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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I've seen Milani make-up at my #dollartree and I thought it was some off brand cheapie product (not that it can't STILL be good BUT I have a TON of make-up and I'm always drawn to the SAME kinda colors) BUT after reading on my instagrammers Dollar Tree post that it's made in Italy I was SOLD!!! I  am in love with ALL things Italian!! SO when I stumbled upon some FAB priced cosmetics at K-mart I couldn't pass them up!! 

The turquoise color is from Dollar Tree and the others are from K-mart. 

Recently while looking through a magazine for mixed media journaling I happened upon this add....

The add tells us how "rich pigmented colors baked on Italian terracotta tiles. Use wet or dry"
Isn't it ROMANTIC imagined these lil shadow pots being baked on terracotta tiles in Italy?!?!? AND I didn't know you could wear them wet for a more DRAMATIC look (although in hindsight I suppose you could wear any eyeshadow wet for a deeper hue)

The colors are very SUBTLE when used dry and are PERFECT!!! The turquoise isn't 80's at all!!

What #milani cosmetics have YOU found?!??!

Monday, March 30, 2015


Wishing I was back in FLORIDA.....No Shirt, No shoes, NO PROBLEM!!! It was so laid back and WONDERFUL (I mean I get it was vacation and I wasn't doing all my everyday chores and being a grown up HENCE the word vacation BUT it was SO CHILL there)

Clearwater Beach
(I thought I was bringing that Coral home BUT after drying it out in our hotel room for 4 days it STILL STUNK to high heavan so we left it)

I've always loved palm trees....

This is the PERFECT vacation shot!!

Blue skies, gorgeous sea....
 The first day we got NO sun (but we did slather ourselves down with sunblock BEFORE we left) SO the second day I decided I'd apply sunscreen later in the day and literally after 2 hours THIS is what happened....

ARM SWAG SUNDAY....Layered Bangles

I've ALWAYS loved me a GOOD arm stack!!! Alex and Ani bracelets are all the rage now....and BEFORE taking the plunge to pay full price for a few I figured I'd try a less expensive copy cat version to see IF I'd actually wear them

My less expensive copy car version came from Jo-Ann Fabrics....their "Hey Doll" select your bangle AND the charms you want to go with them....

 I'm SURE you've seen these everywhere - Target, Kohls, Macy's all the major department stores have them....THESE are special BECAUSE I purchased them down in Florida @ #bealls. I know that's just another department store BUT I had planned to get a florida charm for my charm bracelet SO this was a good compromise (I could always take the Florida charm off the bracelet and add to my charm bracelet). I couldn't decide between the two SO I got them both!! (truth be told I had 4 in my arms).

I couldn't pass up the Florida one...."Another Day In Paradise" FOR REAL!!!! 

And LIVE "Life's a beach" SO PERFECT!!! I could've stayed in the beach ALL DAY!!!

Do YOU wear Alex and Ani?!?!? Do you LOVE them? WHERE do you buy YOURS?!??!

Friday, March 27, 2015


Anyone who knows me KNOWS I'm a bit of a germa-phobe.....The idea of a millions hands touching my produce GROSSES me out....
(when I first was living on my own I washed GROUND BEEF - can you BELIEVE that?!?!?! I only did that ONCE!! LOL). SO I googled how to clean produce and was satisfied with a vinegar / water solution (some stores sell "produce wash" BUT I prefer a more natural organic method).  Since I had SO MUCH to clean I did it in groups of like produce....

All the apples...

All the citrus fruits

I did 1/4 cup vinegar to 4 cups of water...soaked them for about 15 minutes....

ABOVE is the pic after all the sediment and wax and whatever else soaked off the fruits....I did give the fruits a good rub in the solution AND rinse in clean water before I set out to dry.....
My THEORY is that by having the fruits already cleaned we will reach for something fresh and healthy and it won't go to waste....It did take QUITE a bit of time BUT it will be time saved daily cleaning and processing the fruit....What's YOUR produce routine?!?!?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WHAT I WORE WEDNESDAY....Vacation Edition

With a few pics from BEFORE vacay!! If you haven't ever checked out the Pleated Poppy's WIWW blog posts you SHOULD!! Lotsa fun outfit ideas! You can find the link here

 What I'm wearing:
Striped Mock Neck - Target via the thrift
Jeans - QVC 8 years ago
Sandals - Target NEW via the thrift (if you hold onto something LONG enough it comes back into style!! These faux Birkenstocks are envogue now!!)

