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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Here sits my cute lil plant (that I got at Walmart for $2.96 - I simply transplanted it in this pot I already had) and it looked lonely SO I added the silver lantern...

 and I then I decided to ELEVATE the plant and pop this lil stand underneath it (this is from my flea market stash in the garage...when I got the stand it was brown wood - everything looks better painted white)
What THRIFTY find have you incorporated lately?!?!? 

BIRTHDAY Monday (A day late)

MY Birthday was yesterday!! But we celebrated Birthday Weekend!!  Like I do for every holiday I decorate for birthdays too!!

 I gathered old photo's of birthdays past and hung them on my vintage chip clip stand
 Put out the scrabble Happy Birthday tray I made (Happy's super's a lil crooked). Flowers from a girl at work!! Aren't they FAB!?!?!

The overflow of photo's I set in a lil silver dish...

 One of my longest girlfriends decorated my b-day envelope JUST FOR ME!! 

 While I was at work my fam made me a cake, decorated the house and got my presents ready (you see the canvases in the bottom left pics?!?! My kids MADE those for me - so SWEET).

 One of my besties got me this....HUGE because she had to dig to find this scarf I was JUST talking about!!

 And the polishes....Because she KNOWS I'm a sucker for HAPPILY EVER AFTER and this is MY year!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Day in the life....

Pics via my iPhone from this past week....

GORGEOUS Sunset out my back door

Summer and the Livin is Easy

Cookin like a fiend.....made this baby on the grill

They may SEEM like rednecks BUT I  am finding they are pretty brilliant business men who have carved a niche in the market for themselves....very HUMBLE they are a DYNASTY (Wal-mart is selling their t-shirts, last nite at the gas station they are selling car rub on). The world has gone to the ducks

Added this lil stand to elevate the plant

The PINK HEELS TOUR was in one of out local towns...if you are unfamiliar check it out here
 We signed in honor of my isn't JUST breast cancer - its ANY was a moving experience....

FAB new to me denim shirt - RIGHT ON TARGET with the metal detail

Shopping with my, these aren't hers, they're mine...apparently I think I'm 13 too!! (No, really, that cute lollipop is the most amazing vanilla scent ever!!)

 Closed the week just chillin....nice cool 50 degree night...a movie and some candles...
What did YOU do this week?!?!

Friday, July 26, 2013

FOODIE Friday...CHOCOLATE Sprinkle Cones

I have to admit right off the bat it was my 13yo's idea to make these....She gathered the supplies...

We chose our sprinkles....She melted chocolate chips...

We spread the melted chocolate onto the sugar cones

and then rolled into the various sprinkles....

 Here they are all done....they remind me of cute lil witch hats...(I have fall on the brain...maybe that's because the kids go back to school in 3 weeks - WHAT?!?!?!)

CHEERS! To the 3 Musketeers!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

TRY It Thursday iPhone case

I am a photo fiend....I think all us bloggers are....and I use my iphone A LOT for pics (like almost exclusively). I am a good lil iphone owner...I have the protective sheath on the front and a case on the back. I've ALWAYS done a clear case because while I'm usually a more is more girl I like my phone case to be plain and simple. BUt while we were at Big Lots a few weeks ago my son found a leopard and lil red bow case -for $2.00!!! You KNOW I never pass up a good deal!! So I anxiously put the cover on, took my WIWW pics and EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Had a shadow (from the darn cover - the hole wasn't big enough....hmmm, is that why it was only $2.00?!??!)

SO I thought about it...a realized I could PROBABLY fix the problem myself with my handy dandy Dremel (and if not I as only out $2.00 anyway!!)

I started sanding....

And VIOLA!! A bigger hole, it didn't crack and now I just needed to seal the edges with clear nail polish so the paint wouldn't chip off
 as long as I was "polishing" my phone I decided it was only appropriate to add gold glitter!!! SO I used one of my lil art deco polishes..lil brush by lil brush stroke....
 UNTIL I got smart and just schmeared it all over with my finger!!!

Don't be afraid to try something - there's a 50/50 chance it'll be FAB!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Linking up with Linds for WIWW....

Ok I have a few different looks this week AND a few repeat outfits (that have a change in accessories -so I put BOTH ways I styled them)

 What I am wearing:
Hat - Fam Dollar
Make-Up - NONE
Pearl Necklace - Chico's
Dress - Really an old Motherhood Maternity shirt from Goodwill's Dollar Days -For a Dollar you can't go wrong with a "shift"
Wedges - Macy's
**I was trying to be all casually cool mixing a hat AND wedges with a dress BUT I just look like I am doing the "walk of shame" the morning after SO I opted for this style instead....

 Took Off the hat and necklace and ADDED a belt....for a chic pulled together look (and I bet you NEVER would've guessed it was a maternity shirt!! Can you believe how long they used to be?!?!??!)

 What I am wearing:
T-Shirt -  Old (2009) Boys Section at Walmart or Target
Sequin Skirt (Dubbed the mermaid skirt by my sidekick) - Target Feb 2013
Sandals - Wal-Mart

 Denim Vest - Thrifted
(I ADORE this vest and have gotten so much use out of it - If you don't have one - I highly recommend you get one!!)
Pearl Cross - Shop in Galena
Long Pearl Strand - Chico's
Dress- Marshall's 2009
Cowboy Boots - Same one's I always wear

(for some reason I felt super dumpy in this outfit the day I wore it. THIS is one of those duplicate outfits accessorized Differently)
 What I am wearing:
Leopard Top - Thrifted
Pearls - Thrifted
Belt - Chico's
Skirt - Thrifted
Boots - Same ol same ol
JUNE 2012
Same basic pieces BUT with a POP of turquoise....for some reason this week I didn't like the way the turquoise looked with the outfit - the turquoise jewelry was the ONLY difference in the outfit...Which did YOU like better?!?!!

 What I am wearing:
Jacket - Dots 2011
Embellished Tank - Target 2009
Cargo Style Crops - Chico's
Bad Ass Flats - Target
(these really are a half a size too small I think BUT they were SO sassy and the LAST pair...what we do for style!!)

(again, a repeat outfit with different accessories)
What I am wearing:
Necklace - theSassyPearl
Vest - Lane Bryant 2010
Hi-Lo Dress - Actually a skirt form JCP (**side note Aztec / southwest prints HUGE for fall)
Belt - Chico's
Wedges - Macy's
June 2013
SAME basic's different necklace an belt - which do YOU like better here?!?! Incredible how changing a few minor accessories can make an entire difference isn't it?!?!