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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Happy Hump day - it is WEDNESDAY and for the regulars, you know what that means....What I Wore!! Linking up with Lindsey here

Thursday-  Errands and the worst Mani ever

This silly photo is just to showcase my digits....and I had the manicurist do them in Yellow Kitty to match my toes....I didn't think I would like them BUT I actually LOVED the yellow polish on my toes and fingers! Thankfully you can't see what a craptastic job she did polishing them....

 What I'm wearing
Lace Shirt - Rue 21?
Tank - Gap
Jeans - Maurices
FABBY yellow polish - Sally Hansen

Thursday - Errands
 What I'm wearing

Black Shirt with flower details on the sleeve - Vintage (and I LOVE it - so perfect with my new sunny nails)
Black Leggings - Seven via Marshalls
Gold Sandals - Wal-mart last season
Complimentary Yellow Leopard water cup - Big Lots

Striking a pose - LOL!!
Friday - Visiting a dear friend and her new baby and the start of momma's weekend!!
You may have noticed yellow was the theme color this week (to coordinate with my nails!)....who knew I had so much yellow!!

 What I am wearing

Yellow Cardi (I felt like I was channeling my inner Randy Jackson via American Idol all day) - Vintage
Grey Tank - Gap
Grey and Black Striped Skirt - Target
Flippys - Wal-Mart last season
Hair - Snooki poof!

I really liked this outfit and got compliments on it too! I think the pop of yellow was the perfect touch to jazz up all the grey!
 Sunday - Church and Brunch
 What I am wearing
Black Dress - Wal-Mart last season
**disclaimer - earlier in the day I was wearing a gold belt and gold flats....but as the day wore on I just wanted to be I ditched the belt and the shoes for some flip flops!
Flippys - Wal-Mart

HEY! Go figure, this entire outfit was from Wal-Mart.....who knew you could style could be found at Wal-Mart?!?!?! I mean I know it isn't high end or anything BUT I felt pretty good al day wearing it!

Monday - Grocery Shopping
 What I am wearing

Brown Cashmere Cardi - Thrifted
Taupe Polka dot T - Target Via the Thrift
Jean Capris - Maurices
FAB Flashy "Leopard" boots - Uggs

**yes, a sweater and boots - the chill returned to the midwest via 50 degree temps)

Tuesday - My lil guy's Spring Concert

I don't usually post pics of my kids on here BUT his lil bowtie was too darn cute NOT to post!
 What I am wearing

Denim Jacket - Wal-Mart AGES ago
Dress - Kohls
Grey Suede Boots - Target Last Season (I coveted these boots after seeing them on another blog and lo and behold when I went to Target they were on major clearance, it was the LAST pair and they were MY size - SCORE!!!)
 As the day wore on and the temps went up into the 70's (even though it was WINDY) I lost the jacket

Can't wait to see what you all wore! Have a FAB day!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunsets, flowers and jewels

Happy Monday! Had a great weekend...Hope you did too!

A few photo's from my weekend.....White hyacinth....signs that spring is in FULL bloom here in the Midwest!! (you may notice the colored water....did you ever do that experiment in school with a white carnation and food coloring? I was curious if it would work with the hyacinths but alas it did not)

Close up pic - regular 

Close up pic - in an insta....LOVE the sepia coloring

The GORGEOUS sunset last night driving back

I made this over the weekend....I have been seeing these FAB Skully wrap bracelets all over Etsy and WANTed one...but being on a budget, 45.00 was out of my price range....SO I tried to re-create the look myself...

 I am very pleased with the way it came out! There are a few skulls scattered throughout the bracelet as well as some glass beads and of course my beloved pearls!!

What did you do this weekend?!?!?

Friday, March 23, 2012

April Showers....

Ok, I KNOW it's not quite April YET...but we all know its right around the corner!! If you are looking for a unique and FUN door arrangement, prepare yourselves!! 

THIS inspiration picture has been on my desktop for 2+ years......

 I LOVE the umbrella, I LOVE the colors and I LOVE the unique quality.....I have been waiting to find one of these fab style umbrellas for under $10.00 and VINTAGE  - wow, that would be the JACKPOT!!

