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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Wednesday - Kids first day of school and a picnic in the park! 

Thursday - Work "Big Visit"
 What I am wearing:
Leopard Sweater- Thrifted
Black Tank - Thrifted
Necklaces - Thrifted
Belt - Chico's
Red Jeans - Chico's
Booties - Carlos Santana via Marshall's

Friday - Work
I layered and layered this day!! 

 What I am wearing:
Scarf - Nordstrom Rack
Flower "pin" - Chico's (do you see it on my scarf)
Orange Tank - Chico's
Ecru Tank - Chico's
Capri's - Chico's
Sandals - Macy's

Sorry for the lack of close-ups of accessories - things have been CRAZY - work, moving, setting up a new home, school, after school activities - YIKES!!

Saturday - MOVING day with the "movers" (and I use that term loosely) from HELL and work
 What I am wearing:
Leopard "Peplum" - Thrifted (almost went back to the thrift as it was so BIG and BAGGY before I added the wonder tool AKA the belt)
Belt - Chico's
Leopard trimmed jeans - Chico's
Heels - Thrifted


 What I am wearing:
A NEW shorty and sassy haircut! LOVE!

I finally got around to washing these vintage scarves I thrifted (that I wanted to wear as a headscarf a la The Real Housewives of NJ) and was sad that I wouldn't be able to wear them now that I have short hair....

I think I can totally sport a headscarf - what do you think?!?! I feel like I should be riding this with my fab scarf...

Linking up with Lindsey looking forward to seeing what YOU wore!
I love to hear what ya think - leave me some love!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIWW Accessories MAKE the outfit

Case in point....Here is what I wore to work last Wednesday.....

 What I am wearing:
Brown tank - Macy's
Jacket - Macy's
Coral Shorts - Marshall's

I added a belt
 Belt - Thrifted
Do you SEE the difference in JUST adding a belt?
Then I added a necklace, wedges and bracelets (added the bracelets AFTER the picture) and do you see the difference? What is YOUR go-to accessory?

Thursday I was running errands, moving some things to the new house....
 What I am wearing:
Blingy Skull Cap - Street vendor in NYC
Serendipity T-Shirt - Serendipity - New York
Capris - Maurices
Shoes - Nike

Friday - Work
 What I am wearing:
Feather Necklace - Target via the thrift
White Tank - Wal-Mart
Lace Overlay Shirt - Thrifted (I hesitated getting this top BUT SO GLAD I DID - I LOVE it!!)
Skirt - Macy's
Blingy Cowboy Boots - Lucky via Macy's 2010

Saturday - Work

What I am wearing:
Scarf - Target
Dess - Thrifted
Belt - Chico's
Sandals - New via the thrift

Linking up with the Pleated Poppy to see what y'all wore! 

Mani Monday....Back to School

Ok, I know it's not Monday and my posts are a little out of order now!! My daughter has become the nail princess (thankfully because I don't do anything over the top anymore) which allows me to participate in mani Monday!

Today was their first day back to school SO that means that she did a back to school related mani....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday

One of the secrets to successful shopping is ALWAYS being on the lookout....ALL the time, EVERYWHERE you go!! 

Always means even if you are going grocery shopping, there is the potential of something great there! Everywhere also ties in with always...I got this 3 pack of Hanes light weight low cut black socks at CVS for $1.75 - a STEAL! 

All the time means buying things off season....for example....these tights! The day I bought these it was 95 degrees....the thought of tights is Cray-cray BUT I snagged these fun babies for .75. They are grey with a black diamond pattern - perfect for the cooler months!

Where do you find your best deals?!?!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A day in the life.....

I want THIS car.....

Can you guess what this means?!?! Momma has new digs!!

A BLANK canvas for creating, decorating and being inspired!! Stay tuned for lots of new house updates!

Driving down the highway we saw this bus....I was laughing so hard!!

 It looks like a pig, right? Speaking of pigs, have any of you watched Honey Boo-Boo? She has a loud ANNOYING tea cup pig...

Kids head back to school this week....

Which meant lots of supplies....and labeling....

AS I was labeling the pencils, I thought it would be a neat pic

and then I took a pic of the markers....
What have you been up to this week?!?!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Seems like a funny topic, doesn't it?!?! Here I am blogging for the world to read, never in my wildest dreams imagining (AGAIN) I could feel like my privacy was being invaded....

YOU know WHO you are and I hope that you will be gracious and respect the fact that you and I have NOTHING to talk about...we aren't in the same boat....we did not have the same experience....

and the fact that you even contacted me makes me feel like my privacy has been invaded....the good news is I am not letting that stop me from being WHO I AM.....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hooray! It's time for What I Wore Wednesday! I LOVE getting inspiration from all you fab girls out there!! I am linking up with Lindsey

Tuesday? I think I linked this outfit up last week SO if I did, I apologize!!

