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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


.....Outfits from the past week, GREAT accountability for the days I just wanna stay in yogas and a t-shirt!!! BUT apparently according to my kids I'm not "dressed" if I don't have accessories or jewelry on! In the words of my daughter yesterday "you aren't don't have on a scarf and a necklace OR a scarf OR necklace". That makes me laugh out loud!!!

Just a day at home....I was FREEZING so I popped the leopard jacket (it has a nice soft minky-dot like lining) over and viola! It's an instant outfit! (I personally think the jacket is OVERSIZED like too big oversized so I only wear it at home).
 What I'm wearing:
Leopard Jacket - Chico's
Turtleneck - Kohls
Leggings - CVS

SO it was GORG Saturday here in Illinois SO we wanted to be anywhere BUT inside! Good day for a road was between Galena and Madison....while we ere out at brunch the kids decided the Madison Zoo....UM I was a lil overdressed for the zoo BUT ok!!

 What I'm wearing:
Statement Necklace - Walmart
Sweater - Maurices
Belt - Chico's
Leggings - Walmart
Booties - Toms

After the zoo we stopped at Trader Joes - HOLY COW was that place PACKED!!! (we're about an hour and a half either way from a TJ's SO when in Rome...). Got my flowers, 3 buck chuck and Carnita meat (the kids RAVE over this meat).

SUNDAY we went to Church....
 What I'm wearing:
Scarf - Chico's
Cardi - Chico's
Tank - Chico's
Velvet Leggings - Chico's
Boots - Madden Girl
(apparently my entire outfit was Chico's....just shoulda said that).

 I am LOVING wearing a buncha rings lately....In high school I liked at least 3 on each hand....the last few years - one on each I'm back to layering them on!!!
Left (facing you) - Pointer Finger - Vintage from the Antique Mall
                               Middle - Two-tone gold thick band (which is what I LOVED) and actually from                                  the mens section at TJMAXX about 8 years ago
Right (facing you) - Middle Finger - Target
                                 Ring Finger - Gifted

AH, the requited gym wear photo!!
 What I'm wearing:
Terry Tunic - Old Navy via the thrift
Tank - Walmart
Leggings - Aero
Gym Shoes - Nike via Ross
(and yep, my gym shoes coordinate my ensemble on purpose!)

Tuesday (THIS was the day my kids told me I was not dressed up because I had no accessories)
(honestly my big ol' Texas size rack of necklaces is still packed..I need some ambition to finish un-packing - a task I LOATHE). 
What I'm wearing:
Vest - Shop n Swap event
Turtleneck - Chico's
Jeggings - Walmart

Linking up with the Pleated Poppy to see how you all styled yourselves! Saw something you love, read something you can relate too?!?! Leave me a comment!

Monday, February 22, 2016


I liked that @Milani nail polish SO MUCH last week that I decided to keep the color this week!! 

(remember it from last week?!?!)

SO this week I just did a french tip in the #MintCrush

Nice and springy! To match the weather we had Saturday!!! What color are you WEARING?!?!?

Saturday, February 20, 2016

A DAY IN THE LIFE>>>>> via my iphone from the past week....

Mani Monday #milani Mint Crush and a bow

Said BYE to Valentine's Decor

Hit the thrift stores like a FIEND....I really think I have a addiction....I had 2 trunk fulls like this in the course of one week...

Snow Sunday and Monday so I got to sport my NEW boots

Got all #joannagaines and worked on a few flea market projects....This drill is my guys....I think I NEED one of my own! I wanna drill holes in ER'thing

Made these candle sticks (one of my thrift scores from this week) talked about the how-to Thursday

Put this lil cutie together for my laundry room (my daughter feels like an episode of extreme couponing BECAUSE we have several laundry soaps and 3 packs of paper towels). At least now they can be organized AND pretty!!!

Hit the gym Friday....above mentioned snow - G O N E!!! It was sunny and the Midwest 50's means crops (and several people had on sandals today)

Did a lil #extremecouponing ....CVS bribed me with a $6.00 coupon

Working on this....