Guess what?!?! While perusing the Salvation Army last week, this lil beauty was in the mens section on top of the clothing....

YES friends! Its my favey lime green, it's VINTAGE AND.....
 That's right - $1.00!! It almost made me holla! Right there in the store!! Truth be told, it was sitting in my trunk until 2 days ago when I was UBER inspired - I was ON FIRE!!

NOW, my challenge is to recreate that beautiful inspiration picture on a budget of ZERO!! (frankly I shouldn't even have bought the umbrella that's how tight my budget strings are)....SO I dug through the garage and found a box of "odds & ends flowers" ever since reading the Nesters post years ago about fake flowers I have prohibited myself from buying them. From what I had I was able to make THIS:

Pretty Close to the inspiration photo wouldn't you say? Instead of pinks though, I went with Citrus colors. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I did so good this week getting WIWW pics! Actually my daughter now says 'ok let's get this over with'.

Sunday- Church and a picnic

Blue/white stripe cardi - Chaps Ralph Lauren via the Thrift
Yellow tank - Banana Republic via the thrift
Jeans- Kohls
These Sunday pics were taken after being outside all day hence the crazy hair and worn out look!! I LOVED wearing the yellow!

Monday- Errands

 My lil guy wanted in on the pic and then was outta there like a flash.....

Grey t- Target
Peachy striped tank- Target
Capris- Old Wal-Mart (the same ones featured last week but I rolled the leopard all the way up)


I like this pic because it was a GENUINE laugh my daughter and I were having - THESE are the moments that are worth capturing!

And here I am striking my SUPERmodel pose! LOL!

Black Sequin t-shirt - Steve & Barry ( I call this my Michael Jackson shirt because only the left shoulder has the fabby sequins)

Jeans - Repeat from Sunday (Don't JUDGE!! I don't have a lot of fact I HATE jeans! I have a really hard time finding cool jeans in my size. I have a gigantic booty and am short 5'2" SO if y'all have any reccomendations of FAB reasonably priced jeans Id LOVE to hear them!!).

And THIS (Yellow Kitty by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure my .94 couponing steal) is WHAT I AM WEARING on my feet!

And ladies....don't bare the piggy's in sandals with jacked up polish....that drives me CRAZY! If ya don't have time to fix em wear close toed shoes.
Linking up with Linds here

Going to see what YOU wore!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I SWEAR it's NOT a food blog

I KNOW I have been posting a lot of food pictures lately...and that's because we all need to eat right?!?!? I actually have a few other side projects going (In addition to looking for a job...anyone know of anything in NW illinois? Clerical, secretarial) but just haven't completed them and don't wanna show a half done project! 

I have found this wonderful Pane Italian bread that is delish for BLTS (and grilled cheese).....

CHEERS! I am raising my glass with the juice I squeezed from the grapefruit I ate! I LOVE fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

I FINALLY tried my instagram app....LOVE it! Makes the fresh cut fruit look so fancy!

 Friday's dinner....Salmon with gardeneria and fresh cut pineapple.....a mix of spicy and sweet

 The kids and I baked some springy chocolate chip cookies (place and bake count as baking....right?)

 HERE is a project I am working on!! Any guess what these are.....
Have a FAB day friends!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Trying something new....

Do you ever get stuck in a rut and make the same things all the time? I do, in fact there was a brief moment in time I was heating up tv dinners (GASP) and calling that cooking.....that's ok every now and then BUT it wasn't due to time crunches, or anything like that....anyway....when I have an internet signal I like to read the blogs! I found a fab recipe that Gen
re-posted (you can find the original recipe on her sight) for this yummy black bean soup! A vegetarian version perfect for lenten friday dinners....I added some fresh made tortilla's and avocados (which I don't like BUT they add a wonderful texture to the soup).

 The weather here in the midwest has been pretty awesome as of late! That results in grilling, craving salads and just enjoying being outside! Some grilled steaks were in order! That were accompanied by grilled potatoes with shredded cheese and bacon, mixed herb garden salad and the perfect excuse to try the Sweet Tomatoes copycat version of their Pineapple coconut slaw (see below for recipe) - SO GOOD!!

