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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Lips

I'm sure you have seen a few people in blogland talking about "Baby Lips" by Maybelline. You may even have seen the commercials on tv or the advertisements in the magazines.....
Remember a couple of weeks ago I blogged about my finds from Target? This was one of them....

The NEW Baby Lips.....the 2 pack featured above were $5.99.....the Blue is a clear semi-transparent gloss in "Quenched" which has a fresh fresh squeezed citrus. The pink is called Pink Punch (reminds me of Pink Lemonade) and has s sheer hint of pink color when applies (I personally like it surprisingly enough as I usually HATE pink BUT I think this shade would be flattering on EVERYONE).....

Here is is on me.....

And here is a full face shot WITH my daily make-up.....See, a faint hint of flattering color.....

Close up of the pink-y color
Now for the I said, I've been using it for 2 weeks and so far so good. My lips are soft and un-chapped....the texture is a lil different and took some getting used to (I usually use Carmex from the tube) and while it smells good and fresh, there is ZERO flavor. The consistency is almost waxy....BUT I'd definetley recommend giving them a try! Maybe you can split the pack with a friend! Have you tried any new products that you recommend?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kardashian Kolor Kraze

Last night was at home pedi night.....After soaking my feet in a dish of warm water (I DID spare you THAT photo!!). I used this handi-dandi pedi block  I picked up at Big Lots over the summer. This is the best invention EVAH!! You simply "sand" away on your damp's made by hoof feet (that name KILLS ME). AND it was only $1.00 - S T E A L!!!

Remember back in December when I posted about the Kardashian book and nails colors I picked up? I chose this one.....

The Color is "Listen to your mom-ager". A FAB royal blue (which just so happens to match the new highlights I got last week.....see them in the pic? Not an entirely flattering pic of me as it was last night and I'm battling a crappy cold....They are hair extensions that are "melted" onto my real hair....they last several weeks. (so I'm told)

Ta-Da!! Here I am RAWKIN'  "Listen to your mom-ager" on my toes AND a french on my fingers. As I look at this photo I realize my hands look OLD (Insert sad face here). Do y'all have any fab tips to make my hands look young again?!?!?

Is it just me OR do we notice a theme here?!?! Have a BLUE Tuesday :) 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week in Photo's - Skinny Girl, Pearls, Diapers and More

I haven't done a WIWW post in ages (not because I haven't gotten dressed, it's because I haven't taken any photo's). I haven't worked on any projects (except the one you're about to see below) and haven't really reviewed any new products! Oh, and I have this really craptastic cold! So I figured I'd share my week in pics! 

While at Wal-Mart picking up a few things today, I walked past THIS display:

WHA? WHA? My girl Bethenny Frankel (ex-Real Housewives of NY star, Proprietress of the Skinny Girl Margarita and NOW cosmetics!!). I had no idea she had a cosmetic and skin care line out....Has anyone tried it yet? I would love to try it BUT I think the price point is a bit on the high side....%.97 for plumping lip gloss, 9.97 for body scrub, 6.97 for tinted facial moisturizer....ok, I guess the price point isn't high BUT I haven't read any reviews on the line yet and I don't want to waste any money or have more crap lying around....SO, if you have tried it, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me what you think!!

One of my girlfriends and her hubby are adopting a baby boy (SO HAPPY FOR THEM!! CONGRATS guys!!) and the shower is in a few weeks. They are doing a jungle theme in the baby's room, so it's only natural that she would carry theme on to the shower. She asked me to help her make a Diaper cake....I've never made one, so we googled what we needed and gave it a shot. Here's our version:

I think it came out pretty darn CUTE!! Can you see the ribbon is tiger-esque? This theme is right up my alley!! More pics of decor to follow as the shower nears!!

I consider myself to be a lil crafty and that has DEFINETLEY transcends to my kidlets too! Here my lil guy is making the Solar System out of sheets of foam (thank you Nana and Grandpa). And yes, don't you always wear a fire hat while creating?!?!

The very smallest version of WIWW! LOL! I LOVE me some arm candy and if it's pearls - EVEN BETTER!! See that bracelet in the center?  I made it!! It's kinda fun and earthy! I made it over the summer and never wore it (NOT sure why because I have worn it TWICE this week alone!!).

Hope y'all have a great week! I'd love to see what you've been up to!! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

I dont know what to call this post

Sometimes life isn't what we expect it to be....there are bumps along the journey of life and we are taken in all kinds of directions. Along the way you meet people who come into your life, some go as fast as they come and others stay....those that stay, you know are your friends. Sometimes friendships form in the most unlikely of ways, but the most surprising and pleasant....I have that. Despite our busy lives and the opposite directions we have gone....we still keep in touch and make time for one another. We recently met for lunch and this friend so surprised me.....

Yes, those are boxes from Coach! I have to tell you I secretly hoped they weren't really gifts from Coach because that would be far too extravagant....and I struggle accepting gifts of that magnitude. My friend wrote this note:

Every woman should have
-Something Bling!
-Something Wild!
and something for that "little black dress". Happy New year. All the best in 2012!

Thank you kind friend! Your selflessness and kindness won't soon be forgotten. You are one in a million!! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

It's MY turn.....I've been tagged

One of my new found fave-y bloggers Makaila tagged me 
and the game is 11 FUN facts about me!! Of course each game has rules.....and here they are:

The Rules

1. You must post the rules. (and link up who tagged you)
2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
4. Tag eleven people and link them on your post
5. Let them know you've tagged them!

WOW-O-WOW! Where do I start? I feel the need to tell ya stuff you may not know, I feel like it should be something cool and in the end, it'll just be fun things that come to mind while typing this!!

