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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


A new Salvation Army recently opened not too far from me AND to say I'm addicted may be an understatement (BUT I have gotten some really GREAT things there). I may or may not be there at LEAST once a week if not twice!! (because Fridays after 5 the ticket color of the weeks is .99 NO MATTER the price....I've gotten things that are 26.00 for .99). 

I picked up this wire basket figuring it would be perfect for my summer flea it was going to sit in the garage useless until then....(I have a LOT of stuff like that - how about you?!?!?). 

At under a dollar there's LOTS that could be done with this piece (pop a coco liner in it and you have a flower pot, toss some larger shells in there and you have a summer display, use it as a catchall for mittens and hats....the options are endless!! 

While perusing blogland last week I was inspired to do THIS......

I simply added a liner I had stashed away (good thing I save most EVERYTHING!!) from my one of my sons baskets back when he was a baby 10 years ago (WHAT?!??!)

The liner was a little larger than the basket SO I just tucked the excess down into the bottom of the basket (there is a drawstring closure and lil ties to attach it to the basket)

And VIOLA!! I have a cutie winter-y display for the holidays that is natural, easy and cost UNDER a dolla!! (the large pinecones were gifted to me by a fellow vendor at a flea market earlier this fall, the liner I had and the basket was .89).

Monday, November 23, 2015


SO WAAAAY back when during tax season (which is the most wonderful time of the year around here!!) I hit an AMAZING clearance on beauty products at #kmart (I know I know, Kmart was a place of the past and are fewer and fewer BUT I have to tell you, I have found some really GREAT things there). 

This haul was from back in February....See the back right, second package in?!?!?! THERE are the most FAB nail strips I have bought to date!! #GOLDglitter nail strips - no dry time, lasted for a week (were easier than regular glitter polish to get off BUT still took a lil elbow grease)

Before my holiday extravaganza show 2 Saturdays ago I need a FAST mani at 2:30am (ya know because there are ALWAYS those last minute deets even though you think you're ready). SO here is my 2:30am mani the morning after....

You see?!??! I only paid $2.24 for them!!! AND I still have a full set left to do my nails again!!!

Here it is holding strong a week later.....
(and I did PLENTY of dishes with these on, lotsa crafting....they held up super well)

Have YOU tried the #sallyhansen nail strips?!??!

Friday, November 20, 2015


My daughter and I LOVE lasagna (my son not so I know he'll be happy with just noodles and light sauce...SO I know I can load the yummy cheeses on). I gathered all my supplies (makes it easier to have everything handy and in one place so I can just grab and keep going). 

Ingredients :
*Sauce of your choice (mine was my ma's homemade sauce)
*Lasagna Noodles (this was my first time using Columbia brand which are NO pre-cook {which I also have never done and was a bit apprehensive} BUT when using a frozen sauce your lasagna can tend to be watery SO I figured the uncooked noodles would absorb the extra liquid)
*Cheese of your choice (there are MANY varieties out there...I went with mozzarella {in the block that I sliced myself - saved me a lil money that way vs buying the shredded} Provolone (thin sliced - made for nice layering) and an italian cheese blend (shredded BECAUSE I was using this in 2 recipes - one that called for the shredded variety and I like the fine shredd for the other recipe) and ricotta (I DEF could have used a bigger size container to get a thicker layer of the ricotta....this is new to me as my mom NEVER put it in our lasagna....I just started adding the ricotta about 5 years ago).

 Grab a 9 x 13 baking dish (for a larger crowd OR to freeze half for later....OR you can use a smaller dish of you just want a few slices). I put a light layer of sauce in the bottom of the dish (so it wouldn't stick) and began layering the UNCOOKED noodles....

I layered my ricotta first (using a spatula to spread it)

Added a thin layer of the shredded cheese and provolone

Another layer of sauce

Noodles, ricotta and the mozza slices
Keep layering until your pan is full, bake on 350 for approx an hour or until the top layer is golden brown (my daughter like the top layer crispy SO I broil for a few minutes AFTER it's baked to get that gorgeous golden brown crust). IF you're using the uncooked noodles pay attention to the directions (it will tell you how much water to add....DON'T PANIC if it looks like your noodles are still hard and there's lotsa water in the bottom of the pan IT DOES EVENTUALLY absorb into the noodles). My experience with using uncooked noodles was PRETTY AWESOME!! It saved em one step in the cooking process (which is important these days as a busy mom STILL trying to serve up a nice homemade meal).

Thursday, November 19, 2015


 Anyone who knows me KNOWS I don't go with the flow....I'm unconventional in a conventional sort of way! I LOVE the idea of a "bar cart" BUT don't have a lot of wall space as my floor plan is pretty open. SO I tried a vintage typewriter cart in the only space I had (which is where THIS round table is sitting now)
 And I found the rectangular shape to be BAD with traffic flow (and that's when I popped this round table in it's place). The original mirrored top that was cut to fit IN the circle has been long lost or broken  BUT that's not gonna stop me...I have a GARAGE FULL of bits and the round mirror I placed on top (temporarily until I can find a smaller one on my thrifting adventures). What I like about this piece is it has a small drawer....PERFECT for cocktail napkins and stirring sticks....

