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Monday, April 20, 2015


I have tried lotsa different scrap book crazes (original scrap booking when it was at the BOOM in 2000), Smashbook (I was always worried about "ruining" the pages so I would wait and wait until I had something really great and only half do a page or not do it all all) Project Life (this seems like a brilliant approach to a quick pop it and jot it BECAUSE they provide you with lil cue cards to get your thoughts in order). ALL of these are good options for a family / trip scrapbook BUT truth be told I am a #listmaker. I LOVE making a list because then what I need to do is FRONT AND PRESENT in my mind....I feel success when I cross something off AND it keeps me on task. Some days my lists are bigger than my allotted time BUT I always GO BIG for you never know WHAT you can accomplish until you try!!! 

My mixed media journal has been a GREAT way to store those magazine clippings of things that inspire me, sales ad's of things I want to buy and to-do lists that are more broad (ie NOT a daily basis chore list)....more of a future wants list, a dreamy home to-do list or a place to journal my thoughts. 


To-DO list and Sales ads....

Business Journal

WORK Inspiration

I LOVE this concept SO much that I now have one for just life, one for business and one for work! 

How can you NOT feel inspired?!??! 

What journal style do YOU prefer?!?!?!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A DAY IN LIFE..... via my iphone

Sunday Dinner 
(bowtie pasta with alfredo sauce and veggies)

Giant rabbit on my deck


Curbside finds...gettin ready for the flea  next month

FIRST grill of the year on a GORGEOUS midwest day (we were in the 70's HOLLA)

Pretty colors....Spring has SPRUNG

I have this black line on my's gotten bigger in the past month and a half...hoping it's a bruise but scared it could be more....

Cupcakes and my FAVE #starbucksflorida mug

Started THIS project..for more deets check out yesterdays post

The pups are all snuggled up together - a RARE moment of sweetness (and it's like camouflage against the black couch)

Mixed media journaling.....dreaming of warmer days.....

My FAVE kinda flowers....the kind picked with love by my son....

Had a proud momma girl is FAST

Got this SAD SAD note home from of my daughters classmates is the age of 16 he's in heart failure...he has a bucket list and the school is raising funds to help him fulfill his wishes....if YOU could / would like to donate - even $1.00 that would be SO AWESOME!!! Leave me a comment for the teachers contact info

I was up in the gym this week workin on my fitness....cause I'm fergaliscious!!! 

What have YOU been up to?!?!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


So today's post is a PIP (Post In Progress).....last summer I KNEW I wanted to do a pom-pom fringe umbrella BUT that never came fruition (I was back to working full time and trying to find the balance of it all).....Images like this make me SWOON!!!

SO last week I journaled in my mixed media journal my Patio wish / to-do list...
and what "they" say is TRUE!!! Speak it, write it, it will happen!!! I was thinking I ma going to have to wait for a Joann's coupon to get the pom-pom fringe (I figured it had to be between 6.00 and 8.00/yard) and I didn't even know how many yards I needed....
Whenever I am out and about I keep my eyes open for things for FUTURE projects or GREAT buys(But before I buy it I have to KNOW what I can do with it - no more buying JUST to buy)...So I was getting groceries Tuesday - popped into Joann fabrics and I make a bee-line to the clearance section...WHAT?!??!! Big white pom-pom fringe?!??!!

It was ORIGINALLY $7.99/yard marked down to $3.99/yard....SUCH a deal BUT out of my "no buy budget" JUST for kicks I took it to the cutting desk and asked them to scan it - $1.98/yard - WHAT?!?!?!? MMkay, I had to make the exception to the no-buy rule and get it (it WAS on my list after all) BUT they only had 5 yards (at this point in time I was unsure how many yards I really needed anyway)

So I brought my umbrella stand in the house, but just the top half of the umbrella in and began clothes pinning the fringe on....I am about 3 yards short (SO the search continues for pompom fringe on the cheap cheap)

Until then....we have a WIP (Work In Progress). Have YOU added pompom fringe to YOUR umbrella?!?!? If so lets have a linky party!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Linking up with and for What I Wore Wednesday (a recap of my outfits for the week). I only have 2 because after work I ran to the gym and I had no photog in between!!! 

THURSDAY (gettin my fit on day)
 What I'm wearing:
Hat - Fam Dolla
Zip front Sweatshirt - Walmart
Tank - Wal-mart
Leggings - Walmart
Sparkly Gym Shoes - Kmart

What I'm wearing:
Necklace - Vintage
Sweater - Chico's
Tank - Chico's
Jeans - Chico's
Sandals - Macy's

Off to see what YOU wore!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015


When laying out my clothes accessories are AS IMPORTANT as the clothes themselves!! Not only because it's the FROSTING of the outfit BUT it's also an occupational hazard!! LOL!! I collect pieces of jewelry everywhere I go....

almost 3 years ago I saw this minty link bracelet on pinterest and sent it to my girly because I thought she'd love it as much as I did....

and a few months later SHE bought it for ME for MY birthday!!!
Circa 2013

This past January I picked up these pieces....

And a few years later they are married and live on my wrists happily ever after!!! 

What's your FAVE place to get accessories?!?!


....Pics via my iphone for the week.....

Now that the weather is trending to warm I'm thinking I need to get to cleaning the garage (So I can park in there...ya know now that winter is over)

Warm weather inspires dreams of gardening..."Ivory Prince Lenten Rose"

After being sick for a month it's been SUPER hard getting back to the gym and eating healthy....I can see I've gained back what I lost SO I need to get MOTIVATED....I made alfredo pasta for the kids SO I added some to my california blend and chili chicken breast...was SO GOOD!!!

and I did work out 3x this week....

Maybe you have heard about the Tornadoes that touched down in the midwest (near Rockford) this pic was the view out my window...what a Diff 5 minutes makes!!!
 Picked up this FAB tape this week....more on that later in the week

Cute new (very busy HANDFUL) baby at rest....

Dreaming about flower shopping and planting my window box

Wore sandals yesterday and FROZE my toes off!!!
What have YOU been up to?!?!?

Friday, April 10, 2015


For Easter I decided to bring some Sangria....I picked up this FAB (inexpensive) red sweet wine @ Aldi....Moiselle....SO delish!! 

I grabbed my big pickle jar (SEE I really do save everything!!! Like the old Depression era days...there's just something charming about reusing and recycling and using every bit of something)

I googled a few recipes and then kinda did my own thang.....I added 1 lemon sliced and seeded, 7 strawberries (tops cut off), 1 orange thin sliced, 1 granny smith apple thin sliced and 1 lime thin sliced....

Added the 2 bottles of wine, the fruit, 1/4 of vodka, splash of captain and a few tablespoons of sugar....let sit in the fridge overnight and VIOLA!!!
Come summer this would be DELISH with a nice white wine and some pineapples!!