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Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Day In The Life...2 Week Catch Up

It's been a crazy last couple of weeks with the kids back in school - keeping track of their busy schedules and my own - phew!! SO, I was just going to start fresh here and only do this weeks "A Day In The Life" BUT then I realized I had a buncha pics...So here we go...

Friday Night Lights....My daughter and her boyfriend 

Caramel Brulee Shake from Arby's

Busted out the Rain Boots one day

Bloody Mary's with my homegurl....

LOVE that it's in a mason jar....I always notice presentation 


We're gettin fancy up in these here parts....our Target is getting a Starbucks INSIDE

Went to the Beloit Farmers Market last Saturday and I can't say ENOUGH about how enjoyable it was....FAB old architecture....

A coffee cup sculpture outside a local coffee shop

FALL is in the air....

Ice Cream


While homecoming dress shopping (which is a nightmare) I stopped to check out the shoes - OMG...SWOON....Not sure which I HEART more - the leopard loafers or the GORGEOUS taupe boots - I'd go with boot - I'd wear them WAY more...these were Coach....I LOVE that they are getting classic-ly edgy....
 These FAB lil babies are Michael Kors RAIN boots...they are slightly above the ankle SO PERFECT for almost everyone....

The circus came to town and set up right in my backyard 

Enjoyed a GORGEOUS Sunday and grilled out....

The Farmers Market was SO good, It made the cut for my mixed media journal (One day I will do a post dedicated entirely to that)

TRYING to eat better and make better choices...the ONLY problem is I eat a nice lunch and then have a donut....BAD CHOICES....

Harvested a handfulla Cherry Tomatoes from my deck BEFORE the big freeze (temps dropped down to the 40's this week)

SEE, another example of trying to make good choices.....

 Then We had THIS for dinner (this was actually a frozen pizza that I doctored up with some fresh basil from my deck, red pepper flakes and parmesan) I guess it wasn't that bad....the pizza was really thin...BUT the Italian Meat prob wasn't the best health wise

These GORG babies were outside my local supermarket....I ADORE the vibrant color....lest you be fooled- these are NOT mum's they are Asters....picked up a few smaller ones to pop into my fall urns (which I hope to get planted maybe tomorrow)

Worked on a few artsy projects yesterday...

What have YOU been up to!?!?! I'm on the hunt for NEW blogs and NEW inspiration....leasve me YOUR link and a few of your faves!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


It's Wednesday SO that means I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy for WIWW. Now that the kids are back in school I have lost my photog....I still get a few pic here and there BUT honestly I am not liking the way I look in bad eating habits are catching up to me...these days driving thru is way easier than prepping a meal at home (since we all have different schedules) SO I am asking you - WHERE do YOU go for healthy recipe inspiration?!?! Do you have a fave recipe, fitness tip or website that you like to visit?!?!? Leave me the link or a comment please :)

Mmmmkay.....Sadly I only have 1 pic to share with you this week!! Saturday I was SO BLESSED that I had the day off and could ENJOY the weekend like a regular person....went to the Beloit farmers market and it was as WONDERFUL as everyone said it would be!! It was cooler in the morn so I threw a chambray button down on (lighter than a denim jacket and could easily un-bulkily tie around my waist when it warmed up).

 What I'm wearing:
Chambray Button Down - Chico's
Black Tank- Target
Black Capris - Gift shop in WI (I refer to these as my lil Bo Peep leggings)
Sandals - Macy's via Ebay
Purse - Michael Kors (and my birthday present to myself this year)

As you can see it did in fact get hot was a BEAUTIFUL day that I am so thankful for

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for another edition of WIWW

THURSDAY....Errand Day
 What I am wearing:
T-Shirt - Thrifted
Crops - Maurices
Nikes - Macy's

 What I'm wearing:
Denim Jacket - Marshall's
"Statement" Necklace - Wal-mart
Scarf - Chico's
Tank - Chico's
Skirt - Chico's
Sandals - Macy's via Ebay

Turquoise Necklace - Chico's
Leopard Tunic - Thrifted
Belt - Chico's
Palazzo Capris - Don't remember
Sandals - Macy's via Ebay

Here is the evolution of an outfit....wanted to wear my new deconstructed boyfriend jeans with the bling bling and this lightweight sweater tunic would be perfect...pop a scarf (if the flower scarf the leopard bet for sure...if the leopard scarf - no belt)

 Once I put the sweater on I realized it was too oversized for the look I was going for - I needed something quick so I wouldn't be late so I grabbed a black t-shirt and kept the scarf and belt...not a bad look BUT I liked the grey better
 What I'm wearing:
Scarf - Thrifted
Pearl Necklace - My great Aunt's
Green Necklace - Gordmans
T-Shirt - Chico's
Belt - Target NEW via the thrift
Boyfriend Jeans - Chico's
Sandals - Macy's
What I'm wearing:
Necklace - Maurices
Tunic - Maurices
Tank - Chico's
Pants - Maurices
Sandals - Macy's via Ebay

