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Saturday, August 31, 2013


A day in the life are snapshots from my iphone for the past week....

Back to School Nature Display (there was a petrified frog under the glass on the right BUT once the kitty discovered it I KNEW I had to put it away)
 Planner...."The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it...." I put inspiring quotes on all the pages inside my planner :) Some pages are decorated with stickers...otehrs are fulla to-do lists

Went to Target for the first time in like 2 MONTHS - WHAT?!?!?! I know. 
Target now carries Washi tape....
 I spied these FAB stools...LOVE the green, even the yellow and there's classic grey too..only 75.00 for the PAIR....
 Working on eating better (and trying to lose the pounds from the summer chip and ice cream binge)
Graham crackers schmeared with pb and topped with mini choc chips....and a cuppa coffee
 Worked on project life....

I am JUST getting started with PL (I know I am years behind! My girls bought me a starter kit for my b-day - thanks Lor and Jen).
Here I wrote the lyrics to God Bless America on the white stripes on the flag, added the glitter tape to the spine of the page....
 Got a bit scrappy with some tape, and rub ons....I love rub ons BUT ALWAYS have a problem with them.

Added some letter stickers, sequins and pearls....

Future stuff to smash or PL...from date nite :)

Project I will feature next week 

 Leopard and lime green toes....a nod to the end of summer...

While waiting for my daughter after practice I notice this dad....a tuxedo t-shirt, shorts and black cowboy was TOO good not to take a pic! He was being his daughters chauffer for her birthday - isn't that sweet?!?!
 And apparently it was parent dress up day that day at school....this is how I went to pick my daughter up....I forgot I even had the apron on (I was cooking right before I left)
 My back to school china hutch....LOVE the pop of green with the apples and the black and white...those FAB dishes are from Macy's a few years ago during Christmas

 Friday brought us a torrential downpour, high winds (my planters all blew over) and hail

Shopping for a mattress set...anyone have and REASONABLY priced suggestions? 
What have YOU been up to this week?!?!

Friday, August 30, 2013

FOODIE FRIDAY... Pickled Cucumbers / PICKLES?

HAPPY Friday y'all!! At my local library they have a shelf for magazines that are not "current" anymore...I always grab a handful BECAUSE as we bloggers know there is INSPIRATION to be found EVERYWHERE!! (and after I am done looking at them or clipping them apart, I take them back for someone else to enjoy). I found this article in Woman's Day June 2012...

I have 2 lil pickle faces SO I always have pickles in the house...and the jars empty quickly!! I used a cucumber (I know, I know, real original HUH!?!? BUT it really was the only veggie I had in the house)
 I used the pink grater to create the striations in the cucumber
And I left my cut up cukes to marinate for a few days (right next to my cucumber lime infused water).

What have YOU made lately?!?!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

TRY IT THURSDAY....GOLDen GILDED Wooden Salad Utensils

I haven't re-invented the wheel...IN FACT, I didn't even come up with this idea! I saw it on a few blogs a year or so ago. I've had the utensil set since MAY and not sure WHY it's taken me so long to be productive!! SO SIMPLE y'all....

Gather your wooden utensil to be painted (it can be any old wooden spoons you have layin around...these were only .99 for the set at my local HARDWARE?!?! store)

Get prepped....

I cut a grocery store bag in half and wrapped around the top of the spoon....used masking tape to adhere the bags AND create a smooth line....

I thought I took an IN-PROCESS pic (after they received their coat of arms) BUT I guess not!! 


SO for a dolla (Less than a cuppa Joe) all your dinner guests will think you're fancy - huh?!?!? LOL! Name that song! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday....and I sure needed it this week! I had 5 days off in a ROW!! I'll admit I got a lil lazy one day, the other days were a CHALLENGE to get dressed (see I have this idea in my head that it takes LONGER if i shower first thing in the morning vs. getting stuff done around the house, blogging, etc). I will also preface this post WITH on my days off I try to give my face a break from's been breaking out bad as of late and so when I am home I wanna let my skin breathe (I'll still put mascara and lip gloss just no foundation).

 What I am wearing:
Pearls - Chico's
Polka Dot Peplum - Macy's - last year (and this is the FIRST time I have worn it - CRAZY!!)
Leggings - Seven via Marshall's - my TOTAL FAVES but they are too big and have to go :(
**NO make-up**

SO NOT a dress up day - my daughter was like why am I even taking your pic-  I said because this is REAL
 What I am wearing:
Hat - Fam Dollar (they have the BEST accessories on the cheap)
Pearl Necklace - Gifted
T-Shirt - Target SUPA old 2009
Leggings - Same as yesterday - Dont' JUDGE  - YOU do it too :) Cuffed up they look different, right?!?! And I was moving boxes and wasn't gonna "waste" clean clothes on that! LOL
Gym Shoes - Puma. I LOVE that they are all black - I hate black with colored soles - esp. white - it's SO stark
**No make up**
What I am wearing:
Leopard Scarf - Fam Dollar 2011 (see the BEST accessories)
Tank - Walmart 
Crops - Thrifted
Sandals - Macy's
FOR REAL keepin it REAL
What I'm wearing:
Head Scarf - Vintage
Tank - Walmart
Shorts - Cut off Lucky's
 What I am wearing:
"Vest" (which is actually a scarf) -Chico's
Turquoise Necklace - Chico's
Black Tank - Thrifted
Palazzo Crops - OLD like 2000 old Marshall's
Wedges - Macy's

FOUND THIS ON PINTEREST......PERFECTLY describes how I feel most days lately....


