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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Gosh y'all I have been so incredibly busy I haven't had a chance to blog in days!!! Happily I am linking up with Lindsey for WIWW
Linked up with Allison at for casual friday!

Thursday I wanted something comfy but pulled together, So I pulled out my maxi dress and added a t-shirt with some sequins (which I refer to as my Michael Jackson shirt) and accessorized to the MAXX!! I also found these fabby wedges that were packed away that I thought got thrown away in one of the many moves

 What I am wearing:
Maxi Dress - Marshall's 2009
Black Sequin T(over maxi dress) - Steve & Barry's 2009
Rope and Twine Wedges - Walmart 2008
Jewelry: Vintage Tassel Necklace, assorted chain / bead necklace (Super Dollar store - that gets past season stuff from Kohls, Wal-Mart and Target and it all is really only $1.00)
Beaded bracelets - the Sassy Pearl and Coach scarf worn as a wristlet....

I even tried a new trend....this ad card came from Coach and I noticed she was sporting a scarf as a wristlet (See the card her left hand looking at the card) and I decided to try it. LOVED it! Blogged about it last week on try it thursday

 Friday found me under the weather....I felt it Thursday BUT Friday woke up with the sore throat and achey was 10 minute day at school so I had to get dressed....this was as good as it got....
 What I am wearing:
Old Navy Shirt Dress - Thrifted
Peach striped tank underneath - Target
Jute like belt - Thrifted
Gold Flippy's - Target via the thrift
Jewelry - VERY minimal (so you KNOW I had to be sick!! LOL) Large ball necklace that I purchased at a local consignment shop.....

Sunday I was off to our annual family Memorial Day BBQ at my parents....

 What I am wearing:
Hat - Thrifted last year with the intent of wearing Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day THIS year
Tank - Wal-Mart
Shorts - Lane Bryant 2009
Flippys - Target via the Thrift
Straw Tote - Thrifted

Sunday and Monday I sported this stack of bracelets....for me MORE is more!!

Monday was low key for and I went grocery shopping and spent the day nursing a litter baby bunnies we found at my moms (their mom was found in pieces near the nest SO I didn't just snatch them up)
 What I am wearing:
Striped Tank - Disneyworld 2009
Cobalt Blue tank - Walmart
Black Leggings - Seven via Marshall's
Flippys - Wal-Mart

Tuesday was another day of errands - off to the vet to have the dogs sutures removed, dentist for me, kitty buying for my lil guy's birthday....
 What I am wearing:
Cross Country T - Thrifted (EVERY time I wear this people ask me if I run!!)
Shorts - Lane Bryant 2008
Flippy's - Target via the Thrift

Below is a close up pic of the pattern on the he old days PRIOR to WIWW I would've played it safe and only wore a solid colored shirt with these shorts!
I am so grateful to participate and explore gives me a chance to step OUT of my comfort zone again and again and find some really great outfit ideas AND re-work stuff I've had in my closet for years!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Foodie Friday Iced Coffee

I have to start off by giving credit where credit is due....I did NOT invent this recipe but rather found it here I LOVE me some iced coffee and sadly my nearest Sbux is 20 minutes away SO what's a girl to do?!?! Make her own of course! Pink Perfection has the recipe and I have the pics....

It's basically a gallon of water to 1/2 bag of coffee....she suggested using strong coffee so I got a dark blend (which I believe made ALL THE DIFFERENCE). I didn't have one large container to put the concoction in SO I divided it between the original water jug in came in and a juice pitcher.....
 Pour the grounds into the container, add water and let steep for 24 hours.....

After 24 hours you are ready to strain and THIS was the part I was dreading! I was sure I was going to spill it, makes a mess and waste all my steeped coffee. I decided a larger strainer was better...this one is from Target eons ago (like 13 years) and I placed it over a pan (with a spout for easy pouring)

Added a doubled up layer of cheesecloth

And began to pour the mixture....

It looked like Mississippi Mudd....

