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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


HUMP DAY....otherwise referred to as What I Wore Wednesday....Linking up with The Pleated Poppy I LOVE to get inspiration from you guys!!

 What I'm wearing:
Denim Jacket - Thrifted
Necklace - Thrifted (I got SO many compliments on this necklace...and originally I bought it for teh cording with the idea of re-working it)
Tank - Chico's
Belt - Chico's
Skirt - Macy's (it was originally white BUT I sprayed my perfume on it directly and it yellowed :( SO instead of throwing it out I decided to tie-dye it see the post here
Wedges - Macy's

This was garage sale day...wanted to be comfy
 Hat - Fam Dolla (they have the BEST hats and scarves)
Tank - Wal-mart
Crops - Shop n Swap
Flippies - Wal-mart

 What I'm wearing:
Necklace - Thrifted
My earrings are supes fab BUT you can't even see them
Shirt - Maurices
Skirt - Chico's
Sandals - Macy's

 Hat - Fam Dolla
Tunic - Thrifted
Flippies - Wal-Mart

What I'm Wearing:
Vest - Chico's
Tank - Chico's
Belt - Chico's
Skirt - Chico's
Sandals - Style & Co via ebay

What was your FAVE look??!?! What's YOUR go-to outfit?!?!?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

THRIFTY Tuesday....Tag Sale Treasures

K...first things first - I ALWAYS call them garage sales- not tag sales BUT tag sale went better with my TAG LINE!! Thursday I was off so the kids and I had some cinnamelts and coffee at McD's before heading around town to sale....I had no paper, no sales addresses - it was a last minute lets get lost and have fun kinda thing...these are my fave kinda days!! I always thought I was a planner (sometimes you have to be) BUT I've realized I enjoy spontaneity much more!! We hit up a few sales that were kinda flops (I of course STILL managed to find stuff there) and one sale that was the BOMB DIGGITY!!!

Here's the loot (all the loot) wish I had separated by sale BUT instead I separated by style....LOL

Cute plaid cooler bag - perfect for fall picnics, wreath hanger, cake server, FAB lil donkey, cute mirror (I have plans for this - totes imitating another fabby blogger) vintage sunglasses, jewels - I'm ALWAYS on the look out for jewelry - axxessoreis are the BEST part of any outfit

Vintage MADE IN ITALY sun glasess

Vintage polaroid sunglasses

See the cute lil donkey?!?!?!

This ornate gold frame is FAB....I can easily pop out the velvet sweetheart poem....sometimes you need "the eye" when saling....
I think I spent a total of $7.00 on all this stuff and it totally fulfills the thrill of the hunt for me!!! What have YOU found lately?!?!?

Sunday, July 20, 2014


...snapshots via my iphone for the week

My daily commute....for a construction zone we still keep a steady 55mph...#smalltowncharmlife

My deck garden....trying my hand at lotsa herbs and some of the things on my summer bucket

Check out this Kick A$$ vase - SWOON!!!! I NEED this....

Found this bottle of wine and was smitten with the graphics...the chicken is accessorized (WITH PEARLS) and high heels....the wine is gone and I have a future project in site for this baby
 I've cooked a TON this week (partially in thanks to the fab crop share box I was gifted) there are things in the boxes (heads of cabbage, kolrabi, swiss charb to name a few) that I wouldn't ordinarily buy at the store....

From the SAME head of cabbage I also made egg roll filling....which in turn = egg rolls -  a FAVE in our house....

DREARY days....perfect day for chicken noodle soup!!!
Was at Wal-Mart the other day (it's been quite awhile since I've perused through wal mart) and um WHY didn't anyone tell me they have all these FAB $10.00 STATEMENT necklaces!?!??!?!?! I has one in my cart and put it back....I think I'm going back to get it...which is YOUR fave?!??!

Lunch with my 2 favorite people....celebrating my son's Scholastic Reading Challenge

#tbt Throwback Thursday....Back when times were simple....
 FRESH summer strawberries.....

Breakfast....yes, those are tatertots - like hash browns.....

Everyone loves a lil Red Mango froyo
What have YOU been up to this week?!?!??!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I don't know about you BUT I have a penchant for most "reality" tv shows (like Dear #Andy Cohen, I want to be a REAL housewife of small town USA - ya know - someone more relatable to "the people" SO if you happen to read me) I heart all the Real Housewives of anywhere (I have my faves - Heather Thomson - NY, Kristen Taekman - NY, Teresa Guidice - NJ, Vicki Gunvalson - OC) Each of those women has a character trait I adore.....and I know reality tv isn't for everyone....

Heather - Hard worker, balls to the wall, says it like she feels it - SO refreshing in a world of dancing around to appease the masses
My homegirl Heather - HOLLA......

