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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


WHAT?!??! Am I speaking a foreign language?!?! NOPE!! Y'all this is a REAL term!! Ad defined by The Urban Dictionary -  athleisure - An industry term for athletic wear that can be worn away from the gym.

The good news IS if YOU LOVE this look it isn't going anywhere anytime soon!!! In fact I was doing it BEFORE it was cool (as you'll see by some of the older pics!!)

I have been asked by Megan @betabrand to talk about MY athleisure look (which just so happens to be PERFECTLY timed since I go to the gym at least 3x a week and I typically grab my #starbucks after and run the rest of my daily errands) I'm in "leisure" wear A LOT!!! I will preface by saying I am NOT a sweatshirt person....I struggle with that aspect of attire (although I DID style a sweatshirt with my jeans and TOM's wedges here)

MY tips are add accessories....they dress ER'thing up!!! Here I just popped on a scarf....

Here's an uber casual look (and this tunic sweatshirt I have worn to the gym - as you'll see below)

Dressed it up with a lil bling*bling!

Wore it with leopard leggings to the gym

I LOVE taking a nylon jacket INTENDED for working out and making it WORK-CHIC

It works with slacks OR a dress and boots

Or over a tunic sweater and leggings 

For this look from betabrand check out their Women's Navy Executive Pinstripe Hoodie


And their Straight Leg Travel Yoga Pants....SWOON!!!! There's a built in pocket for your credit card SO when traveling it's convenient and close to ya....

You can wear your yoga pants with a dressy top and sandals and NOBODY'S the wiser!! Who doesn't want clothes that do DOUBLE-DUTY?!??!!

OF COURSE for the gym we all need a pair of bling*bling and pearl @Nikes!!! 
I told you I struggle a bit with the sweatshirts BUT blazers I can RAWK all day long!! My fave mix is a graphic tee and adding just the right chic gym shoes - these @Puma were a SCORE and the color is a perfect neutral!

Below I styled a blazer with a tye-die tee and a pair of slacks and nude sandals for work
If you LOVE this look try Betabrands NEW (like pre-order new) ACTIVE BLAZER in GRAY...a GLORIOUS alternative to black and can be worn ALL YEAR!!! Check it out HERE

HERE I mixed a pair of cargo's with a cute sheer top and OF COURSE jewels!! CASUAL-CHIC

UBER casual work wear....athletic jacket and a pair of denim joggers....

Check out betabrand all your ATHLEISURE looks....they have SO MUCH to offer and can be your one stop shop!!! By being a  Crowd Funded Clothing Community the designs are unique YET affordable!! Linked up to The Pleated Poppy for WIWW


Sports Bra - Maurices
Sweatshirt - VS Pink via the Thrift
Pearl Earbuds - HobLob
Leggings - Kohls

SOME DAYS just look like THIS....NO MAKEUP BUT at least I'm dressed? And have a bra on!! 
 What I'm wearing:
Plaid Snap front Shirt - SEVEN Denim
Tank - Target
Leggings - CVS
Boots - UGGS

AND other days look like THIS (day one of car shopping - SNORE...)
Grey Corduroy Jacket - Thrifted
Skull Scarf - Target
Sheer Blouse - Burlington Coat Factory (y'all this blouse was like $3.00 - NO KIDDING)
Tank - Chico's (the tank is actually royal blue - I LOVED this color combination AND it worked well with my accessories - everything kinda came together - LOVE when that happens)
Statement Necklace - Walmart
Jeggings - YMI (the BEST EVER) and also from Burlington Coat Factory
Boots - Madden Girl

DAY 2 of car shopping.....I'd rather go to the mall and a great steakhouse for lunch (so that's EXACTLY what we did after ANOTHER wasted attempt at getting my DREAM car)
 What I'm wearing:
Jacket - Lane Bryant
T-shirt - Thrifted
Leggings -Same as above
Gym Shoes -PUMA - Burlington Coat factory for 14.00 (a back story on these day I was in line at the post office and I noticed how casually stylish the lady in front of me at the post office was...I secretly wish I had snapped a pic of her....she had on a more fitted boyfriend style corduroy pant, a brown leather worn in belt, a looser sweater casually tucked and a pair of new balance gym shoes - she was SO POLISHED and casually chic all at once!! Ever since then I have had my eye out for a pair of gym shoes that could do JUST THAT....and I did check the new balance site BUT 60. was more than I wanted to spend to TRY a look....these creamy gold Puma's were JUST THE TICKET).  Do you all do that?!?! See someone's style and think "how can I copy that?!?!?"

