2 years later after he was primed and painted I decided to add the rhinestones, glitter and a feather!

He remains faceless for the time being....

Come back Saturday for a Holiday Home Tour!!! 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WIWW....The Two week edition

Each Wednesday The Pleated Poppy hosts a What I wore link-up...pretty brilliant actually BECAUSE it gives us all a chance to see how someone else may wear the SAME thing in a different way (and quite honestly gets us outta our jammies at least once a week). I LOVE clothes and I love the thrill of the hunt even more!! I KNOW a lot of people may be grossed out by wearing clothes that have been thrifted or pre-owned BUT the reality is if you are selective in your shopping choices and inspect the item MOST times it's something that has only been worn a few times OR may even be new with the tags!! The BEST part is you aren't looking like you just stepped out of the latest catalog like her and her and her....There is the option for a UNIQUE blended style that is all your own!! DO YOU shop at the thrift stores?  

It's the #holidayseason
My sista from a different mista invited me to tag along at her Holiday Party in #downtownchicago THIS girl couldn't say no (BUT I have to preface with I was already on my way to the city when she asked me SO I literally had the clothes from fam photo shoot and jeans because I had no idea I'd be going to a soiree downtown)
 What I'm wearing:
Vest - Thrifted
Black Turtleneck - Borrowed from Mom (thanks mom!!)
Necklaces - Giant Pearl AKA "the mrs.roper necklace" as dubbed by my sis Wal-mart
Skinny necklace with crocheted fabric - Maurices
Skirt - Maurices
Boots - El Dorado (you can't even see them BUT I was sporting my leopard cowboy boots...and the whole time in my head I'm singing the Miley Cyrus song "Party in the USA" because I was that chick rawking (not kicks but boots) from outta town! BUT I felt GREAT - comfy in my own skin!!

 What I'm Wearing:
Black Sweater Turtleneck- Thrifted and has been my FAVE - wish I could find more like it - the perfect ribbing, just the right amount of stretch...
Pearl Necklace - My great Aunts (just a long simple strand with a knot)
Black Slacks (feature a blue pinstripe) - Thrifted

Cas Errand Day
 Skull Scarf - Target (a few years ago)
Skull Foil Sweatshirt - Walmart (Feb 2015)
Leggings - CVS
Booties - Toms

With the midwest winter weather (some days) I just want a soft comfy turtleneck sweater to throw on...ya feel me?!?!
 What I'm wearing:
Sweater - Thrifted
Necklace - thesassypearl
Jeggings - CVS
Boots - UGGS

What I assumed was just a regular day turned out to be the day #heputaringonit

What I'm wearing:
Earrings - Macy's
Necklace - Same pearl one as above
Cowl Neck Tunic - Suzanne Somers 
Jeggings - CVS
Boots - Uggs

Off to see what YOU wore this week and HOW you wore it!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


THIS is a loaded post filled with all my THIS YEAR secrets for trimming the tree!! (NOW if it weren't 17 days before Christmas I would've broken this into a few posts BUT dang Christmas snuck up on me....but that because I have Thanksgiving it's time to shine until Black Friday). ON with the post!!! 

I LOVE shopping the #salvationarmy I always find some great things there! For example....

The fun kitschy ornaments were new from Target (Last seasons) and I'm not sure I'd ordinarily choose them (BUT this year I am having a THANG for #nutcrackers) they're in my color scheme and I have a boy and a girl SO for .59 (from $4.00) each it seemed like a no brainer (they even would've made CAUTE package toppers). I knew I wanted to personalize them BUT knowing your skill wheel is important when trying to flawlessly execute a craft. So I turned to trusty stickers....

Made sure I had enough (those vowels ALWAYS go the quickest) and spelled out my lil's names....

 SO super-duper pleased with how they came out!!! 

This year trimming the tree has been a self imposed challenge....I wanted something DIFFERENT than I have done in past years, wanted the SAME color scheme (after trying red and realizing while I can admire it in other people's decor it just isn't for me - or my daughter) and wanting my ribbon to be non-traditonal but FABULOUS!!! I grabbed these at #dollartree 

Got some 3" wide black satin ribbon (from the clearance cut by yard.....when I was telling the cutter at #joann's what I was doing with the ribbon she said "you do know we sell "CHRISTMAS" ribbon right? I said yep....she was still shocked because she went on to ask "you don't like any of it?" I said nope, I"m kinda non-traditonal...and then the lady behind her chimed in that black ribbon was a different choice for a christmas tree but she was sure it would be beautiful....I think they all thought I had lost my mind). But not as much as my mom did when I sent her this picture and told her my tree was done! Her response was "you're kidding". I literally threw my "ribbon" purchases on the tree!!

I tried mixing the boas and ribbon - alternating and HATED the look. I KNEW I WANTED to use both and then a lightbulb went on....USE BOTH....the black ribbon facing the living room and the boas facing the kitchen (because of the open floor plan ALL sides of my tree are visible).

