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Thursday, April 10, 2014


Are we bringing sexxy back?!?!? Oh wait, I mean the 90's...are we bringing the 90's back?!??! Last month (or maybe 2 months ago) I saw overalls in inStyle and said NO WAY!!! They are so NOT coming back....Luckily when I was at Goodwill Dolla day I picked these up...

If SJP is doing it, we totally can rawk the overalls...

I ADORE the pic of her in the Full sleeve white top and overalls - GORG!!! 

My overalls are actually shortalls BUT I think I may try to rawk them this about YOU?!?!? Are you on the overall trend?!?!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


What I Wore Wednesday lets me link up with all you guys so we can swap ideas and get INSPIRATION....Started by Linds at The Pleated Poppy a way to keep herself accountable for getting outta her yoga pants. Here's what I wore this week....

 What I'm wearing:
Sunnies - Dolla Store
Bomber Style Jacket - Chico's
Necklace - Chico's
Dress - Wal-mart
Arm Swag - Assorted...see Sunday's post
My look for the bomber style jacket evolved from THIS look I saw while flipping thru the latest #instyle. My jacket had enough pattern (the back is a diff pattern in black and white) SO I KNEW I wanted a simple black knee length pencil skirt (SUPA hard to find). While at Walmart for other stuff I ALWAYS check out the clearance and VIOLA!! This black dress was livin there SO I snapped it up and took it home KNOWING full well I'd be wearing it under my jacket (I also styled the dress here

What I'm wearing:
Grey Hoodie - Hanes
New York Graffiti T-Shirt - Maurices
Jean Skirt - Hydraulic via the Thrift
Pink Chucks - Thrifted (see thrifty Tuesdays post for the deets)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

THRIFTY TUESDAY.... Pink Chuck's

While thrifting a few months ago I cam across THESE pink #Converse All ✭ Star PINK shoes....

I KNEW they'd be ADORBS with a denim skirt and this....
And BRAND NEW and only $5.99 HOW could I go wrong?!?!?!
Whatcha think?!?! Would YOU go pink?!?!?

Sunday, April 6, 2014


 Showcasing my arm swag for the week.....
Gold Spikes - Gifted
Watch - Betsy Johnson - gifted
Pearl Bangle - Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Ring - Mother of Pearl Skull and Crossbones - QVC

Leopard Bling Watch - Gifted
Lion Head Ring - Kohl's (candies I think)
Ring- Chico's
From wrist up: Onyx and Gold Bangle - Estate sale (12 years ago), leopard bangles - gifted and chanel like bangle - Express - 2006

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Snapshots via my iphone for the week

The FIERCE protector and watch dog

KUDOS for a job well done

SWOON.....Cadillac makes me weak in the knees....anyone have the #cadillacsrx? Reviews? 

Healthy Eating (tuna salad with celery - LOVE the crispiness) triscuit cracked pepper and olive oil crackers and greek yogurt

Lil dude got a McFab haircut

#bluemoonbeershake....UM sup delish (and I don't even like beer) RUN to your local Red Robin and get one (they also had guiness shakes)

Got my SPRING on

I stumbled upon this FAB site where you can create your own custom handbag....dear #wink&winn IF you are reading this I'd LOVE to test your FAB bags and review right here on this lil blog!! Below is MY custom designed handbag of my dreams

MY sweetie boss treated me to lunch....Chipotle Burrito Bowl I heart you

Everyone needs a fitting room selfie

What have YOU been up to this week?!?!

Thursday, April 3, 2014


This is 2 weeks worth...I have fallen behind blogging...always something going on!! Linking up with the pleated poppy


 What I'm wearing:
Sweater - JcP via the with tags
Shirt - Target via the with tags
Belt - Chico's
Jeggings - Chico's
Boots - Madden Girl

  It's still chilly here in the midwest and with the promise of a 59 degree day (which we didn't reach) I busted out the florals and the sandals)

What I'm wearing:
Vest - NEW WITH TAGS LL Bean via the thrift
Chambray Shirt - Chico's
Long Pearl Necklace - Lane Bryant
Short Pearls - Chico's
Belt - Chico's
Flower Pants - Chico's
Wedges - Macy's
(belt and shoes coordinate....I LOVE that!!)