Off to see what you wore!! OIf ya saw something on here you loved - tell me about it!! Tell her about it...ala Billy Joel....has anyone seen him in concert?!?! I bet it's an AMAZING show!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

MANIC MONDAY....Mixed Media Journaling

Welcome to Monday Sunshine's!!! Today i am posting about a FAB idea I found on Mae Badiyan's Pinterest page....Check out her youtube video here It's a FAB way to scrapbook, journal, keep track of things you've seen in magazines that you may want OR make your daily lists (Like I did in the second excerpt). I found this adorbs journal at TJ Maxx....

...and KNEW I had to do something special with it....

This below page was my first stab at it at 10pm while I was in bed...I at least got a start ....

.....and yesterday I finished it you start it's easier to have a jumping point...things kinda just fall into place....This days post started with relationship and work status...and I built from there.

For yesterday's post I was inspired by fashion and health...SO HERE is where I made a to-do list of sorts (you may notice I didn't cross anything off BUT I did accomplish a few things and ONE of them was simply because it was on THIS list).

Do YOU have a favorite mixed media journaler YOU folow?!?!?

Sunday, August 24, 2014


I always want to type the acronym UNTIL I realize it spells ASS....LOL!! Here are a few snapshots of my arm swag (left arm only as right arm tat is still recovering)

The SUPES FAB piece of forever artwork 

More is ALWAYS more
 All swag is from Chico's....different times of the year BUT the hematite in the watch plays so well off the bangles.

A lil bit county...a lil bit ROCK n ROLL
Ring - Originally from Target BUT purchased at this super amazing dolla store in the metropolis
Brass Bangles - Chico's
Large Pearl, Rhinestone and Leather Cuff - Tommy Bahama (gifted)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


On Wednesdays I like to link up with Lindsey for What I Wore Wednesdays....It's a link she created to help inspire us and keep us women outta yoga pants all day (even though from what I hear the guys dig them!!)

 What I'm wearing:
Earrings - Walmart
Necklace - Lane Bryant
Tunic - Walmart (it's at least a size too big BUT for the price it made a perfect tunic)
Belt - Chico's
Leggings - Chico's
Sandals - Macy's via Ebay

 What I'm wearing:
Short / Long Necklaces - Chico's
Tank - Chico's
Chambray Button Down - Chico's
Skirt - Chico's
Wedges - Target

 What I am wearing:
Kimono - Gordmans
Necklace - Gordmans
Dress - Wal-Mart
Booties - Target
*** Today my look was boho chic inspired ***

 For a day at the fair it only seemed appropriate to wear my boots (supes dusty there) and my "gunpowder & lead" belt
 What I'm wearing:
Necklace - Chico's
Tunic - Express (older like 2008)
Belt - Thrifted (and I added the blingeratti)
Jeans - Kohls
Boots - Mall of America back in 1999!! I remember buying them when I was pregnant and couldn't wear them until a month AFTER I gave birth!! I had pregnancy cankles!!

SATURDAY  - lemme take a selfie
What I'm wearing:
Necklace - theSassyPearl (always get comments when I wear this bad boy - this particular night it was "you look like Madonna from the 'Like a Virgin' age)
Tank - Walmart

(this is the by-product of a late night and maybe a few too many bloody mary's)
What I am wearing:
Sweater - Chico's
Tank - Thrifted
Pants - Maurices
Sandals - Macy's

What I'm wearing:
Sunnies - Dolla Tree
Monogram Necklace - Etsy
T-Shirt - Rue 21?
Crops - Maurices
Shoes - Sperry
Bag - Coach

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


It was my birthday last month AND I decided I was going to treat myself to either a Michael Kors watch or purse....I work HARD, I deserve it - right?!?!? So I headed to my local Ross (for those of you who don't have a Ross it's similar to TJ MAXX, Marshall's) and oddly enough there was a PLETHORA Of Michael Kor's watches....the hard part was deciding between these two....

WHICH would YOU have chosen?!?!?
(I LOVED the emerald green face, size, shape and INTERIOR bling BUT the clear links, rose gold and size it yourself by removing a latch was a WIN for watch number 2...

In the end I chose the emerald green face - screamed CLASSIC to me...I did have to have it sized down SO I took it to my local department store and they happily took out the additional links for me (at no charge)

I decided to do a lil research and see what my new beautiful watch retailed for originally

See that there price?!?!? $294.00 - I paid almost 2/3 LESS for mine. I LOVE nice things, I can be a label whore AND I WILL SHOP AROUND!!!! Where is your go-to place for discounts and deals?!??!