 What I'm wearing:
Jacket - Chico's
Necklace - Chico's
Convertible Bag (can be worn as a backpack): Big Buddha via Burlington Coat Factory
Tank - Dress Barn via the thrift
Jeans - Chico's
Booties - Target
 What I'm wearing:
Scarf (actually a wrap) - Chico's
Blue T-Shirt - JcPenny (OLD like 10 years old)
Flower Print Jeans - Chico's
Sandals - Macy's
PRE-St.Patricks Day
 What I'm wearing:
Black Button Down - Shop and Swap
Shamrock Tie - Dollar Tree (last year)
Crops - Chico's
Sandals -Macy's
FIRST DAY OF VACAY....I call this the "money shot" I LOVED walking outside 
(like I seriously asked to walk back up the plank and take pics and SO GLAD I  DID because this was the only time we walked outside without the covering)
 What I'm wearing:
Sweater - Kohls (do you see how PERFECT this sweater is?!??! grey and very chic BUT with a fun tropical pop up the sides - PERFECTLY perfect - not too touristy BUT says "I'm on vacation"
Purse - Wal-mart
Jeans - Hydraulic

This was the CLOSET at the hotel - a legit walk-in

VACAY day 1
 What I'm wearing:
Fedora - Big Lots (crazy I know)
Kimono - Gordmans (last summer)
Necklace - Gordmans (last summer)
Purse - Walmart
(this purse I brought because it was large enough to carry some clothing AND my purse BUT I ended up using it quite a bit and for $7.00 I def got my money's worth....sadly it's a lil worn for the wear after being taken to the beach and dragged on and off a plane BUT I can't part with my "florida travel bag")
Shorts - Thrifted
Sandals - Dollar Tree (oh YEAH...I figured for a dolla they'd be good beach sandals and then we'd throw them away before we came home - these babies did MILES of walking. My daughter had the same pair in silver and she loved them too...TOTALLY WORTH THE DOLLA - go get yourself a pair)

Here they are in my Dollar Tree Haul

What I'm wearing:
Tourist Tee - Surf Style
Shorts -Express
Waiting for the Trolley - drink in hand
 What I'm wearing:
Tunic - Wal-Mart (last year)
Purse - Target Via the thrift (NEW and limited edition - I wanted this SO bad when I first saw it BUT couldn't justify over $20.00 and glad I didn't because it came apart at the seams after the first use and all I carried was my wallet)
Jeans - Chico's
Sandals - Macy's

3 Musketeers - All for one and One for all
My Son's Shoes - Wal-mart (I think I blogged about my savings on a previous post)
My daughter - Dolla Tree (the fab sandals I talked about above)
Me - Another pair of faux birks - I can't remember where I got them...but they're gold with a LEOPARD lining

What I'm wearing:
Fedora - Target NEW via the thrift (last year)
Cardi - Thrifted
Tank - Chico's
Jeans - hydraulic
Sandals - Faux birks - old....
Purse - Target NEW via the thrift

What I learned about packing for vacay in Clearwater.....I overpacked, packed too many dressy items....seriously y'all - no shirt, no shoes, no problem....the vibe was uber casual. I felt GREAT with my choices - not over dressed in the outfits I swapped out and put together (for example the cardi above was actually supposed to be a beach cover-up).
Off to see what you all wore!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


It's been FOREVER since I've done a WIWW post!! My photog has been busy, I haven't invested as much time as I used to styling my outfits (I really NEED to get back to this). SO today I have a couple pics to share with y'all linking up with The Pleated Poppy
 What I'm wearing:
Scarf - Shop N Swap
Cream Button Down - Chico's
Denim Jacket - Walmart from back in 2000 - NO JOKE!!
*** See my glitzy shamrock pin?!?!? ***

 What I'm wearing:
Chambray Button Down - Chico's
Statement Necklace - Chico's
Black Sweater Vest - Lane Bryant
Leggings - Chico's
Booties - Target

I ADORE jewels...the BEST part of ANY outfit!! 
These pieces didn't come together...IN FACT, I saw the necklace - didn't buy it...saw the earrings (originally from Target) at a close out store for $1.00 SO I bought them...which led to me buying the necklace (Chico's....Originally $79.00 I got it on a super clearance day for $14.99) and the bracelet was a find from Kohl's for $7.00 SO y'all the moral of this story IS enough shopping around yields a FAB looking jewel set for $23.00 which ORIGINALLY would've been $110.00

STOP and smell the roses
What I'm wearing:
Kimono - Chico's
Leggings - Chico's
Sandals - Macy's

Off to see what YOU wore!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


AS you msy or may not know I am preparing to go on vacation in a few weeks (which I am SO EXCITED about - it's been 6 YEARS people!!! That's a mighty long time for no vacation!!!).  We will be going somewhere warm and we all needed new beachwear....because that's where we plan to be parked most of the vacation!!! SO having thrifting in my blood it just seemed unnatural to pay full price for a bathing suit (ESPECIALLY since I have a few new pieces from last year that I picked up for $1.00 NEW WITH TAGS from Target on #goodwill dollar days).