OH YES!! Now we're talking!!! ME ENCANTA!!! You may have noticed the paper chain in the above photo as well....that was a labor of love between me and my kiddos....(and it was on my holiday bucket list). I remember doing these in school as a kid...SO WHY not do them at home (and watching ELF may also have given a lil inspiration). SO I chose my color scheme, measured and pre-cut paper strips....

 And we went to town!!!

I did do BOTH sides with the paper chain (to add whimsy to the black satin side - which was uber hard to photograph).

I LOVE my tree this year!! It's EVERYTHING I wanted and TOTALLY embraces my personality!!! Leave me YOUR link so I can check out your tree!!!

Monday, December 7, 2015


I couldn't WAIT To do this fun holiday mani!! I was on the hunt for a red glitter (which is surprisingly harder to find that you would think). I found a FAB magenta pink (I usually loathe the color pink BUT I have been on a pink kick for about the last year - I am shocking the hell outta myself!!).

The green is #sinful San Francisco and the magenta glitter is #sallyhansen Complete Manicure Strawberry Shields...

Doesn't it look FUN and HAPPY?!?!? SO FESTIVE!!! 

It's coordinated with my purse AND the pink sweater in the pic above!! Oh and it just so happens to have been perfect timing for when he #putaringonit !!! 

What's your go-to holiday mani!?!?!?

Saturday, December 5, 2015


...Pics via my iphone for the week....
It's been quite awhile since I have done a post like this!!! 

Saturday night I didn't feel so good....and that lingered for the next 4 days....I think some kinda flu virus is going around because now BOTH my kids have gotten sick too....I was TRYING to find inspiration to #getmotivated and put my tree up (see it in the background?!?!)

Slowly but surely Christmas is happening around these here parts!!! The china hutch is a work in progress BUT I like the direction it's taking....

Got my Great-Aunt's vintage paperboard village up....and my son dug through his cars to find period appropriate cars to add to the village....see the lil brown one coming out from under the bridge?!??! HIS idea!!!

I LOATHE Taco Bell BUT for some reason 2x this week it was TOTALLY appealing to me (and I had barely eaten anything due to the flu....Cream of Rice cereal was my best friend)

Bought these....

And VIOLA! My tree is done....

***BIG NEWS*** He liked he so he put a ring on it!!! 

SO perfect and TOTALLY me!!! After already being married once a long time ago....I KNEW when the time came again I didn't want ANYTHING conventional!

Checked out my pins for new recipes, made my list and checked it twice!!!

What have YOU been up to this week?!?!

Friday, December 4, 2015


ecIf you're anything like me you pin like a madwoman and sometimes don't get back to them....or forget what you pinned because you were a happy clicking pinner.....I KNOW I am going grocery shopping tomorrow, I know I want to make a few Christmas Cookies (because it's on my holiday bucket list of course) and I also know when I am organized I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER and in control!!! SO this morning as I saw the kids off to school and sipped on my cuppa java I did this....

Looked at my "recipe" #pinterest board and jotted down WHAT I wanted to try and the ingredients needed (I still need to go through my pantry and cross off the things I have BECAUSE as I was making the list I realized I may already have some of the items SO instead of buying doubles I can save a few dollars here and there - which is NECESSARY this time of year especially). 

After I had my ingredients and knew what I was going to buy I looked through my local sales ads and made my list....

A list helps keep you on track, makes the most efficient use of your time and money and well I LOVE lists!!

You can visit my #pinterest boards here to see more of what I have pinned BUT for now here's what I am shopping for

Cowboy Bark recipe found here

Southwest Pepper Jack Salad recipe here


Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I only have a few pictures! I have gotten dressed most everyday this last week (due to the Thanksgiving holiday) BUT I was so involved in the PEOPLE I was with it didn't even occur to me to take any "selfies". I guess that's how you KNOW you're in good company :)

Preparing for Thanksgiving at my parents I laid our outfits out the night before to coordinate them OF COURSE!!!
Shirt - Maurices
Skirt - Target

Sweater - Aeropostale kids via Marshall's (Last year)
Striped Shirt - Children's Place
Pants - Target

Scarf - Maurices
Vest - Gordmans
Dress - Rue 21
Belt - Chico's

Black Friday shopping deserves a lil silliness right?!?!?
(we hemmed and hawed about buying my mom a pair and in the end we decided she probably wouldn't wear them....AND she was sad we didn't buy them...we shoulda bought them and if she didn't want them return them). 
What I'm wearing:
Vest - LL Bean (you saw a lot of that in my last WIWW post - it's an excellent layering piece)
Grey Fur collared Jacket - Target
Scarf - Target's $3.00 spot
Grey Tunic - Walmart
Leggings - #marshalls

Hooking up with Linds at The Pleated Poppy to see what YOU all wore!