What have YOU been up to this week??!?!

Friday, February 19, 2016


I've been trying to be better about health and fitness (the new year always seems to spark that in me....last year I hit it hard and saw the results....then over time I ate out more, exercised less, had a health scare and quite honestly I think I fell into a slight depression....EVERY DAY is a chance to start NEW!!! 
This was Tuesday's weigh in (I take pics in the same bikini every week to document the changes in my body....I think sometimes this is better than weighing myself because I can SEE the differences and don't get discouraged by a number). LEFT is Tuesday 2/16 RIGHT is Tuesday 2/8. 

If you're like me and ate almost an entire container of @talentigelato sitting on the couch one night (and sharing the left overs with the dog) 

the next day is YOUR chance to start new!! 
(when my body was CRAVING carbs and salt and warm bread I chose @dannonoikos greek yogurt and blueberries)

One night I made a Puerto Rican dinner  - Bistek, Rice & Beans and tostones

To make tostones you get a plantain (my son was amazed by these and wanted to try it)....Slice the peel and carefully pull away....cut into 1/2" slices and put them in a bath of water and adobo

 Fry them both sides until golden brown....drain on a paper towel....once cooled use a tostonera (or a flat bottom glass) to smash each piece....

Which then will look like this....

Once again put in the water/adobo bowl

 Fry again until golden brown and VIOLA!!! 
(the best comparison I have is to a thicker puerto rican style potato chip)

Another night I made Turkey Chili...HEALTHY alternative to beef (AND it was on sale for $2.99) for the Jennie-O pound package. Avocados are a GOOD HEALTHY fat ad a few chip crunches to give me the salt crunchy....

Friday (tonight's dinner) Perfect for Lent EVEN THOUGH we missed getting our ashes (which I feel AWFUL about).

Broccoli and Red Sauce Fettuccini (I thought I had spaghetti noodles - alas I did not). Make due - right?!?!? I don't really care for broccoli BUT the sacrifices we make in the name of health - right?!??!

What did YOU make this week?!??!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

TRY IT THURSDAY....Kate Spade Inspired Candles

I bought a new camera several weeks ago and yet I always reach for my iphone....I'm lazy and it's familiar...I need to start taking better pics for CERTAIN and this would've been good practice. 

Here are my Kate Spade-ish Candles...

See those lil white nubs?!?! That's what lived in my thrifted marble and glass candle holders...

I knew I wanted green
 And to be honest I don't even know where you can (inexpensively) buy tapers anymore....other than the thrift of course!!!

VAST improvement already!!!
(if you look closely you may notice these aren't even a "pair" BUT they coordinated well enough for me)

I got out my trusty black electrical tape and set to work (at 8pm)
(SEE, bad lighting...maybe if I had used the CAMERA it would've been a better shot)

AND in the effort of keepin it real THIS is what my china hutch CURRENTLY looks like (a cross between valentines ending, the dogs stuffed toy on the top right {we have to keep it away from Elanore so SHE doesn't destroy it like she did to hers} paper towel rolls for a future project). Actually I should've left it like a "Where's Waldo"

What have YOU been up to latley?!?!?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Since I spend at least half my time in gym wear I don't figure anyone wants to see 3 or 4 pics of gym ensembles....BUT hey,maybe you do?!??!
(and I am SO NOT one of those everything gym people {YET} I just know I feel better after going and it's DEF making a difference....and we all feel better when we're put together - SAME applies for the gym)

You may remember last week I laid this outfit out....for my #athleisure post I WORE it!!! 
Outfit DEETS:
Headband - Burlington Coat Factory
Sweatshirt - Old Navy via the thrift (last weeks Thrifty Tuesday Post)
T-shirt - Walmart
Leggings - Kohls
Boots - Target

