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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It’s Target Tuesday!! Ok, not really, it just so happens my post today is about finds at Target and its Tuesday!! 
If you read the post before last, you know I am getting into the couponing!! I always peruse the end caps (ie clearance caps) to look for the latest and greatest sales! Sunday was no exception! I found these fab items.....
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in a FAB springy / summer shade of “yellow kitty” which was clearanced out at $1.94 and I had a coupon for $1.00 off SO I paid .94 for a polish that ordinarily retails for   $6.49. 

 On the same end cap was this L’Oreal HIP (High Intensity Pigments) matte shadow duo pot. NOW, while the yellow is fun to look at I don’t think I will ever wear it BUT the BLACK, I definetley will! I was in the market for a new black shadow and of course I also got this at a deep discount! It was clearanced out for $2.48 and I had a $2.00 OFF coupon SO I paid .48 for a name brand shadow that usually retails for $6.79. 

I picked up the cure Harajuku notebook to help keep me on task with my daily to-do's!! So cute and only $1.48. I KNOW we all check the Dollar Spot at Target )and some of you come up with the most fab projects) BUT on my shopping day I found these.....

The green one is my favey even though it didn't photog well! 
And who can resist a lil bow tie?!?! Luckily I didn't have to because at a Dollar I could have them all!!

I'd love to see your fab finds from Target!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Week in pictures....

I really am trying to be better at blogging! I haven't been so good at it for a few reasons....I've been in a big funk...I feel like I have let life happen to me INSTEAD of MAKING LIFE HAPPEN FOR ME! I am slowly working my way outta the slump.....and variable internet signals make blogging VERY challenging (I am so sad...I can't even visit all my favey blogs). Anyway, here is my week in review....

Here are our paczki / jelly doughnut to celebrate FAT Tuesday....the last day before lent starting....

 We went and got our ashes Wednesday.....I used to give things up like chocolate, snacking, etc...UNTIL I read you are supposed to do something that makes you year I gave up swearing (actually I did that 2 years because the first year I wasn't very successful the first go round). This year I have chosen to give up arguing....this may sound bizarre, confrontational, whatever....I just need to stop engaging....I am always eye for an eye and that has proven to be a major downfall....I need to be bigger than that! Can't let that or my anger get the best of me!

Funny story about this photo.....Thursday Maya had a basketball game an hour away....THIS picture was BEFORE my drive there....

 in BLOWING CRAZY SNOW, SLEET AND ICE. See how happy and calm I look above?!?!? Look at me AFTER the drive there....

 Cranky, unhappy and red faced!! Driving in the snow TERRIFIES me.....shakes me to my core.....

Friday nights dinner......
No meat in Fridays so we had Banana Split Waffles (frozen chocolate chip waffles, topped with banana slices, chocolate syrup and a cherry...we were outta whipped cream) and I OF COURSE wasn't going out in the 5" of snow we got to get whipped cream!!

 The kids were off Friday for a Snow Day so we made CUPCAKES!!! 

Maya and I decorated them.....

 Saturday I took the kids sledding on the hill....luckily I was able to unload half a dozen of the cupcakes we made to Maya's friends!

After getting the photo op pics of the day (ie kiddos sledding) I hopped in the car and pinned!

THIS is where momma belongs! I don't do snow, cold or wet! And they were out there for nearly 2 hours!!

Have a great day!

Friday, February 24, 2012


I KNOW this is not a topic new to blogworld BUT it is semi-new to me! Couponing! I used to do this back in 2003 with Walgreens sales ad and the coupons...they always seemed to coincide and you could get incredible deals! But as time goes by, I got out of the habit, got busy with a job, a new baby, etc BUT recently one of my girlies was talking about how her cousin saved this crazy amount of money and oddly enough the next day extreme couponing was on tv. SO I KNEW I had to get in on this amazing experience!! So I got my Sunday paper (which cost 3.00 - RIDICULOUS - you hear that Rockford Register Star???!?!?!) and clipped lil coupon keeper was so skinny and pitiful....there were very few in there and nothing in the sales ads! So next week I was in Chicago and got the Tribune (for 1.95 thankyouverymuch) and clipped a bunch of coupons....organized them and noticed a lot of the coupons I had last week were for items in that weeks CVS ad. CHA-CHING!! 

I got all the above items for $31.03...while that ay not seem like that great of savings, think of this...the hair color is 5.99 at the cheapest....the hairspray 3.99, right there is almost 1/3 of the budget. Through the CVS ad I saved $22.77 and my coupons were an additional $11.80 SO that means I saved a total of $34.57 which means I saved more than I spent AND i earned $3.00 in CVS bucks toward anything I want on my next purchase!! I'd say that's pretty darn good! 

 On Tuesday I had to get some groceries and went to Wallyworld.....See all of this?

AND this????
Got it all for 104.00...that'r right! I got 6 meat meals, juice, fresh fruit and treats! Here I was only able to use $5.00 in coupons....BUT one coupon was for $2.00 off and glade product and see the blue glade plug in in the right hand corner? That was on clearance for $1.50 (from the holiday line BUT it's vanilla which I love and always use...good base for any scent combining)...SO that means I got .50 applied to my grocery bill!

I know my savings aren't that vast yet....I am just getting started...I would LOVE any tips y'all have! Coupon site you print out from on a regular basis, tips or tricks! Leave me a comment!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ombre Pedi

We've all seen the ombre polish job that does each nail a different color in a gradient scale BUT I wanted to do something a lil outta the ordinary.....

