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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lil 'Ol me.....

....was given this award.....

By my new bloggy bestie Babymama (don't ya LOVE her name?!?!? Makes me think of the funny Tina Fey movie every times I see it!!) Stop by and check her and her stylish lil bebe out!!

NOW, here's the fun part! I get to share 7 (my lucky number) FUN FACTS about moi!

1) It's all in the details.....whether it be party planning, dinner, birthdays or an outfit of the day for WIWW, I pay attention to the details....almost to a fault that drives all around me CRAZY!!
Yo-yo accents I made and stitched onto this tank.....
Cute lil details on a pair of leggings......
Black (LOVE) lacey decals on my toes-ies.....
Valentine's Day breakfast for my kidlets......

2) I LOVE picking up curbside "trash" and turning them into treasures

This lemonade stand started out life as a tv box (in case you don't believe me, see next pic)
Cardboard tv box being transformed into a lemonade stand with a lil paint and elbow grease!
See those brown 'typeset' shelves? Those are actually old work bench drawers I found on the curb on town trash day.
FAB crock with a crown (who doesn't LOVE being royalty?!?!) found during the same trip as the above drawers....
This particle board shelf, which I transformed into something FAB! (any idea what? The clue is on top of the shelf)

3) I LOATHE flower scented candles / perfumes and air freshners......only the real flower scent please

Pretty roses (LOVED muted corals and yellows) I picked up for $5.00 at wally world one white I added some cut coleous from the backyard)
Array of roses (pic from my girls weekend last fall in NYC)

4) Speaking of flowers, I HATE carnations!

5) I am addicted to texting

6) I ALWAYS have a bottle of water with me

7) I used to be embarassed to tell people I shopped at Goodwill or The Salvation Army...and now, I SHOUT it from the rooftops!!

Goodnite y'all!

Friday, May 27, 2011

It's a SNAP

For me personally, accessories ALWAYS make the outfit! SO I am always thinking of news ways to incorporate or add them to wardrobe. For example....take these $1.50 plain black Target flip flops......Perfect for a day running errands, going to the beach, etc
BUT when I add a vintage pair of PEARL (of course) clip on earrings I have tunred my boring black flip flops into a fancy schmancy pair of (NOT) flops!
Behold! Before and after!
And while we're on the subject of feet......check out my navy blue toes with lil silver stars (you can barely see them...go ahead, get a lil closer).
That's better! They remind me of Wonder Woman!!
Have a fab weekend Chicas!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Everything's Coming up Roses.....

While in the midst of packing boxes and preparing to move I have had a lil creative inspiration! I have been wanting to try those rosettes we've seen all over blogland and thought I couldn't do it. So one day I looked up a how to and VIOLA!!

I do plan to put more rosettes in a complimentary fabric once I find the fabric and make them!

I found this shade at the Sandwich Flea and fell in love, but then I was over the yellow and had it in the shop to sell, no one bought it (THANKFULLY because I am drawn to a mustard yellow, navy with hints of green and grey combo) SO as I was getting ready to pack it I said lemme see if those rosettes will save this old girl.....

And I think they did!! NOW it reminds me of an Anthro-ish shade (ps, I don't think that's the lamp she'll stay on....I have a FAB greyish-amethyst glass lamp in the garage that I think she'd be swell on) SO you'll just have to stay tuned and see how she lands once we move!

While I was in a yellow mood.....

Lemme tell you....I made the rosettes first (outta fabric I cut off of some yoga pants that were too long {thanx for the pants Jen} ) and planned to put them on a creamy velvet pillow (to cover the safari scene) BUT didn't have enough rosettes (even WITH the extra dark grey ones I made {outta different pants too long fabric}) SO I said lemme see what I can find.....

and while putting (already packed) boxes in the garage I found this mustard velvet beauty I picked up last summer at the Salvation Army for .60 (I KNOW!! I can't believe it either people!!) it just had to sit around long enough to become part of a project!
The best part is these 2 lil day projects can be combined in the same room!! Now y'all pray we find the perfect house, please :) (we had one but it fell thru at the 11th hour). Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIWW Rhinestone Cowgirl

I am linking up to Pleated Poppy's WIWW (this one's for you Babymomma!!).

Please forgive the craptastic lighting in the next 2 photo' was the end of the day (ie dark) and I said CRAP! I forgot to take a WIWW pic again! But my baby said lets go take one now! (thanks love).
Sherbet Orange Striped Tank - Target 2010 $2.00
White Tank under - Target 2010 (part of a pj set BUT way too see thru to wear that way, so I use as a tank for layering)
Hydraulic Capris - Maurices 2010
Belt - Salvation Army and BLINGED out by moi (see details below)
Gold Sandals - Walmart $3.50 a few weeks ago

Close up of the belt! I never wear belts, bought this last fall with the intent of painting it and blinging it out...well, it say in the garage for 8 months until I FINALLY decided to tackle it last week...literally took MINUTES!

