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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

In case you've not been to a WIWW, stop by our host at and check out all the other FAB outfits of the week!

I L O V E pearls.....I think they are so CLASSIC (which I am sure you've read a million times here!!) SO for my ensemble last thursday I wore these.....

*Lucien Picarrd Watch - Xmas gift 2006
*Multi-color Chocolate pearl necklace - Mother's day gift 2008
*Earrings Clearance JcPenny - $2.97
*Ring - fun lil local giftshop

AND here I channeled my inner Ralph Lauren for this ensemble! It started with the which I added the denim shirt (which is actually a tunic hence the extra bulk). Then for funsies I added the leopard skirt and LOVED the look.....topped the skirt off with a blk belt and added my boots!
Friday's outfit was a classic black and white.....

MADE this FAB necklace the same day I saw it here at Little Miss Momma's blog (she is ADORABLE - check her out!)
My 11 yr old photog was OVER taking pics, so this is the BEST we've got!!

* Anthro-ish necklace (I made it)
*White tuxedo style button down shirt (TJ Maxx)
*Black Sweater Vest (Jones NY)
*Seven Jeans
*Cowboy Boots
While cleaning out the closet Monday I found this vest that I haven't worn since last winter and thought it was time to wear again! I LOVE pairing it with a grey t!
*Vintage Pearl Necklace
*Gap Vest
*Grey LS t-shirt
*Seven Jean
Look at the CUTE lil button detail on the sleeves - LOVE!!

And this mornings outfit of the day.....
Face close up is for the purpose of make-up (I have found a few FAB make-up blogs and have been trying some new things)

FAB Anthro-ish necklace has reappeared! (I have gotten several compliments on this bad bird)

I guess it's just a lil preview of todays outfit!

*Anthro-ish necklace (I MADE it)
*Pearl bracelets - one real and one isn't....can you tell the difference?!?!
*Pearl Ring - Marshall's 2005 and one of my FAVE piece's
*Blk / Cream stripe Skull Blingy tank - Disneyworld (Pirates of the Carribean BABY)
*Black Boyfriend Sweater - Target

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday and a LEOPARD project

I KNOW, it's Thursday BUT that's ok!! I LOVE linking up to The Pleated Poppy and see what everyone else is wearing!
I am really into layering lately (perhaps it's the winter in the midwest?)

Ruffled Tuxedo style shirt - TJ Maxx
Grey and white stripe sweater - Kohls
Hydraulic Jeans
Grey UGGS ♥
and OF COURSE Pearls....Classic Pearls

Denim Shirt by Miley (yes, Wal-Mart and yes, I am wearing a teeny boppers clothing line)
Black Tank - Target
Black Boyfriend Cardi - Target (2008)
Seven Leggings
Coach (winter) Boots
(lots of snow that day)
VINTAGE Silver link necklace

And now a lil project! My girl Jen gave me 3 of these frames SO I have had several ideas WHAT to put in them BUT never followed through BUT Monday being a crappy snow day (when it's like that I don't leave the house - HATE driving in snow) I decided to do a lil quick project! It involved the frame (simple plastic box frame) Martha Stewart Crown paper punch and assorted scrap papers......
TA-DA!! Anything with a crown and leopard is destined to be fab! This project would be cute with varying colors BUT I wanted to stay within the black and animal families! Now as I said, I didn't leave the house so that means I had to use what was on hand (ie school glue to adhere the crowns....IF I were "planning" this project I would have used glue dots to avoid the wave that glue leaves...oh man, as I type this I am wondering why didn't I use hot glue?!?!?)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

She's STILL wearing leopard on her toes

Remember last week when I posted about Sally Hansen's Salon effects nail polish strips? I of course chose the leopard pattern! This first pic id my pic from last Tuesday......


A WEEK later and they still look GREAT! I did trim my toenails yesterday SO we'll see if that has an affect on the wear.....BUT these babies were in boots all last week and not a chip or tear. I HIGHLY reccomend trying these!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cherry Tart-lets

If you're looking for an eazy-peazy, FAST and fancy lil dessert, look no further!!

I had some of these left over from another recipe and didn't want them to go to waste SO I was trying to think of a creative inventive way to use them....what's better than DESSERT?? (remember there are 2 "s" 's in dessert cuz you always want more!). I actually had the egg roll wraps which are larger, so I cut them into 4. First you need to place your wrap in a mini-muffin pan (after your oven is already pre-heated to 375) and I find it's easiest to make it into a lil pouch prior to placing in pan (that way it won't tear when you press it in)
Bake until the edges are golden brown (approx 5-7 minutes). Take out of oven and put a teaspoon of your favorite jam or jelly (I used a reduced sugar cherry jam that had actual cherries in it). Place back in the oven for another 5-7 minutes and VIOLA!!!