 What I am wearing:
Polo - Target via the thrift
Gold Ball Necklace - Talbots via the thrift
Jeans - Chicos
Leopard Belt - Target (NEW) via the thrift
Wedges - Target

Check out the CUTE detail on the back of these pockets!!! Can you see it?!? It's a classy leopard ribbon (which also happens to run down the side of the legs cuff)

Wednesday - Work
 What I am wearing:
Python Print Sheer Top - Chico's
Gold Necklaces - Thrifted
White Tank - Wal-Mart
White Pants - Ralph Lauren via the thrift
Wedges - Coach

Friday - Work

 What I am wearing:
Black Sleeveless shirt - Thrifted
Necklaces - Thrifted
Belt - Chico's
FAB RED Jeans - Chicos
Leopard Flats - Target 2007

Saturday - 3 French Hens Market
 **Note: no crabby face was intended...sun was shining and I was squinting**
What I am wearing:
Tunic - Thrifted
Belt - Chico's
Necklace - theSassyPearl
Leggings (notice the cute lil ruffle detail) - lil gift shop
Boots - O L D

Sunday - Errands
 What I am wearing:
Navy Tank - Macy's
Slate Blue 3/4 T -Shirt - Kohl's?
Leopard Scarf - Family Dollar
Capris - Maurices
Flippy's - Target via the thrift
Purse - Big Buddha

The back of the tank is the BEST you see the pattern? Leave me a comment with YOUR guesses!

Monday -Work
What I am wearing:
Black Cardi - Target
Blue Tank - Wal-Mart
Necklace - theSassyPearl
Belt - Chico's
Boots - O L D
Skirt - Chico's

Tuesday - Work
*** My ENTIRE outfit from top to bottom is thrifted***
Shirt - Thrift
Belt - Thrift
Jeans - Chicos via the thrift
Heels - (AWESOME and amazing copper leather that I was able to wear for an entire shift)

What have you THRIFTED lately?!?!

Thrifty Tuesday Vintage Leather Jacket

I popped in Goodwill last week AND it just so happened the entire store was 50% off for a "Back To School" sale (now before you go getting all excited, this is one of THOSE Gw's that has set prices for shirts, pants, etc....

I saw this FAB vintage leather trench style jacket in a wonder butterscotch color and put it on immediatley! My daughter told me I look like "sherlock holmes"....

Can we say L O V E?!?!?  I also picked up a leather bucket style "coach-ish" looking purse in a fabby Butterscotch color! What have YOU scored at the thrift lately?!?!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mani Monday

My daughter LOVES doing her nails and has become QUITE good at it! This is HER latest mani-monday....

 The pink is "Sinful Colors Fusion Neon" and the flowers are from the As Seen On TV (but you can get at Target, Wal-Mart or walgreens) "Salon Express" in a teal-y color by Color Concept and she added rhinestones to the center of the flower....
Linking up with Heather @ for Mani Monday!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Header

Hey y'all.....I am looking to have the pics in my header re-done (I want to keep everything else, just change the pics). I am  looking for reasonable rates.....shoot me a message if that's your thang!!


The 3 French Hens Market is THE place to be...according to Romantic Home Magazine and Romantic Country Home magazine (you can read all about it by clicking on their link above). There annual night market was yesterday and I was part of the magic....before I show you my pics, here was the entrance to the "HEN HOUSE"

Wasn't their set up adorable?!?!? They did a great job!! There were chippy wooden fixtures, chandeliers, etc.....

HERE is my vignette.....I LOVE this space right across from the canal because I have a gorgeous backdrop.....

The chairs and table both SOLD!!! As well as many of the smaller items pictured....

Here is a close up of the fabric chandy that I got a lot of ooh and ahh's, but didn't sell - and I am great with that because it gorgeous and I wanted to keep it!!

Here was the other side of my booth space with more of the smaller items....I didn't have a canopy because it's a lil challenging to set up a canopy all alone, but it worked out ok...I moved with the sun!! The canopy does add a finishing touch to the display though...SO for all the canopy makers, make one that is one touch for one person to set up ;)

My girl and I in our boots! Her pink one's were the hit of the day!! 

Picturesque photos of the canal and awesome bridge....

If you saw me at the market - leave a comment and say hi!! 

I'd rather have a life of "oh well's" than a life of "what if's"

This market symbolized more than just success in displays, sales and meeting new see, I used to have a partner that helped me with these markets, and this person LOVED it as much as I do...shared a genuine passion for it and it was awesome....but as life changes, you drift your seperate ways and you are left with just memories....THIS was the first market I have done by myself in a LONG time, I wasn't sure I could do it, I knew my displays would b great BUT not everything I dreamed of....but guess what? I DID IT!! There is great success in knowing you can do something....and to me that is an "I DID IT" and if I had failed, it would've been a "oh well" instead of wondering "what if" my words of wisdom this morning are " YOU CAN DO IT"