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Thursday, February 27, 2014


A day late!! Linking up with Linds at The Pleated Poppy

 What I'm wearing:
Gold Ombre Sweater (as a vest) - Chico's
Chambray Button Down - Chico's
Black Leggings - Seven via Marshall's

 What I'm wearing:
Leopard Jacket - Chico's
Black Tank - Dress Barn via the thrift
STATEMENT Necklace - Chico's
Jeans - Chico's SO SLIMMING
Boots - Ugg's
Isn't this the most FAB bib necklace EVER?!?!?!
Haven't linked up in awhile SO I'm off to see what YOU wore!! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Y'all I LIVE for Goodwill Dolla Days!! It's a FAB way to step outta my comfort zone with SOME clothing pieces OR get clothes for one of the many hundred Pinterest projects I've pinned!! Last Thursday was just that day (I think dollar days are once a month). SO, I organized my color and will show over the next few weeks on THRIFTY TUESDAY what I SCORED!!

This is a funny story...while shopping around GW with my cart overflowing a guy asked me "is that all for you?!?!?" I said "no, a lil for me, a lil for others...." heck at a dolla I bought stuff for my dad (he's a 2XLT - not as easy to come across and NEVER a dollar!!).

 TOP LEFT: Black sequin/beaded dress (I will NOT be wearing this as a dress BUT think it could be cute with leggings and a denim jacket)
Navy or black (I can't tell) simple sheath dress by J.Taylor New York (ALWAYS good to have a sheath dress on hand for something that might come up....can be dressed up with jewelry or casual with a FAB pair of wedges).

I attempted creating a polyvore board to give you an IDEA of the look I'm after.....

navy sheath dress

Zac Posen dress

See by Chloé wedge sandals

Bead jewelry

$205 -

And I'd add THIS fab bag (which I just so happened to pick up on Dolla Day {don't get too excited it wasn't a dollar it was $4.99 BUT I have been LUSTING after this bag since it first came out in 2012} )

BOTTOM LEFT: Black Lace vest (I have a penchant for vests AND lace) it says Virginia Slims Wear on the tag SO I'm willing to be it was a Virginia Slims giveaway?
Vintage Lace Nighty top...I think this could be ADORBS with a black cami underneath, a pair of boyfriend jeans and wedges

Monday, February 24, 2014


Hola peeps! Today is "Manic Monday" and I will be showing you some FAB neutral paint colors I picked up at my local hardware store last week. They are Valspar colors...all opinions and findings are my own (sadly no comps from Valspar).

I've had these projects on my to-do list for AGES...seriously like 2 years!! I used to be the painting queen....and then I got busy? LAME excuse...I'll fit it all in - I am woman!! LOL!!

The pretty blue color will be for THIS lil hall entryway cabinet

The gray will be for my vintage wooden headboard and the cream for the piece below as well as the tv stand in the living room and a fresh coat on the bookshelves.

This piece is HEAVY....the movers ALWAYS complain about how heavy it is (the drawers don't come out). It's a solid piece...but the pine...oh were SO in like 14 years ago....times have changed and so has my taste!! SO nothing a simple can of paint can't cure - right?!?!?
Because of it's cumbersome size and weight (shifting it from one room to another was quite the workout) I opted for a paint with a built in primer SO I didn't have to sand it (I have used this primer/paint all in one in the past on kitchen cabinets and my paneled faux wood sided bookshelves and it's held up pretty well).
SO I set to work (I LOVE using a foam roller - it gives a nice clean see my baby roller there?!?!? My hardware store ONLY had this size...I figure it's a good workout for my arms!)

Here's the piece in process after the first coat (I couldn't get at that drawer or else it would've leaked paint into the crooked drawer (did ya notice that?!!? THAT happened the FIRST time I moved and the movers tried to remove the drawers). And yep, I'm uber lazy....didn't even take the clothes outta the dresser (ALTHOUGH this morning I did organize it and gathered a small pile to go to GW).

I'll post more as the project is completed....maybe this will give me the motivation to FINISH it QUICKLY!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


It's been awhile since I've posted Arm Swag Sunday....I have been wearing bracelets BUT not as much as in summer....