You have your own portable dessert cup! Now there are a few variations on this....after cooled add a teaspoon of peanut butter for the fanciest lil pb&j evah! OR add some chocolate shavings, chocolate sauce.....etc.
Sweets for my sweets! Lemme know of ya try this recipe and what YOU used!
ooooohhhh, is that a hint of Valentine's Decor I see? You BETCHA!! Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

She wears leopard on her toes.....

Thanks to Sally Hansen Salon effects Polish strips! I saw these while shopping at Wallyworld last week and didn't pull the trigger and buy them. OF COURSE all I could think about was going back and getting them. So yesterday while grocery shopping I picked them up! There were many patterns to choose from: LEOPARD (OF COURSE), Black and white lace, Black and White Houndstooth, Zebra, Flowers and Solids. They retails for $8.50.....

And come with everything you need! There are 16 nailpolish strips (so you can match the strip to YOUR nail), a wooden cuticle stick, buffer and directions (these were pretty easy to apply. I was a lil nervous I would "waste" them and not be able to do it BUT it was eazy-peazy. I used the wooden cuticle stick to gently go over polish strip and push down around the cuticles. I followed the directions that said to gently stretch over nail, then I gently pulled the strip away from the nail leaving a very small portion of the strip which I sanded off). While I LOVE Leopard, I thought this was just too much for my fingernails SO I decided I would use them on my toenails!

TA-DA!! They came out GREAT!
L O V E!!! I am anxious to see how they wear.
A few lil tips and tricks I employes was to use one strip for 2 toenails (which I could not do with the big toe BUT I was able to share strips for the rest of my lil piggies! Now the directions say you should throw away whatever strips are left (my guess is because they will dry out over time and not adhere as well). After I finished with the application I did put a topcoat on them. I will update in a week to see how they have worn. These will be SO GREAT come summer! Too bad my feet are covered by Coach boots right now (although I suppose if they are to be covered Coach is the way to go!!).

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday.....

I am apologizing in advance for the small crappy camera on my cell-y is A W F U L (and had I planned ahead, I could've remembered to bring my camera to the store today). I frequently see posts of WIW and always think about participating BUT then I think, well, will anyone even care? I care, and I think that's enough :)

I got these bad-birds for Christmas - L O V E !!! UGG motorcycle-ish boots! They still have the plush lining we are used to with UGG's but a Hard sole, and thick heel. I KNEW these would be adorable juxtaposed with a skirt or dress.....

Here is how I chose to wear them! Black shirt dress, grey long sleeve v-neck, vintage silver necklace, black leggings, grey boot sox and my beloved Ugg's.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For Prosperity....

I wasn't going to post any more pictures of Christmas BUT while on Katie's (@ Harrington House) Blog she posted after the 1st of the Year with holiday photos and she said "for prosperity" and I liked that idea! We work so hard to get it all up and out, so why not relish in it (although I am anxious to start decorating for Valentine's Day).

Every year the kids and I put together a Gingerbread house and this year I got this kit from Wal-Mart - the BEST kit EVAH!!! Came with skittles, gumballs, mini M&M's, premade icing that was thick as paste and held the house together (I usually hot glue the gingerbread together first, this year I didn't have too!!).

VIOLA!! The finished product!!
Being in a new house it's always a challenge to figure out where you're going to put things. As was the case with holiday cards....I simply pokes some pearl headed straight pins into the wall (leaves a very small hole BUT does the job for lightweight things) looped some twine around each end, used glitter and leopard clothes pins and hung them as they came in....but the cards alone felt naked SO I added the chipboard "notes" above them.....

BUT it was a large wall and STILL needed more....SO I saw this FAB idea on Tia @ Two Junk Chix's blog.....framed ice skates!!

My paper vintage Christmas Village.....(I used icicle lights this year and they worked FAB.....)

A wintery display under a large "cloche".....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Small Changes

Ya know how you have those projects that ya mean to get to....but time gets away....WELL, the picture you are about to see is NOT one of them (the granite slab has been ordered twice and JUST came in RIGHT - yahoo!! ) so here is a lil tease of an up and coming project.....

A cute lil custom island chock FULL of storage!!
The pic below is one of those small changes that was so EAZY PEAZY ya wonder why the heck it took so long to get too!! The house came with this light fixture in the front entry ( while a Chandy would be MY first choice, there simple isn't enough length between the ceiling and a hanging fixture) brushed nickel is good, shade is boring builder grade....

BUT don't throw it it to use as a cloche in your spring garden!!
Saving it implies there was something else put in it's place......

TA-DA!! OOohhh, a FAB vintage glass light cover (the entire fixture was in tact BUT all I wanted was the globe). It looks kinda fancy and cascading opera curtains....

Isn't she pretty now?!?! That's all I've got for the moment! I wanted to snap a few pics of my christmas decor BUT time got away from me enjoying the kids while they were on Christmas break! This week the tree comes down and the Valentine's decor goes up! I have some CA-UTE things up my sleeve...stay tuned!