Aviators - Fam Dollar - For real yo'
Pearl and Sterling Necklace-  Thrifted
T-Shirt - Rue 21

SAW something that caught your eye - lemme know - I HEART comment love!! Posted something you think I WOULD LOVE- leave your blog link!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

THRIFTY TUESDAY...Bathroom Shelf - it ALL came from the thrift

Today's edition of THRIFTY TUESDAY is showcasing a shelf AND its decorative contents of which ALL came from the thrift...

 The shelf itself is thrifted....I bought it right before I moved in...I think I paid around $2.99 for it, all the glass apothecary jars and vases are thrifted (I glued Jute on the vase in the upper right hand corner that holds the eucalyptus). The contents in the jars aren't thrifted- they are actually things we use...Although I will say I DID pick them up here and there on sale...I NEVER pass a good sale - because I will ALWAYS be able to use it (although in the past year I have gotten more strict with myself and ONLY allowing myself to buy repeats of what  I NEED)

See the cute lil golden wicker chair? I found that at the thrift YEARS ago - and it's been in a box ever since - I never knew what to do with it....I decided to add it to the shelf for a lil beachy-ness with the sea shells...

What have YOU found at the thrifty store lately?!?!

Monday, August 26, 2013

MANI MONDAY San-Tantonio

I do my nails every week - usually Sunday or Monday night...I haven't blogged a mani-Monaday in awhile because I guess I thought it needed to be something fancy and unique, but sometimes plain and simple is ok too!! 
This color is San-Tantonio by OPI
 and it was chosen last week BECAUSE I cut my toe nails too short! LOL! Does that ever happen to you?!?! They were too short for a loud color SO I went with my go to neutral (which actually used to be Dulce de Leche by OPI - VERY similar to San-Tantonio - which I why I bought STT).
This really wasn't meant to be a foot shot for nail polish - it was a foot shot of all my mosquito bites! BUT since the toenails were the reason for the shot, why not include it?!?!
Linking up with Heather @ Glitter & Gloss

Saturday, August 24, 2013


A day in the life are snapshots via my iphone for the previous week...this week's post isn't all fluff...See, I rarely get personal on here and that because I want to have a super great life like you all have!! BUT I have been dealt the card of a single mom - that's not always easy...see, I struggle financially, I do the best I can, my kids don't have what all the other kids have - they have the best I can give them...we do ok with our thrifted finds, BUT it breaks my heart when my daughter is at a sports tournament and I can't give her money for a tournament t-shirt, I can't even go to as many games this season because I can't afford the gas to get there OR the admission fee. This is all so HUMBLING to put in black and white...BUT I am hoping you all would have some hints, tricks or tips for me. I am not looking for sympathy, maybe power of prayer - will y'all say a lil prayer for me that I find my way,  I am looking for a way to make it work....
Lastly, thank you to my guardian angel -she is a friend who is SO selfless its incredible that I have someone like that in MY LIFE. Thanks girl! XO

See, it's happening - rock bottom is here, I am falling through the cracks - my rent check bounced. My utilities are behind...and I'm doing the BEST I can ...

NOW that they heaviness is off my heart I can get on with shots form the week...

My first day off from work found me getting down with creating and blogging and feeding my creative side...

THIS is one of my projects of the week...VINTAGE buttons on cards - these are for sale....

mmmm...HOSTESS Cupcakes =  L O V E 
 GORG wrist candy I found on Pinterst...Leopard and Tory Burch - FAB...a girl can dream, right?!?!

Cleaned the kitchen sinks naturally (baking soda and vinegar) I recently found out the kitchen is one of the DIRTIEST places in the home...kinda gross since we prepare our food there!!

Getting a few projects done around the house - I've had the things on hand So they didn't cost me a DIME just time, something I was lacking as of late....

I was a mosquito FEAST this week!!
 I went casual this week since I was home for a few days...when my daughter was taking my pics she said "mommy what happened to you? You aren't dressed up...why am I even taking your picture?!?!" LOL!! Just keepin it real!

716 pages of FAB fall style and advertisements (I know some people HATE ads, but I love them - it's a good way to get a pulse on what is new and upcoming for the season)
 My breakfast date and I at the Middle School Fundraiser for my daughters 8th grade trip to Washington DC

Homemade Chili with veggies from the farm

What have YOU been up to this week?!?!