 I placed my liquor bottles first (I used a vintage haegar white piece to raise them up)

Added in my other bottles in front and to the right....

 A #moscowmule was on my summer bucket list (and I NEVER got to cross it off) so when I saw these ginger beers in the store (one of the MAIN ingredients) I knew I had to pick them up so I can give the mule a try! (in all honesty these cans sat in the cardboard box they came in for MONTHS) only when I started to really SEE the bar cart was I able to figure out to open the cardboard and ready the cans for drinking (and a pretty display). So SIMPLE and quite an AHA moment....I simply placed the cans on a rimmed white plate....

I added in a large vintage round bottom jar (large enough to fit cocktail napkins in and DISPLAY them to coordinate with the seasons). I added 2 stacked vintage flower frogs (in which I displayed the Moscow Mule recipe I cut off the box they came in) as well as a small white hobnail (sugar?) dish with gold glitter coasters.

 I hung this turquoise framed print too FINALLY (I mean it's only been sitting around for 2 months  now...and I will be posting about that soon).

 How do YOU style your bar cart?!?!?!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Usually it's THRIFTY Tuesday BUT today I am doing a THANKFUL TUESDAY post BECAUSE I want to share my Thanksgiving decorations with you!! I know I'm an anomaly in the blogger world as everyone is getting their Christmas on....I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas (in fact Melakaliki Makai is on in the background as I type this) and I have seen all the Hallmark movies since the day after Halloween BUT I just can't rush the season. I SAVOR each day....Christmas is SO MAGICAL - the season where ANYTHING is possible (look at the birth of Jesus). So each day leading up to it is SPECIAL.

OK, I started at the top of my china hutch....Looks happy and thankful right?!??!

THIS is the part I debated showing you...
(does some piece of furniture in your house become a catch-all?!?!? It's usually the kitchen table BUT then when we need that extra space it all gets shoved know where ALL the important papers and stuff go)

The ONLY way to cure a mess like that is take it ALL out...
(which you need to do to dust anyway - right?!?!?)
AND selectively put pieces that are relatable BACK in (I LOVE having everything I own out at once or else I forget about it). SO TA-DA...there is my Thankful china hutch...all the WHITE dishes are the same that were there before (the bottom shelf is adorned with vintage holiday transferware)

OF COURSE when changes happen EVERYTHING ends up getting a touch-up...the top is simpler (I thought I would like the idea of the basket with all the pumpkins flowing out BUT not up there...AND the platter doesn't fit on the shelf - I seem to forget that every year).

I GUESS there IS a thrifty portion to this post!! I went to Target 2 days after Halloween for some spooktacular deals (it was only at 50% off then so I didn't get any halloween decor). I found this mixed in with the regular #glade candles and it was a SCORE!!! $1.48 !! SO of course I dug through the entire candle shelf looking for more (to no avail). It's the PERFECT for me scent...vanilla overtones with a leather manly undertone...and the name - SWOON!! PERFECT for me - "FALL ANTIQUING"

I busted that bad bird out and put in my tall cylinder atop the sand (I KNOW sand and fall don't mix BUT that sand we brought back from our trip to Clearwater back in March and the sand reminds me of the HAPPY BEST-EST days we had together as a family SO I'm not ready to put it away. 

So I figured if I ADDED neutral golden topped acorns from #target ON the sand it instantly becomes fall - RIGHT?!?!?!

Are you team Thanksgiving *OR* team Christmas?!??!

Monday, November 16, 2015


Ya know how you find that ONE polish that ya just can't get out of your mind?!??! T'was the case with a Sally Hansen gel polish (I have tried them and after 2 days it chipped SO for me I don't think it's worth the extra money). BUT because this color was so beautiful (a brown with lil coppery flecks in it - PERFECT for fall I was gonna anne-up and pay the 9.99.....I DECIDED to check #Ulta first and see if their pricing was competitive (PLUS I would earn points on my purchase). WELL HOT DAMN! I hit the jackpot!!! I found a GORG purple OPI shade "Viking in a Vinter Vonderland" that was marked down to $4.74

Viking in a Vinter Vonderland is on my ring finger 

And a #revlon polish that was SO CLOSE to the Sally Hansen polish and bears the name "Foxy" - how could I go WRONG?!??! Oh wait, and that was on sale for $2.99 v. $9.99 - seems like a no brainer!!!

Here you can see #revlon #foxy(which looks more plum to me than it looked in the bottle)
 And HERE you can see it with an overcoat of #sallyhansen #pumpkinspice which is a pretty rusty glitter) that I LOVE SO MUCH MORE (for this time of the season).

My momma told me you better shop around!!! Where have YOU found amazing deals on your favorite polishes?!?!?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


This week I only have 1 outfit to link up....
(sometimes I forget to have my photog take pics BUT I SWEAR I was dressed everyday....between fall casual and gym wear)

What I'm wearing:
Scarf - Maurices 
Dress - Target (old like 2008 old)
Long Necklace (peeking out from behind the scarf) - Chico's
Purse - Betsy Johnson
Watch - Michael Kors
Sandals - Aerosoles via Marshall's

If I were to add ONE item to my fall wardrobe - What's the GO-TO piece YOU can't live without this fall!?!?!