Ssssnake Bracelet - Lauren Conrad for Kohl's (can I just tell y'all how much I LOVE this bracelet?!??!)
Black and Gold - theSassyPearl

LEFT HAND: (as you are looking at it): VINTAGE Acrylic and tortoise bangles mixed in with some earthy wooden bangles (I have found I am LOVING earthy wooden jewels can mix with gold and bling for an unexpected woodsychic look)
Ring: Chico's

RIGHT HAND: Pearl bracelets - thrifted, wooden bling - Chico's

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A day in the life.... from my iphone for the previous week.....
SO MUCH has been going on it's been hard for me to keep current on this lil blog (for you my 2 dedicated readers!! LOL). 




(it was the perfect addition to a cuppa Starbucks cocoa)

(I'm mad I didn't get out and enjoy it as we are back to single digits next week)

Holla for Dolla Day (stay tuned for my thrifty finds next week)

Swapped around my room and my daughters room SO that makes for lotsa fun projects and FINALLY prepping to tackle some old ones...STAY TUNED - LOTS of fun posts in the future AND a giveaway!!

Flowers from my boss in celebration of my PROMOTION!!! 
 FINALLY after a year and a half I got a dryer....thanks mom and dad!! You have made my life SO MUCH EASIER!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

WINTER you're killin me....STAYING moisturized and hydrated...Burt's Bees, Carmex and more

PHEW!! With a title that long I'd better have something good to say right?!?!? No worries, there's an embarrassing pic included too!! This winter has my skin and scalp SO itchy dry (not dandruff just itchy). I have had this lil sample of Burt's Bees Avocado Butter Hair treatment, so I figured I'd give it a whirl...

I put a plastic bag of my Avocado treated hair and popped my knit Bears hat on (HERE is the embarrassing pic) BUT I can share with you...we're friends right?!?!?
The hair treatment was scalp felt moisturized and un-itchy!! Below you will find the rest of the products I use to keep my skin hydrated and moisturized.

Moisturize Winter regime

Oil free face moisturizer - LOVE this as it takes the ruddy appearance out of your skin

Oil free face moisturizer - I use this on my HANDS!! Super hydrating AND will help keep hands looking young (did you know that a woman's hand and decolletage can make you appear older than you actually are if you don't take proper care)

Carmex lip care - I'm ADDICTED...I go into a panic if I don't have a tube with me at all times! 
$4.25 -

Johnson's Gel With Cocoa Butter, Baby Oil, 6.5 fl oz - PERFECT to slather on after a shower

Monday, February 17, 2014


This year every morning the Valentine's fairy came to visit the kids....Here are a few snapshots....

I received these FUN lip tattoos from one of my girlies!!

A lil flower thief....

Hope you had a FAB Valentine's weekend!! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

FOODIE FRIDAY....Chobani Key Lime CrumbleYogurt

I've talked before about my LOVE for the Chobani yogurts....greek yogurt with fruit on one side and "flip In's" on the other....The one I am talking about today is the Key lime pie. SO DELISH!! The greek yogurt actually has LIME pulp in it and the flips side is graham cracker crust and mini white chocolate chips....

I've been making efforts to make changes in my diet and eat to this DELISH mix I added about a 1/4 cup of blueberries. Blueberries added a lil tang and texture and are loaded with antioxidants.
 THIS was the perfect tasty treat!! 
Have you ever noticed at good eateries the serving portions are far smaller than say your family restaraunt?!?! I my opinion it's because the FLAVOR and pairings are so fab in good food that you don't need A LOT to fill's more about enjoying the actual food rather than filling a void.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I HEART thrift stores and I don’t care WHO knows it!! SO when a girlfriend and I made plans to go to lunch we decided to throw thrifting in the mix!! Here was my haul....

A set of 4 white plates (I LOVE white dishware...I can mix and match, collect pieces along the way and they are a nice palette for photog’ing food) 3 pink glitter “sea urchins” that I plan to paint gold, 2 white mugs for a future project and a shamrock hand towel for St.Patty’s day (BECAUSE I am an equal opportunity holiday decorator) and you guys will NEVER believe how much I spent!! UNDER $7.00. FOR REAL!!! 

SEE how cute my lil sea urchins look pink....I may NOT pain them OR go back and buy more so I can have gold ones for the summer months and pink for the winter holidays.....