My daughter was taking my pic and I SWORE I saw a shadow off in the distance....
 What I'm wearing:
Fuchsia Jacket - Walmart
Sheer Blouse - Daisy Fuentes via the thrift
Tank - Chico's
Jeggings - Same as above posts (these are my GO TO)
Boots - Madden Girl

AND THEN there was GYM DAY (my daughter said -"Are you sure you want a picture? You arent' going to like these" BUT THIS IS REAL LIFE LADIES....some days this IS how I look...if you ran into me at Target THIS IS what I would look like MOST days actually - BUT I feel a sense of accomplishment getting to the gym and then running feel me?!?!?!)

What I'm wearing:
T-shirt - Forever 21
Tank - Walmart
Blinged Out Joggers - Victoria's Secret
Shoes - Nike

Off to see what YOU WORE!!! Linked up with The Pleated Poppy for inspiration and to see how YOU wore it!! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


EVERY Friday the  Salvation Army has the "color of the week" for .99 OR half off the marked price (whichever is cheaper). I LOVE going on Fridays and have easily dropped 85.00 on less than a dollar day!!!

THIS was my haul last Friday (NOW keep in mind that I got there at 3:30 SO I could get my shopping done BEFORE 5...I wasn't really feeling it and was ready to leave and just pay half off {what you don't see is I also had housewares} BUT I hung around until 5pm and checked out promptly at 5:01 - SO GLAD I waited - I saved $45.00). 

A Spanx cami (not sure I will ever wear it BUT hell for a dolla who cares!?!?!)

I heart Nueva York is for my daughter!! I kinda wanted it BUT I think it's a juniors maybe even a child's large SO for miss teenager it will be perfecto! 

The cream lace tunic is ACTUALLY maternity (I can't even believe I am typing this) BUT I think it will be adorable as a tunic over jeans OR maybe a lil dress OVER shorts (because  I just C A N T wear that short of a dress). AND NO I'm not pregnant - it's a maternity Medium SO I figure there's plenty of room for my regular LARGE! 

Since I've been going to the gym 3x a week I have been wanting to wear sweatshirts to help with "THE BURN" of all that water weight I retain!!! The last 2 years I focused on cute gym apparel and gym shoes BUT never sweatshirts because I didn't want them....NOW that I want them I CAN'T justify spending 15 or 40 on a sweatshirt (here's a fact you should know about me...I DON'T wear sweatshirts in real life...which is why I WON'T spend the money on them).
SO I got 3 sweatshirts for the gym

HERE I have styled 2 of them.....
 Coral Hoodie - Thrifted
Skulls and Roses Tank - Walmart
Grey Leggings - Kohls (THESE were my FIRST purchase when I started buying active wear...I believe looking CUTE while working out makes it more fun and MOTIVATES me for sure!!)

A lil #ROCKY anyone?!?! I found this vintage record while thrifting (I bought a #Crosley record player a few weeks ago SO now I am on the hunt for records).

Hoodie - Thrifted
Tank - Maurices (on clearance)
Leggings - Walmart
Headband - Goody on clearance at CVS
Nikes - OLD (found these babies while moving) like 2009 OLD

There's LOTS I won't pay full retail for (every now and then when there's something I"ve been looking for for awhile and haven't found I'll splurge....and jewelry, purses and boots - those things I will pay full price for). 

What have YOU scored for a deal?!?!?!


What's BLACK and WHITE and RED all over?!?! Not the newspaper silly, my #mani!!!

Sorry it's a day late....yesterday I was in MY ZONE (my cleaning zone that is...) and since MANI MONDAY is IRT (In Real Time) I couldn't post please forgive!! (AND that means there will be TWO posts today -woot woot!!!)

I LOVE having fun with my nails!!! So easy to change and people notice your nails ladies (so make sure even IF you don't polish that they are clean and buffed). I was in line @starbucks ordering my coffee yesterday and the Barista said "I LOVE your nails...where did you go to get them done?!?!?" when I told her I did then myself at home she didn't believe me!!! The trick to that was probably the print nail....and my secret behind THAT is @dollartree Remember back in December when I posted this pic?!??! I was at the #dollartree in Chicago and found all these FAB nails!!! I couldn't decide which to get SO of course I got them all (at a dolla why not??!??!). I knew the chevron would be for #Valnetine'sday

and remember I did the "candy cane" stripes at Christmas?!??!