Kristen Taekman - NEW to the scene...."I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed BUT I'm pretty..." HER words in her intro...She's not afraid to call bullsh*t on you but wears her heart on her sleeve....this season you see her getting upset with her hubby who puts her and the fam on the back burner (I KNOW he's just tryin to support them BUT REALLY?!!??! all he has to do is send her a quick txt when he's running late). It's sad to see her crying for his attention - literally. 

Teresa Guidice - Really probably NO explanation needed WHO she is as she's been all over the news due to her an Joe's trial - the first episode broke my heart - you could FEEL the pain of the family...and by the end I was bawling (I won't spoil it for those that haven't seen it yet). She's italian which I ADORE, she's over the top which makes her a girl after my own heart and she get's out there and makes it happen - people were hatin for her comments in the cookbook foreward - hey people = DRAMA sells - she was makin shit happen!!
 Vicki Gunvaslon - This one kinda surprised me...BUT this season it's been nice to see her staying OUT of the drama. What I like most about her is her bad ass work ethic....she works A LOT (maybe too much when she was married - but now all she has is her work) and she's made a life for herself....KUDOS!!
We can all sit on our couches with our hand in the chip bag talkin junk about each and every reality tv show BUT the truth is all these people are raw and open to the world now (don't get me wrong - they exchange privacy for fame and pay-offs - I get it) BUT to have complete strangers talkin about your every move, hair outta place and extra pound gained CAN'T be easy!!! What's YOUR fave reality show?!??!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


It's INCREDIBLE!!! I STILL have internet!! Which means I can link up to WIWW with The Pleated Poppy Its fun to get new inspiration, see what y'all wore and identify the up and coming trends (everything I ever saw that rawked in fashion I saw on a blog!!). 

Channeling my inner animal
 What I'm wearing:
Necklace - Chico's
Leopard Shirt  - thrifted (almost went BACK to the thrift UNTITL I tried a belt - the belt defined my waist and gave a cute shirttail look)
Skirt - Shop n Swap
Sandals - Macy's
Inner Audrey Hepburn (pearls are a CLASSIC staple in my wardrobe)
 What I'm wearing:
Pearl Statement Necklace - Chico's
(can be taken apart and worn as 2 necklaces -1 long and 1 short)
Fringe Vest  - Chico's
Black Tank - Thrifted
Jeggings - Chico's
Sandals -Macy's
BEACH DAY aka No Make up and not a care in the world day
What I'm wearing:
Fedora - Dollar Tree - That's right y'all - Dollar Tree!!
"Tank" - T-shirt from Target that I cut all apart
Bikini - Target
Skirt / Swim Cover Up - Target

Back to work
What I am wearing:
Necklace - Chico's
Striped Sweater - Chico's
Boyfriend Style Jeans - Chico's
Sandals - Wal-Mart

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A day in the life....

...snapshots via my iphone....

The dog sat in the hula hoop all by himself!! 

Trip to the ER...

After and EKG and drawing 4 vials of blood it's determined Stress and anxiety....imagine that....

My DELISH basil watermelon popsicles (got to yesterdays post for the recipe)

 Made my first EVER omelette....came out pretty decent....

My son's mind is SO INCREDIBLE...he built this lil lego guy based on a pic he saw in a magazine...from what he had on hand....

 A cute lil chick / duck thing.....

Spent my day off with my toes in the sand and drink in hand....
(a girl at the beach complimented my ankle bracelets and was particularly fond of the crystal one I had just made in the morning and asked if she could have it...I said sure, she says I was just kidding...she wouldn't accept we were leaving I ran into her again and I handed it to her and told her I wanted her to have it...she was so excited and kept saying thank was a really great moment for me....I made her day BUT moreover she MADE MY DAY)

After a day of sun and swim a hat was for sure in order!!

Made some old skool legit coffee....ran outta my "fancy creamer" so I had to go milk and brown sugar puerto rican coffee

Friday, July 11, 2014

FOODIE FRIDAY....Watermelon Basil popsicles

On my summer Bucket list is to make (cocktail) popsicles BUT I wanted to make a general public friendly version first....I picked up the fab popsicle molds from Dollar Tree (and "m sure y'all know the goblets from the Spritz line at Target....they have nothing to do with the popsicles BUT are pretty!!)

I had a few different ingredients on hand and searched for recipes with said ingredients (one was watermelon) and it was SO SIMPLE....the recipe is here

You make a simple syrup 

Stir in the basil.....and let sit for at least a half hour....

Strain your simple syrup....blend watermelon chunks and simple syrup....

(I omitted the thai basil portion BECAUSE I didn't have that on hand HOWEVER I did use "Tajin" a mexican spice that's used on fresh fruits like mango and watermelon....after unmolding my popsicle I run under water quick and then sprinkle the seasoning on it....

These are SO DELISH I have eaten them every morning on the way to work!! It's fruit right?!??!