 So I polished four of my toes with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Wild Life....and for the big toe, I first did Sinful's Glass Pink (I let it dry about 2 minutes) and then I did Tip Toe in Pretty in Pink (let dry another 2 minutes) and then I did Wild Life at the tip of the big toe and drug the polish up so they all blended....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's been AGES since I have participated in a WIWW post. ITs not because I walk around nekkid or anything, I just haven't been feeling "it". Not dressing like I THINK I should....feeling sloppy.....I KNOW y'all KNOW what I'm talking about!! I have these grand plans to organize my wardrobe so that I can just pick a completed ensemble every morning BUT my clothes are still in boxes! Anyway, onto what I wore......

Sunday - Church / Errands

 Burn out Vest - Maurices
Black LS Tee - Target
Jeans - Maurices
Boots - Uggs

I did have on cute bracelets that you can't see here....and I know there are a million and one ways better to dress this outfit BUT I am in a slump.....SNAP me out of it!! Linking up with Lindsey

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DOLLAR TREE Leopard Placemats

I have been looking HIGH and low for place mats that are washable (ie take a damp sponge and clean them) BUT that are still thick enough to prevent heat spots from forming on the wood. WHAT is a girl to do? 
Make her own OF COURSE!!!

Y'all know I LOVE me some leopard! When I found the leopard place mats at the Dollar Store I was STOKED! But the same problem as always...they were thin.....SO I bought the thicker (UGLY) ones and cut them to size.....

Glues the top of the ugly ones (with super glue also purchased at the Dollar Tree) and piled the cook books on the top to flatten them out and set the glue....


I'm WILD about them!! If ya can't find it, son't be afraid to make it!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine's Day Decor

I have gone with the more simple approach for Valentine's decorating this go-round.....My lil guy was asking when I was going to decorate for Valentine's Day and I didn't want to disappoint him.....

I got the felt hearts that are hanging from the twine after Christmas from Target for 90% OFF!! So I paid .10 for 3 hearts so I paid .30 for the major portion of the mantle decor!! See that heart next to the lantern? My lil guy drew that for me last year and I simply cut to size and placed in a free standing lucite frame. 

Here was another after Christmas find (sadly only 1/2 off at Wal-Mart which made them .50 each) I KNEW they'd be perfect for V-day!! but this lil display needed something more....somehow a bottle of wine didn't seem cupcake appropriate...

ahhh...that's better! How about some pink lemonade? a cute lil cupcake card (form a pack of 6 found in Michael's Dollar Section) and conversation hearts (en espaƱol) that I put out year after year!! That's more like it!!

Sshhhh, my "pink lemonade" is actually water with a lil pink kool-aid!! I was shopping the house for items that would complete the vignette! 

Tell me what YOU do for Valentine's day!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spa Nite with MY GIRL

I wanted to do something special with my girl SO last nite I decided to have an at-home spa nite with my daughter. We did a facials....
At-home facial recipe: 1/2 a banana, 1 tbsp of honey and 2 tbsp of sour cream. Smash banana and add sour cream and honey....apply to face, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse.

NOW momma needed a lil something mask was different and made by The Body Shop and is a "Wise Woman" Intensive Firming Mask....I wanna combat aging!! It smells great and "plumps, firms and renews". I bought mine at TJ Maxx, Im sure at a discount! 

Maya found a lip smoothing recipe in one of her teeny-bopper mags, and we needed raw sugar.....THANK YOU Starbux.

Here I am applying mine (I had carmex on too while I was grinding the raw sugar into my lips)....

Then Maya did my toes.....I already had the blue.....

And she added the silver Zebra from an "AS SEEN ON TV Nail Art kit" Salon Express

We put cucumbers on our eyes....

And my lil guy wanted in on the fun....

Momma got in on the action too (RIGHT after I added the cukes to the kiddies eyebrows)

The dog took this opportunity to keep a close eye on her.....

Did you SEE THAT?!?!?

She snatched the cucumbers right off my eyes!! Luckily she was delicate and didn't hurt me or bite me....I was laughin' my booty off!!

I did my fingernails. I have had these "limited edition" skully Salon effects nail strips from Sally Hansen that I have been wanting to use.....

So I combined them with a frenchie....

LOVE the black and white look! Classy with a twist of rocker!! Have a GREAT weekend y'all!

Friday, February 3, 2012

I (USED) to Hate Pink

I was always the girl that HATED pink (simply because every other girl in the world was gaga over it! I NEVER want to be like EVERYone else). But I began to realize I like the deeper hue of pink - magenta if you will. I also have come to find the color looks pretty good on me (or so I've been told). SO I have cautiously been adding pink to my wardrobe....I decided to pull a few pieces and show ya what I've added so far! 

L to R: Romper from Target via GW (I know this was last summer and I saw a few of you wearing it and lookin' fab), Dress from Target - a great year round piece....wear with a turtleneck, long sleeve tee or collared shirt and tights with boots for winter OR add a sweater over the top FOR spring, layer a tank under and cute lil wedges, a darker hue of pink - burgundy velvet like blazer - SO CUTE with a fun tee underneath! Lastly a vintage wool skirt that is 3/4 length on me (I am 5'2") in that FAB magenta color!

Skirt still needs to be pressed (and spot is actually the flash).
Have a pink-a-licious day!!