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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Leopard with Marionberry

Um could I NOT link up!?! Leopard is my all time favey "neutral" go to pattern!! Since I couldn't choose just one pic I have posted several ways to wear leopard!!

Same shirt worn with several different bottoms (see above photo)
 Add a lil pop of leopard with a scarf...

OR be fierce in a leopard cardi and red jeans

How about some pink leopard?

This top has to be my ALL TIME FAVE!! Love the orange and leopard together (Coach makes a purse like this too - SWOON)

Again - orange and leopard (this combo was actually put together AFTER finding the above orange shirt and my inspiration from Coach)

How about mixing 2 leopard patterns?!?! The shirt and belt are both leopard!

My new leopard jacket - I heart it!

WIWW Living la Cheetah Loca

Happy Hump day - woot woot!! I only have a few pics to show this week - my junior photog's schedule has been so busy she hasn't had time! LOL!

Thursday - Lovin the cheetah

 What I am wearing:
Leopard Rosette Headband - Family Dollar (y'all I SWEAR by this place for FUN inexpensive accessories that your girlfriends won't have because they don't shop there)
Pearl Necklace - Big Lots (I have gotten SO MANY compliments when I wear this necklace - again, another place people may not think to buy accessories)
Scarf - Target NEW via the thrift
Black Collared Tunic Button Down - Chico's
Belt - Target - Old (BUT just found it new with the tags a few weeks ago while un packing - WOOT WOOT).
Dark Denim Jeggings - Chico's
Boots - Aerosoles - OLD

 Outfit Deets:
Headscarf - Vintage / thrifted
Lace Sweatshirt - Target - Jan 2012

Jacket - Chico's
Brown Lace Cami - Macy's
Tan Lace Shirt - Old Navy via the thrift
Jeans - Chico's
Sandals - New via the thrift

That's all I've got this week! Linking up to Transatlantic Blonde and The Pleated Poppy For WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday Minnetonka Fringe Flip Flops

While thrifting las week I happened upon these FAB Minnetonka Suede Fringe and Beaded flip flops

These babies were BRAND NEW!!!

Yes, I paid $4.00 - can we say STEAL!?!?!
 I thought I might model them for my jammie pants!! Are you loving the color on my toes?!? Here it looks more purple...but it actually is a slate pure ice called "kissy kiss"
What thrifty stuff have you found lately!?!?!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zebra Party Deets

If you read my previous post you know my baby turned 13 today!! Happy Birthday sweetie!! Yesterday she had a sleepover to celebrate (and to respect the privacy of her friends I will not be posting their pics here BUT I will post party decor pics!!)

These were the invites I made (I lined the side of the card with polka dots of black glitter)....

 I also lined the inside of the envelope flaps with zebra printed paper...

 I started by cutting a template from paper....

Cut the zebra paper that I traced my template on to....

And glued them all on....

I made gift bags that included a few of the fun activities we were doing that night...
(The white rectangles are actually pillowcases - the girls decorated them and all signed each others...we chose this instead of t-shirts so the girls didn't wear them to school and made the girls who weren't invited feel left out) Sherbet gum, candy, chocolate strawberry face masks

I decorated the buffet....I found the sign at Wal-Mart, I covered the water bottles with hand cut zebra labels....

We made homemade pizzas....this is our signature party food....the girls always seem to love it - no matter the age - at every single party it's been a hit!!
 I made this wreath after seeing it on Pinterest (see previous post for deets)

The sweet table (which didn't include the cake or the Sundae bar)
 And this mannequin is the one I use to take pics of my ebay stuff...and since it was out I figured I should put on her party princess gear!!
We have the family party in a few if ya have any other zebra party ideas, leave me a comment!!

I SAW IT, I Pinned it, I DID it Zebra Napkin Wreath

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my first born....she turned 13 today! This project was inspired by her birthday party....

I saw this FAB wreath on pinterst.....

It was originally made by living locurto

I HAVE zebra napkins (that I got last year at Target for 75% off) I just bought a wreath form at the dollar store for another project....

Livinglocurto gives FAB instructions...visit her site...

As I started to do this I took it apart several times, used another wreath form....and was just going to give up....

See, it looked too raw and unfinished for me....(I also didn't glue the white of the napkins together like LL did...I simply ran out of time)

TA-DA!! I hot glue pink satin ribbon inside (on BOTH sides) and I LOVE that added extra!! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A day in the life....

"A day in the life" are snapshots throughout the week...something that caught me as I walked by, what I've been up...whats going on with me....

Kitty sitting in the sun....

 Got myself organized for the week...hung up my menu board and planned the weekly menu (a HUGE relief knowing what's for dinner ahead of time instead of trying to plan it while driving home from work)

 Ran outta gas on the I walked to the gas station to which there was no attendant, no store, nada....

Worked on getting my fall stuff out...I have collected these butterscotch dishes over time...

getting ready to walk out the door before school one morning I see the kids building magnetix and the dog keeping a watchful eye - Y'all, THIS is what life is about....our lives are made in these small hours....
 I SWORE I would NEVER take my shoes off at work....but my feet hurt so the kinda pain that makes you wanna throw up...I took some flack for my pinkity pink socks, but I think they're F U N

I have been dyin' to try wearing a head scarf...this day I was running errands for my teenager (WHAT?!?! I know, you're shocked too that I have a teen!! LOL!!) so I flipped a scarf in my hair and was on my way - I love the way it looked!

Spent my saturday morning here at the laundrymat....I have to say, it was almost therapeutic, and I gogt 7 loads of laundry done and folded in 2 hours - WOOT WOOT!

I pinned it and I did it!! More deets to follow next week!!

What have you been up to this week??