THIS pic below shows 3 items that I will be taking on my trip (the straw and sequin purse, the cream cover up and the white bikini bottoms - these were one of my NEW with tags dollar finds)

Beach outfit No. 1:
3 Musketeers Bracelet- BCBG @ Bergners
Orange Earrings - Maurices
Fedora with gold sequin trim  - HobLob (I added the gold sequin trim)
Scarf - Thrifted (in case I want a head scarf vs a fedora)
Bikini Top - Burlington Coat Factory - SELLI SEGAL (normally sold at Nordstroms and for both TOP and bottom{not pictured as it was the top only and hence the $5.99 price tag} for $138.00
Coverup - Thrifted
Gold Bikini Bottoms - Sports Illustrated for  TARGET via goodwill NEW WITH TAGS

 Beach Outfit No. 2:
Grey Linen Bling Cover-up - New York & CO via goodwill (on dolla day)
Fedora - Big Lots
Assorted Bracelets -Walmart - $1.00 for a stack
Fringe Bikini Top - Kohls $3.40
Bikini Bottoms - Wal-mart $6.96

The fringe top is SO ADORABLE on!!! And the color is GORG
SEE my tags?!?!? Fedora - $3.00, Bikini top $3.40 - I HEART a good deal and HALF the fun for me is the "thrill of the hunt"
Beach Outfit No.3:
Striped Tunic - Goodwill Dolla Day last year
Fedora - NEW with tags at Goodwill via Target
Stack of Assorted Bracelets
Bikini Top - Wal-mart $6.96
Bikini Bottoms - NEW WITH TAGS at Goodwill via Target

Not sure if the fedora is TOO much pattern we'll see once we're there....
I am ALWAYS On the hunt for a good deal....even IF I don't know when or where I'll wear something...I follow my INSTINCTS and ask myself "will I be sad if I leave this item?" if the answer is yes then I take it BECAUSE if not I'll more than likely be back the next day to purchase it!

Monday, March 9, 2015


If you read my "Day in the life..." post you saw I got a scarf organizer at K-Mart...what you DIDN'T see was all the OTHER STUFF I got there....SO I am dedicating THIS Manic Monday post to the steals and deals I got!!

As I said before I don't go to K-mart very often....BUT when I have I've always found some great things! This particular trip I was looking for a bathing suit tops to coordinate with some bottoms I have (come back TOMORROW for the post about that - you won't wan to MISS IT). AS I walked down the main aisle I saw this bin...SO MANY reduced stickers I couldn't pass it up...
 So I chose a few things and checked out BUT when I did, the items rang up even LESS that marked!!! SO you KNOW I had to go back and get more!! GREAT easter basket fillers for my daughter (which actually aren't even pictured here) and my niece (no, the barbie make-up is NOT for me - it's for my real life barbie niece!!).

 I recently tried an ALMAY lipgloss and LOVED it (the color was very similar to MAC's "Up the Amp" but a lil more subtle and perfect for EVERYDAY SO I grabbed the fab glittery neutral and the peach-y colors for $1.57 each....can't go wrong for that price....I don't usually wear such a bright pink on my lips BUT for $1.24 WHY NOT give it a try?!!?!?

The lipsmackers (remember these from when we were in MIDDLE SCHOOL?!??!) rang up for $1.24 - CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?!?! That makes it .31 per tube!!! While the flavors sound FAB I heart the nostalgia behind them and for $1.24 I wasn't going to pass them up!!

 SEE the Sally Hansen Nail stickers above?!?! They are gold glitter (I LOVE glitter polish BUT getting off can be a beast sometimes) SO Sally Hansen Salon Effects it was!! I have to be honest I had 4 other Sally Hansen Salon Effects BUT I thought $2.99 was a lil pricey (because I know a TON of you have found them at your #dollartree). BUT when I got home and was reading my Ulta catalog I saw them **ON SALE** for $7.99 and suddenly I felt like I had gotten the BUY OF THE CENTURY at $2.99!!
My mom is always commenting how I have so many THINGS and she doesn't know how I do it....I always say I shop a lot and I KNOW when something's a good deal. AND that's EXACTLY a lot and even IF you were just there last week things have more than LIKELY changed since you were there....for example...a pair of canvas loafers I got my son at Wal-mart were $7.00 a couple weeks ago...Sunday there were marked down o $3.00/pair WHICH AFFORDED me the opportunity to buy him a pair for vacation in a few weeks, a larger size for the summer AND still get $1.00 back when I returned the $7.00 pair. I KNOW some people don't like to bother with returns and fact is sometimes it's not cost effective IF you aren't out enough or have the stores local to you...BUT for me I am out enough and always within arms reach of a store SO it's a win for me!!