BUT in the end drained thru nicely (note after each container I dumped the grounds in the trash OR you can compost if you have a composter)

I refrigerated overnight and couldn't wait to try it the next day....add some ice, Almond Joy Creamer and the coffee.....

Cheers! YUM-O!!!! 
Thanks for sharing the recipe Amy! Stop by and check out her blog!! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012


LIKE what you see? These are listed on Ebay currently OR contact me via my blog if interested in purchasing! All prices INCLUDE shipping

 Bee's Knee's - $21.00
 She Sells Sea Shells By The Sea Shore $21.00
 Rawk n Roll $21.00
 Fab N Funky Charm Enhancer $5.95
 Skull n Sea $18.00
Turq's and Coral $18.00

 Coral-esque Charm Enhancer $5.95 - SOLD
 Turquoise Cross $5.95 - SOLD
Grey & Yellow $5.95
Turq's and Pearls $5.95

Try It Thursday Animal PRINT SCARF....

....As a BRACELET?!?!? What?!?!? Who would do such a thing?!?!

COACH...that's who!! I got this promo card in the mail the other day and right away I noticed the scarf on the wrist....what a FUN way to wear a scarf!! So today, I try it....

 What do you think? Yay or nay? Will YOU try it? I'm about to head out of the house....I'll update tonight and let you know what kind of feedback if any I got....


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I tell ya, these weeks FLY by!! Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday (WIWW). Check it out

Thursday's outfit was based on FEELING pulled together WHILE being comfortable!

What I am wearing:
Camo Green Maxi Dress (My FAVE go to) - Thrifted
Black and white stripe Top - H&M via the Thrift
Gold Sandals - WalMart 2011
Tassel Necklace - Target via The Thrift (and I blogged about that yesterday on Thrifty Tuesday...if ya didn't check it out, be sure to do so)
Long Pearl Necklace - Thrifted
Short Pearl Necklace - Gifted
Assorted Bangles - All thrifted
 Ok, so ignore the maddish face (it was supposed to be my supermodel pose) the POINT of this picture is to notice how jewelry impacts an outfit....I realize it gets slightly lost in the stripes BUT you can see the difference (and especially when I took the striped shirt off). So PILE ON THOSE ACCESSORIES girls! Don't be can always pare them down a bit if you think it's too much BUT you never know until you try!!

In case you missed yesterday post, these were one of the featured photo's....all the jewelry in this photo was thrifted.....most within the last few weeks. See the black enamel bracelet? Isn't it the "Bee's Knees"'s from the Joan Rivers collection.....I LOVED it the moment I saw it AND even got a discount at the thrift on it to boot! Another lesson, don't be afraid to ask if they (the thrift) can do better on the price....sometimes they will and sometimes they won't...depends how long the item has been there....

Friday was flea market set up day....I needed to be comfy, cute AND wear something I wasn't afraid to ruin.....This lace shirt was the perfect choice because the pattern would disguise any dirt (and truth be told the shorts are my "painting" shorts!!)

 What I am wearing:
Lace Tee - Rue 21 2009
Denim Shorts - Lane Bryant 2010
Cowboy Boots (a Flea STAPLE) - Mall of America, MN 1999 - I L O V E these boots...they are my go to when I don't know what else to wear....
Sunnies - Local Supermarket OF ALL PLACES!! I have been wanting to try the white frame and I simply ADORED the "infiniti" shape

Saturday was the first day of the flea....I coordinate my outfits with the color theme or style of my booth...

What I am wearing:
Decree Dress? (far too short for this big bootie to wear as a dress) - Thrifted
Pink & White Striped Tank - Thrifted
**Do you see the pattern mixing? And there was NO pink in the dress but it worked!!**
Capris - Hydraulic
Boots - same as above

After a day full of blowing dust it was back to shower, change and head out to dinner.....

What I am wearing:
Dress - Kohls
Orange Purse - Thrifted
Sandals - Thrifted
Ok ladies, here's an omission....I felt like a HOT mess in this guy took a pic to show me I didn't look like a hot mess....when I looked in the mirror, it didn't coordinate and I just felt awful {I'm also sporting wet hair} SO the moral of this story IS if you feel awkward, take a picture - the camera doesn't lie....that way you can tweak until your hearts content!!

