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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Island in the stream

Not the SONG!! An actual island I constructed out of various building materials. My criteria was is couldn't be big (there was not a lot of space) storage was a MAJOR bonus and I wanted something affordable and unique. While shopping every store and home improvement center with the most "reasonable" non storage piece coming in at over 1000.00 I was at Lowes and saw a FAB unique piece. As it turns out it was various builder stock cabinets made into this custom piece. I KNEW the entire piece was too big for my space BUT was sold on the V-shaped piece (PLUS there were 2 spinning shelves inside for food storage)

THIS is the finished project....scroll down for the step by step.....

(I do need to add trim molding to the base BUT that is the least of my worries)

The space started out like this.....(yes, those are Halloween decorations....that's how LONG this project has been in the works....BUT it all fairness, the counter top took 2 weeks to come in and it was WRONG the first time, so I lost a month right there)

Once placed in the kitchen.....
Took a little getting used to manuvering around a piece of furniture that didn't exist before....

Not very pretty, right?
Here is the prep work prior to putting the granite top on (I am AMAZED I was able to install the granite top myself BUT it was so easy....although I doubt I would be able to do and entire counter area)
Here is the granite on the I need to nail the oak paneling on the 3 sides (had it been MY choice, I would have done beadboard)
Just in case you didn't believe I did the actual hammering! (and yes, I know the pic is crooked...I tried a million times to straighten it out and it just wouldn't save)
TA-DA!! The paneling is in place and ready to be painted! (I know some people would have used oak stain to make the piece uniform BUT remember I wanted unique)

Lest you think I do anything the "correct" way, lemme show you what I use for a paint tray (I was TOO CHEAP I mean green so I put a garbage bag in one of those cardboard trays the bottled waters come in....had to use the garbage bag so the paint didn't leak thru)
VIOLA!! Here is the finished product!!

AND the best part is NOW I have another decorating surface!! (St. Patty's is put away BUT Easter hasn't made it's appearance yet :( )
I have linked up here out all the other great projects at Shanty 2 Chic

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WIWW Mix it UP!!

It's hump day!! That means it's time to link up with The Pleated Poppy see what everyone wore.....
This week is a total mix! I usually have a pretty similar palette for the week....NOT this time!!

Here is what I am wearing NOW!!

My fave-y combo!

Black Fleece Jacket - Target Jan. '11 for $4.98 (I have TOTALLY gottem my $4.00 worth outta this bad bird!!)
Black & Cream Skull Blingy Tank - DisneyWorld 2009
Cream Lace Skirt - Target via Goodwill for $1.00
Black Leggings - Marshall's
Ugg Boots - Gift
Here is what Tuesday's outfit looked like......
Plaid Tunic - Wal-Mart (purchased Monday) $5.00
Brown Belt - Borrowed
Black Leggings - Seven Brand via Marshall's Oct. 2010 $19.99
Black Uggs - Gift
Necklace - Silver multi-strand - vintage - Thrifted
Crown w/garnet bead chain CrimsonClover
Saturday we went to Brookfield Zoo and I wore this..... (which has been a SHOCKER to those who know me....apparently they are shocked I went out in Joggers!!)
Black Fleece Jacket - Target (see above)
Black Jogging Pants - Ralph Lauren via Marshall's August 2010 $15.00
Black Nikes - Kohl's Feb. 2010
Coach sling purse

And on St. Patty's Day we all wore these.......thank you Target Dollar Spot
and my outfit Thursday had to be green of course!!

Green Snap front shirt - FANG @ Kohl's Sept. 2011 $24.99
Seven Jeans - Marshall's...RIP my favey jeans (they have a hole on the inside thigh :( )
Lucky Brand Boots - Macy's Sept. 2010 $150.00

See y'all later! Off to see what everyone else wore!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Was at Dollar Tree yesterday and there were some GREAT things (that they usually don't carry). Such as this bag of Schultz Potting Bark. I have been wanting to cover the dirt in my houseplants for some time now....moss? Stones? Wasn't sure what to use....UNTIL I spotted this!! I also picked up a pair of garden scissors (we'll see how good they work, there is minor trimming to do in the garden this spring)

Here is a half / half you can see the dirt side (to the left) and the covered pretty bark portion (to the right)
TA-DA!! The fully bark covered soil....which looks more attractive and I imagine it will help retain the water longer as well.
AND of course I couldn't just stop there.....I added some to these poinsettia's......(I KNOW, christmas is over BUT I am thinking these would be pretty patio plants in the summer? Has anyone ever tried them outside in the summer?)