YEP! Wore the boots to, from and around all day (carried in my gym shoes...I HATE wet feet)
SPeaking of my boots....SWOON - right?!?! I wanted a sperry pair...or a white pair (I have this crazy obsession with white these days...and pink - WHAT?!??!). I was getting boots for my son @target and I spotted these for myself...NOW it's almost spring y'all - WHY am I paying only 50% off for boots?!?!? (I SWORE the day I bought them we wouldn't get another snowfall....looks like I got them just in time since it snowed all day yesterday!). Anywho - back to the boots....Originally 59.00 @target, marked down to $34.99 - rang up $20. 48 - WOOT!!! (ok I guess mine were more than 50% off). They fold over too so you can have the cutie white fur sticking out

One thing I learned about the "bun"....It must sit higher on top of my head UNTIL my hair is longer (because I look like a lil pinhead here...I fixed the bun immediately after THIS picture and my daughter was having NO PART of taking another picture).
 Outfit Deets:
Sunnies - Chico's
Plaid girly Flannel - Walmart
Leggings - CVS
Boots - Madden Girl
Crossbody - Fam Dolla - HOLLA this purse was like $1.75 during one of their MAJOT clearances!

Spent Valentine's Day visiting my parents in Chicago....I don't usually post pics of my kids (because some things I believe should remain not plastered all over the www BUT who am I kidding?!??! In this day and age even the schools are posting the pics).
Outfit Deets:
Mini Me - Scarf - FAM DOLLA (BEST accessories - hands down)
T-Shirt - Walmart
Jeans - Maurices

Miniature Mister - Pink T - Walmart
Black Button Down - Thrifted
Jeans - Thrifted (my MM HATES jeans...BUT I have come to realize it's the new skinnier style he hates....the lil wider leg from a few years ago does him RIGHT so the thrift is my GO-TO for his jeans)

Me - Scarf - Kmart
Black V-Neck Sweater -Target
Jeans - Walmart
Socks - Betsy Johnson

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy to see what YOU wore!!! I heart comments SO if ya saw something that made you go hmmm (in a good way) lemme know!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Last week I posted my @salvationarmy haul....and it was so good I couldn't help but go back again last Friday (I go on Fridays BECAUSE the color of the week is .99 NO MATTER the price). I KNOW some people are horrified at the thought of wearing someone else's clothes...AND there are some things I WON'T buy thrifted (undergarments and bathing suits UNLESS they are still new with the ORIGINAL RETAIL tags). Everything else can be cleaned. Kids grow fast, styles and tastes change and I LOVE to shop!!! THIS thrifty version fulfills all those things!! 

HERE is the haul....

A lil something for everyone!!! The top 3 items are mine...farthest left was a pair of pleated black palazzo's (I ruined them when I washed them...all the pleated fell out and I'm sad about this BECAUSE in last month's People Style they had an uber cute look with a pleated skirt and leather bomber....I was trying to re-create that). The other 2 are gap sweat shorts (which I will cut a lil shorter) and they are perfect for bumming around the house....

EVERYBODY needs a lil tropical in their lives (it never fails!!! You get that invite to a party and it's a tropical theme SO whenever I see a piece cheap for any of us I pick it up...for a dolla why NOT have it primed and ready in your closet?!?!?). The peach shirt is for my son for easter (I already knew that was our color and my daughter and I have our was just him that needed a shirt {and tie still} that shirt was NOT included in the dollar sale BUT was worth $3.99 to me so I know I have THE COLOR).

We can always use t-shirts for my son....and after spending countless dollars FULL RETAIL and having him come home with paint and oil pastels smeared across them I got smart and thrift when I can!

FOR me....leopard jeggings!! FUN!! And at a dolla - why not?!??! The shoes are snakeskin print, Anne Klein and BRAND NEW - NEVER BEEN WORN!! They were thrift priced at $12.99 BUT because of the yellow tag I paid .99!!!
What have YOU thrifted?!?!?!
Maybe today if I have some time I"ll put together a post with these thrifted items as OUTFITS!!!