Here I wore thru the belt loops...ya know, the way you'd traditionally wear a belt.....and kinda tucked (rested my shirt above) the all the fashion mags are showing...
Thursday - Just made the belt and couldn't wait to try it on! And here I wore it OVER my shirt to accent my waist (imagine how cute this would look just like this but with a skirt and a paid or boots (or if that's too costume country) a pair of sandals....

Tan Long sleeve - Target 2009
Brown tank - Target 2009
Belt - Salvation Army blinged out by moi
Jeans - Walmart

Here is the after.....
Here is what I started with.....I think I paid under $2.00 for the leather belt and the buckle
As you can see all I did was superglue a strand of rhinestones around the inner edge of the buckle.....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIWW May 18th

I really did get dressed every day last week! LOL!! But I only have 2 pics to "prove" that! Last Tuesday my lil guy had his Kindergarten Recital. So here is what WE wore!


Black Shirt Dress - Target via Goodwill (for $1.23 peeps! It was 123 day)
Pale Gold Ruffle Heels - (My favey heels) Target 2009My classic pearls


Pale blue Button Down Shirt - Shopko (part of a 3 piece set - the linen vest and matching pants were the other 2 pieces)
Line Vest - Shopko
Plaid Shorts - Target 2010
Brown Boat shoes - Target 2011

I had a GREAT time mixing and matching his outfit! I think it looks adorable even though it doesn't "match"

SUNDAY (RAINY, COLD, WET flea market day....NOT shopping, I was a vendor and dressed for warmth)

Black Wool Hat - Target 2011 $1.58
Blue Plaid Shirt - SEVEN Via Lane Bryant
Grey V-Neck Sweater - Express via Marshall's
Black Fleece Pants - Old Navy
Grey Ugg Boots

So that concludes my WIWW post! Have some GREAT things to show you guys next week for WIWW....did a lil shopping!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Happy Tuesday Y'all! Just settling in after a (wet cold) flea market weekend and thought I might offer some of the smalls for sale! Visit my etsy shop here if you're interested in purchasing anything ya see! I will be listing more items in the next few days (think silver trays, shabby chic style vintage pictures)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It's that time of the week again!! I am linking up with Lindsey here for What I Wore Wednesday!!

Here is yesterday's outfit (YES! It finally warmed up in the Midwest and BOY did it warm up - I mean seriously....90's? What happened to spring?)

Black Jacket - Express / Thrifted
Sequin Camo Tank - Deb 2010 $3.00
Shorts - (were pants) Target 2007
Sandals - Walmart 2007 $5.00
Camo studded cuff - Thrifted

I ran errands yesterday and got TONS of compliments on my tank (I guess people love a lil sparkle and camo!!)

My shorts started out like this.....I rarely wore these pants....they were in the donation pile and I decided I'd try and give them a new life by making them into cut-off's....

The curse of being 5'2" is that most pants are just too long (and I can't justify paying a tailor to alter as much as the pants cost )
Mother's Day (my mom and I go flower shopping every Mother's Day) the weather was perfect!

Black Boyfriend Cardi - Target 2008
Grey T-shirt - Wal-Mart $3.00
Jean Capri's - Lane Bryant 2010

NOW, here is a total What I TRIED to wear Wednesday.....I tried this on to wear to Maya's school event and I just didn't feel right....I wasn't even going to post this BUT wanted y'all to know it's ok to try new things and sometimes they might fail BUT ya never know until you try....

I ended up wearing another black dress.....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garden Urns

After the Annual Mother's Day flower shopping trip with my mom I was inspired to work on my urns....

Here is how they started out.....(this was the spring look - pansies, faux forsythia and sticks)

BUT now that summer came in overnight (um it was 90+ today) and seeing all the pretty flowers out for summer I knew a change was in the near future....
I picked these up @ Wally's a small houseplant (I LOVE to use these as accent plants in summer outdoor pots - WAY MO' BANG FOR YOUR BUCK and more unique options). For example, this plant was $2.75
Looked like this when I took it outta the pot....

and split it into TWO (now I have accent plants for both my urns at a cost of $1.38 and most accent plants (Ivy, sweet potato vine, vinca vine or spikes ) are AT LEAST $2.00 each of not more.....
Once the plant was split, I laid the plants out in the urn until I found a pleasing arrangement....

I incorporated the pansies....
And this summer I am trying something a lil different....I added mulch on top of the dirt HOPING to help maintain the moisture and keep the plants hydrated (I'll let you know how that goes) and it LOOKS so neat and nice.