 Jacket - Chico's
Necklace - Chico's
Leopard Shirt (which is a HUGE tunic...hence the tuck in) - Thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Boyfriend Style Jeans - Chico's
Studded Flats - Ross
What I'm wearing:
Striped Tie-Front Shirt - Chico's
Necklace - Chico's
"Skirt" (which is ACTUALLY a dress) - Wal-Mart - $5.00 peeps - for real!!
Boots - Aerosoles

**When I was getting dressed this day I realized the black microfiber shirt I wanted to wear under the stripe shirt wasn't clean - SO I figured what the heck - lemme try the dress and see how that looks - I LOVED the outfit and it was a simple 2 pieces vs. 3....I have other ideas for this dress (which is one of the reasons BESIDES the fact that it was $5.00 that I bought it...stay tuned for more versatility from this piece!!)

What I'm wearing:
It's NOT a denim tuxedo BECAUSE my denim washes are different
Vest - Chico's
Pearls - Chico's
Black T-Shirt - Chico's
Jeans -Chico's
Boots - Ugg's
(Everyone needs a bathroom selfie)
 What I'm wearing:
Vest - LL Bean via the thrift
(this has become a "spring" and I use that term loosely wardrobe staple)
Chambray Button Down - Chico's
Lace Skirt - Target via the thrift - OLD
Boots - Madden Girl
 What I'm wearing:
Jacket - Kenneth Cole - Marshall's
Pearls - Assorted (Big Lots, Claires and Chico's)
Leopard Print Tunic - Target
Lime Jeans - Chico's
Sandals - Macy's

Do you ever have those days where you feel like you're RAWKIN your outfit...UNTIL you see the pics?!?! I worked all day like this and didn't realize how awful it looked...I wasn't gonna post BUT I'm keepin it real peeps
 What I'm wearing:
Necklace - Gordmans
Gold Sweater - JCP
Fatigue Cargos - Chico's
Animal Print belt -Chico's
(I was using the bely to camoflage my tummy BUT all it did was draw attention to other areas....LOVE the pants BUT this sweater is NOT a good match for them
Leopard Flats - Betsy Johnson
What I'm Wearing:
Jacket - Thrifted
Tunic - Express - Old (and worn backwards...the front has a cowl that's kinda low dipping)
Belt - Chico's
Animal Print Leggings - Chico's
Boots - Madden Girl

Off to see what y'all wore (A day late!!). I LOVE your feedback - saw something you loved, tell me!! Wanna more of something else??!?! I'm all ears (Or eyes in this case!!)

Monday, March 31, 2014

MANIC MONDAY....I SWEAR I have a BLACK thumb y'all

OK, it's STILL cold here in the midwest (in fact 15 degrees below average) and I'm getting SPRING FEVER!!! This year I decided to try my hand at starting my seeds indoors....and I HEART the tropics SO what better way to bring the tropics to me than thru plants!?!?! 

Have y'all seen on Pinterest and youtube how "EASY" it is to grow a pineapple plant?!?!? (I tried 2 years ago and FAILED) so after watching the youtube video It seemed EASY!!! (maybe his grew because he lives in Key West
SO I started with my pineapple top like this (rooting it in water)

2 Weeks later it looks like this....pretty dead and dry looking and 1 root.....
 Do y'all have any experience with this kinda thing?!?!? Should I just pop it in dirt and hope for the best?!?!?

Onto the seeds...last year I had GREAT success with cilantro and basil(top planter)....

June 2013

BUT I sowed the seeds directly outdoors in early May....when I start seedlings indoors they always get wimpy and don't withstand the test of time....So this year I got my potting soil, seed started mix (added about 2 tbsp of ground coffee) and mixed my dirt together....sowed the seeds into 1/8" of the soil as the package suggests....

Covered them with saran wrap to emulate a greenhouse...sprayed with a water bottle so as not to drown the soil...moved them from sunlight spot to sunlight spot all over the house (this is when I start feeling a lil crazy)
 LOOK how wimpy they are!!! Maybe some of you are saying woot woot to green - NOT me....I'm getting FRUSTRATED!! (lil pockets of the dirt are starting to grow mold - probably from the moisture)
SO, to all of you green thumb experts out there - WHAT am I doing wrong?!?!? And what can I do to change the outcome of my sad pitiful plants?!??!