After all that yammering HERE in the completed mani!!! (photo by my son who was uber proud of his photography skills).

Pointers and rings - OPI "A good man-darin is hard to find" (this is an older color and MY FAVE!!! Once summer I wore it SO much that I went and bought another bottle - which is unheard of for me!). It's the perfect red not red almost coral (because I don't dig the blue-hued reds or classic reds).
Thumbs and Pinkies - Revlon " Black Star"
Chevron Print - Press on Nail from Dollar Tree

What color are YOU sporting for the week of LOVE?!??!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Have y'all been shopping for your son for a Valentine's themed shirt?!?! 
Not too baby, not to girly, one in his size....
Carters only goes up to a size 8

the no. 14 - pretty cute, boy-ish and can actually be worn ANYTIME....but the $14.00 price tag at the mall deterred me (ALTHOUGH now they are on sale for 30% off)

 And "Don't go bacon my heart" SWOON!!!! I LOVED THIS ONE!!! BUT again 14.00 was too much for this thrifty girls budget!!!

SO what's a girl to do?!?!? When she wants her lil stud to be all valentine-y?!?! Make her own OF COURSE!!!

Gather your supplies (I got this raglan style t @target and the felt letter @michaels with a 40% off coupon - PLUS I have extra letters for another t-shirt come back NEXT THURSDAY to see the other one. This brings my cost to make the t-shirt to under $6.00 for ALL SUPPLIES). 

I slid my tee over a  wooden cutting board (that I use specifically for these types of projects)

Figured out what word I was spelling (this is a REALLY important step - you don't want to get started and ASSUME you have enough letters BECAUSE then you'll be BACK at the craft store spending more money)...can YOU guess what it is?!?!

I flipped the letters, made sure they were the right way, positioned where I wanted them...

...and followed the manufacturers instructions....

Once you've ironed them on the front side you need to iron them on inside I turned the shirt inside out and ironed over the letters again....

After waiting a minute for them to cool (per the directions) I slowly began to peel the plastic off....

VIOLA!!! I LOVE how this turned out and hi can wear it ANYTIME!!!

This would be a fun project to do WITH your child! Lemme know if you make a shirt and we can have a linky party!!!


SO how crazy is it that there are TWO posts today?!?!?! I made this Valentine Wreath last week and figured instead of waiting until next Tuesday to post it I should post it today SO y'all can make one too if you wanted!!!

I started out with a grapevine heart shaped wreath (I picked it up in one of my many thrifting adventures KNOWING someday something would come to me....up until last week it was hanging by burlap ribbon).

I wanted to do an arrow through the heart (I also have had these dowels for AGES...seriously like 8 them when a major retailer closed...I have used them to stake my plants in the summer and was hoping it would be PERFECT for cupids arrow...the ironic part is I knew EXACTLY where they were  - and if you saw my garage you'd understand why!!! It's the aftermath of the move).

I am ALWAYS picking things up for "someday" (for a hot minute I stopped doing that because I had this abundance of ITEMS....but them I quickly learned it was costing me DOUBLE to go back and get them {via gas and another swing through town / the store} so now I just strike when the iron's hot). These were from #targets after Christmas sale...I only got them for half off BUT .50 is a deal right?!?!

Good thing I got 2 packages BECAUSE I didn't look closely at time of purchase - I thought they were both leaves/arrows/feathers...whatever they are....but alas they weren't

I thought about painting the dowel BUT I wanted INSTANT GRATIFICATION (like an under 20 minutes kinda waiting no dry time). SO I dug through my stash and got our my #scotch gold washi tape (hey, guess what, I found SEVERAL rolls SO if you're interested in making your own golden dowel rod, leave me a comment or message...first 3 I get will be shipped the tape. $3.00/EACH INCLUDES shipping.

I simply wrapped the tape around the dowel

Cut the string off my arrow ends and hot glued them on.....

My "arrow" needed a point...cut it from cardboard and inserted the dowel in between (securing with hot glue)

And then I used more washi to cover the arrow....

I opted to pop some ponk ribbon in the middle and VIOLA!!!