While they might look dead to you, look a lil closer......
SEE those lil leaf sprouts? This is HUGE for me as I can NEVER keep the poinsettia's alive even DURING the Christmas part of the reason I am keeping them around is because I kept them alive AND got them to sprout again (withOUT following all that crazy snip 'em, store in darkness, etc)

Just wanted to share an easy lil MORE is MORE project (even on a BUDGET!).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Going GREEN..... honor of St. Patrick's Day! It is a yearly tradition to make a corned beef and cabbage dinner with green (vanilla) flavored milk....

BUT since nobody eats the cabbage I didn't make any this year...and OF COURSE! this is the year my daughter asks for it!
We get in the spirit and wear green! BUT this year we got matching socks and a bandana for the dog (Target's Dollar Spot)....
The Three Musketeers....One for all and all for one!!
A lil luck o'the irish decor......
Granny Smith Green apples count, right?

Appropriate place for this lil drunken guy to hang out, no?
A Leprechaun Under a cloche....(a vintage cake topper)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WIWW & Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

HOORAY! I am back (although I don't think anyone missed me NOT posting last Wednesday....I just kept forgetting to take pics). SO here we go....

THIS is what I am wearing RIGHT NOW!!

Check out the red highlights....LOVE them! They made my sad too short hair FAB and HAPPY!!

What she's wearing today:

Black (sweatshirt material) Jacket by Express - Thrifted
Camo sequin Tank - Deb....December 2010 $2.50
Black Cargo Pants - Lane Bryant July 2009 $49.50
Black Ugg Boots - Gift

Here's a lil head shot of WIW Monday....I was going to drop off resumes...Momma needs a JOB!!
What she wore:

Leopard Trench Jacket - Cato $10.00
Turquoise Collared Shirt - Target 2007
Silver Necklace - Vintage - Antique Store
NOT SHOWN Black Slacks

I WON this FAB hat from Tayler at check out her blog...CUTE name and you'll feel inspired to go for a run!!
The FAB hat came from here Belina...they have the BEST jewelry (and GREAT prices) like this piece:

The bracelet is the "Lizette" and retails for $14.00 (BUT is currently out of stock)

And they have GORGEOUS models.....(from which you can see how easy it is to layer your jewelry)

Speaking of jewelry.....I made this piece yesterday.....turquoise beads and a turquoise cross....If you're interested, you can purchase one by leaving a comment on this post...they are $15.00 which INCLUDES shipping

The necklace started out this way.......with a turquoise drop....CUTE and simple.....
BUT when I added the cross cute and simple turned to FUNKY and FAB!!

What she was wearing Tuesday:

BELINA HAT (see above for weblink)
Turquoise Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt: Maurices Feb. 2010
Cream T-shirt (over plaid shirt) : Carson Pierre Scott June 2009
Yellow Ralph Lauren Tank: Marshalls $5.00
Jeans: Riders from Wal-Mart (these have the slimming panel in them and no gape back...not sure how I feel about them yet) $20.00
Lucky Cowboy Boots: Macy's September 2010 $149

Off to see what Y'all wore! Happy (GORGEOUS in THE MIDWEST) Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


HOW do I always get SO BEHIND???? I put up St. Patricks decor the weekend after Valentines Day and I'm just blogging about it now? WHA? BUT in MY defense, the things I am blogging about now I JUST found last Tuesday (bought them last year at Goodwill.....that's RIGHT, they were only .25 each {granted I bought them in May BUT STILL} they originally retailed for $2.99).

They were (country) cute the way they were BUT as anyone who knows me KNOWS, I rarely leave things as I find them....

Cute lil grouping on the kitchen island....
(if you look closely you'll see the shamrock wands I gave a make-over too....EVERY holiday needs a lil leopard!!)
Aside from the leopard (scrapbook paper) covered shamrock, I covered another shamrock with a glittery think scrap(board) paper and added the rub on letters that spell out "lucky" and on the last one I simply removed the button that were on the right hand upper corner and added these FAB (cuz they were pearl, rhinestone and black bling)

I also covered the back of the shamrocks with patterned paper for two reasons....MORE is always MORE with me....and since this display is seen from all sides, it needed some UMPH (and I couldn't get my .25 deal price stickers off)