Every good meal deserves a GREAT drink! Are any of you a Bethenny Frankel fan? I enjoy her even though sometimes she is rough around the edges and some of the things she does or says makes me say "wha? Did she really just say that!?!?!" Anyway, on her show 2 weeks ago they were sippin on her Skinny Girl Sangria (they added fresh fruit they had lyin around) and I imitated (that's the fruit filled glass you may have noticed in front of my plate!). It was pretty good! I'd buy it again....wal-mart, $12.99 a bottle! 

The Sweet Tomatoes Pineapple Coconut Slaw recipe I found here

* 3 Cups of angel hair shredded cabbage (I simply bought the shredded coleslaw mix that has the cabbage and carrots)
*1/4 cup of mayo
*1/4 tsp of salt
*3 tsp of sugar
*3 tbsp of heavy whipping cream
*1/2 a fresh pineapple chopped (I sliced mine into smaller pieces) with the juice
* 1/2 a bag of shredded coconut (I used a 1/4 of a bag)

Put it al in a bowl and mix it together! I let it chill for a few hours before serving.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Here's what I wore....A hospital gown and an oxygen mask. My week started the ER....I will be ok....lifes stresses are getting the best of me. 

 BUT I went to the ER dressed like this......If I was going to die I wanted to look cute!!

Olive Green Dress - Thrifted
Denim Jacket - I've had forever
Fur Vest - Thrifted
 Friday I was feelin' a lil sassy being given a new lease on life and all!! I have had this hat for 3 years!!! I never feel like I can pull it off BUT today I said lemme give it a try!!

I think it looks good BUT honestlyI felt awkward wearing it. Weigh in......yay or nay?
 Leopard Fedora - Thrifted NEW from Target
Black Turtleneck - Thrifted
Jeans - Maurices

Monday brought rain...SO I wasn't bothering with the straightner and I added in a side can't see it that well with the flash.....

I wanted to have a lil fun getting dressed today.....SO I added a fun color tank with my leopard print!!

 Leopard Sweater - Lane Bryant
Cobalt Blue Tank - Don't remember
Capri's - Maurices
Ugg Boots

Tuesday's outfit.....

Hanes White V-Neck (pack of 5) - Any "big box store"
Leopard Cuff Capris - SO old from Wal-Mart but everyone LOVES them (INCLUDING ME because of the leopard)
Gold Sandals - $3.00 LAST YEAR at Wal-Mart

BACK of my regular 'ol Hanes tee......I added the blingy cross! 

And I ended my day chillin' in my Snuggie!!

Linking up with Linds at The Pleated Poppy

Monday, March 12, 2012


Nnnnnaaaaa, they say its your birthday!! It was my dad's birthday celebration last week and the rule was homemade gifts ONLY! Hmmm, that shouldn't be too hard - right?!?!! Smashing is the latest biggest thing (at least to me) so it was only natural that we would clip things from a magazine that describe grandpa....I was going to frame them BUT then I remember these canvases I picked up (they were a sepia picture of hanging laundry.....UGLY pics but I kNEW I could do something with the canvases). SO that's just what I did! I got painting......

You won't believe what I paid for these canvases!! They were originally 14.99, marked down to $2.50 BUT were an ADDITIONAL 1/2 off SO the canvas was $1.25!!! 

Here it is with a coat of pretty ice blue....

I wanted to place the words in the shape of a fish SO Maya drew a fish for me and I got to work gluing...
Here are all the words the kids cut out that describe grandpa! I enjoyed seeing what Grandpa looks like in their eyes...a few of his favorites -WGN (local network) the Cubs, antiques, fishing related things....

While you could tell it was the shape of a fish, I needed to do something to define it even more.....

So I outlined it with a sharpie and drew and eye in! 

It was a HIT with Grandpa!! He loved it and plans to hang it in his "man cave". 

This idea can be easily adapted for ANYONE for any occasion! For example, a sweet 16, a new baby, an anniversary gift, a wedding gift, etc....You can use glitter, bling, lace and fabric! If you make one I'd LOVE to see pics!