Sunday was back at the flea and again, I coordinated with my booth
What I am wearing:
Pink Cardi - Ann Taylor via the thrift
Yellow Tank - Walmart
Peachy Striped tank (peeking out form the bottom of the yellow tank) - Target 2010
Capris - Hydraulic
Gold beaded flipps - Target via the thrift

Off to see what y'all wore! HAPPY hump day!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today's Thrifty Tuesday is ALL about my fave accessories.... JEWELRY! Ladies, it can totally change an outfit up, it ALWAYS fits and it just speaks to me! Everything I am about to show you was thrifted (most of it last week BUT a few pieces at other times)

All 5 of these pieces were thrifted....The bee bracelet is from the Joan Rivers collection and is retailing for $30.00 on Amazon right now, the cuff underneath with the large center pearl was made by me WITH pieces from the thrift (I got the idea from Tamera Beardsley...if you've never been to her page - CHECK IT OUT - her jewelry is GORG The tassel necklace was NEW from Target.....

Isn't this bracelet the "bee's Knee's?!?!?"
 I also found this fun and fab reindeer necklace at the will NOT be making an appearance this summer BUT I did think it was perfect for fall/winter...and it also was new from Target!! A steal at $2.99 form the original 16.99 price tag.....
 I am thinking there is a fun makeover in Dancer's future (maybe he should sport a orange color? Or add some charm enhancers around the necklace...not sure yet)

 I also found this awesome feather necklace....the perfect way to dress up that lil plain t-shirt!!

Tell me, WHAT has been YOUR best thrift find?!?!

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's a Flea Thing.....

Whew! What a busy, crazy fast weekend! I know, I Missed "Try It Thursday", "Foodie Friday" and "A Day In The Life"....I vended at "The Pec Thing" this past weekend (thank you for all who came by - and my new bff's -you KNOW who you are!!). So I was tied up with the flea market, my dog was attacked by a neighbor dog Thursday afternoon, which resulted in me rushing her to the vet for was the WORST sound and sight (My daughter and I were outside with the dog when it happened and there was NOTHING we could do - the other dog is enormous and vicious - has attacked several other dogs in the neighborhood)...Thank GOD my pooch is on the mend! Friday I was running around to all the local garage sales and setting up at the fairgrounds. My theme for this show (because EACH show must have a theme...I don't like hodgpodge) was.....

Think Ralph Lauren's bright polo line or Tommy Hilfigers ad campaign last summer.

Here is my booth (it was a HUGE double space....when I talked to the gal on the phone she said it was a smaller spot, so I packed accordingly)
 And I was disappointed that all my merchandise was essentially "floating" because I had SO MUCH SPACE....BUT I made the best of it!

 These GORG vintage dresses FLEW off the shelf with in 15 minutes of the market opening!! I really really wanted to keep the green paisley one BUT that is the hazard of this biz....I wasn't to keep everything but can't (if it would've fit, I would've had a leg to stand on in the campaign to keep it)

I took my jewelry and sold several  LOTS of positive feedback!!

When going to these markets there are several things you CAN'T control....the weather, the crowds, whether or not people will open their pocketbooks and other Vendor displays....for example....

 (you see all that stuff on the ledge? NOT MINE and was "ruining" my display....SO we went to a garage sale and got a sheet and solved our problem!! I would have preferred white, cream or grey BUT sometimes we have to make it work - live in the grey so to speak)

Sunday I matched my display (this was NOT a happy accident...I actually plan my wardrobe around my display so everything coordinates)....

These pieces are my FAVORITE!! Isn't the golf ball art FUN?!?!?!? (it's still available for purchase if you're interested)

Saturday was SCORCHING at 92 degrees....thankfully we were in the shade and had a nice breeze but it was still HOT!

And after all the pics I will leave you with this final thought....

(if you are creative at all, which I'm sure you are, you know that there are some people who just aren't...WE are their GO To GALS!!).

Have a great day y'all!!