1) Every time I get home I must wash my hands....that way any of the germs I contracted while being out are gone and not in my house! My fave soaps are the anti-bacterial kind from Bath & Body....

Warm Vanilla Sugar is ALWAYS my go-to fragrance for moisturizers, body spray, home fragrance, hand sanitizers, etc.....
 When I am feeling a lil adventurous I get Caribbean Escape - a vacation in a bottle
While looking at the website I found this one - Fresh Picked Lemons.....I'm gonna have to try that one - have you tried it? Sounds delishly fresh! 

2) I prefer COKE to Pepsi.....Coke is so much sweeter and to me has a kinda cinnamon-y taste

3) I have ONE sibling....a sister who's younger....sadly we aren't as close as we used to be OR as I would like to be (If you're reading this Steph...Love ya!)

4) I LOVE LOVE LOVE leopard.....the "classy" leopard. I hear laughs already - the non-print animals lovers are like what? Classy Leopard? Um yeah, there is classy leopard!! Y'all know the diff diff! 

5) I prefer shorter hair on me.....funny enough, when I look at pics it seems every winter I manage to grow my hair to shoulder length and then come summer hack it off! 

Jan 2012
Dec 2011

Dec 2011

Feb 2010

Oct 2011

Jan 2011

March 2011
June 2011
Tell me, which look do YOU think suits my face best? Longer (shoulder length) or short and sassy? I am trying to grow it out PAST my shoulders but I just can't stand the in-between length.

6) I Heart pearls....earrings, necklaces, bracelets, home accents.....I think they are CLASSIC and glammy! 

 Pearl Bracelets

 Pearls and Feathers (I made these)

 Pearl Jewelry

 Pearl Decorative Balls and VIntage Tiffany Pearl Ad

 Pearl Candle Ring

 A Pearl "Acorn" Made by Moi

A WIP (Work In Progress) my pearly cell phone cover - inspired by Pinterest.

7) I ALWAYS want to appear like I have it together BUT I have been told I do NOT have a "Poker Face"

8) I am finding that the things I used to not like I am LOVING! For example - skully and crossbones, the color MAGENTA (I have ALWAYS hated pink BUT magenta is so HAPPY)

9) I always carry a bottle of water with me AND have one on my night stand

10) When I was a kid I HATED my name (Janae - pronounced like Renee BUT with a "J" obviously). Teachers could never say it correctly, there was never any cool stickers or toothbrushes or keyrings with my name on it...but NOW, I LOVE my name! I think it's  a perfect fit!

11) I work best under pressure.....I like to think I am a planner BUT when I get a head start, I land up falling behind! 

Wow, that was easier than I thought it would be! Sorry for the picture heavy post - I was on a ROLL! (Plus I think a post with pics is so much more fun!)

NOW, to answer the questions to Makaila! 

That was kinda silly and fun!  Alright... here's my questions from M:

01.  Do you consider yourself creative? YES!! I LOVE to create, invent and use things in different ways! I love using all sorts of mediums - paper, paints, glues, jewelry, etc Blog world and Pinterest are such AMAZING sources for inspiration! 

02.  What is your proudest accomplishment? My proudest accomplishment are my Children.....they amaze me on a day to day basis with the things they say and do! 

03.  Would you ever met a blog friend in real life? ABSOLUTELY!! 

04.  Do you have a "Bucket List"?  Sadly, I don't BUT I have thought about making one - I SO should make one.....

05.  What actress do you secretly covet a body part from? That's a tough one....I sat here giving some thought to that question and ya know what, there isn't one.....I of course would like to be thinner and more fit BUT I CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN!! 

06.  Truth Or Dare? Dare

07.  Botox or All-Natural? All Natural (Although I do waiver with getting botox.....)

08.  What is your greatest characteristic? This is another tough best characteristic - I am creative. I see things with a unique eye. My friends are always asking my help when it comes to decorating or creative inspiration - I LOVE that!! 

09.  How many different cities have you lived in? 6 (CHICAGO - Home Sweet Home, Burnsville -MN, Minneapolis - MN, Plano - IL, Winnebago - IL and Aurora, IL)

10.  Peanut Butter and Chocolate, or Peanut Butter and Jelly? Peanut Butter and Chocolate

11.  World Peace or A Million Bucks? I feel like I am supposed to say "World Peace" BUT lets face it folks, that's a really lofty wish that is far less likely to happen than me getting a million bucks. Hope y'all don't judge - that was a hard one to answer BUT I should answer honestly, right? 

WOW! M, those were hard questions!! Ok, now onto my list of people I am tagging:

And HERE are your 11 Questions:

1) Do you believe in "movie" love?

2) What is your favorite activity to do with your children?

3) Your favorite lipstick color is....

4) Favorite City?

5) Favorite Healthy Snack?

6) What is YOUR favorite Blog?

7) What do you want to be when you grow up?

8) TV Show that you secretly watch BUT hate admitting to?

9) What is ONE thing all your friends and family say about you?

10) Popcorn or Peanuts?

11) Thin Mints or Samoas?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

WIWW Holiday Edition

I really really wasn't going to post these because I said to heck with it, the season of red has come to pass (ok, well, there is still Valentine's day).....BUT the tree in this background is a dead giveaway it's Christmas! Macy's on State Street! I haven't taken any current WIWW pics and miss linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy


Fur Vest - JcPenny
Plaid Shirt - Target Black Friday Special
Black Tank - Nordi Rack

I have to say I really HEART the tie look! At first I felt a lil awkward wearing it BUT by the end of the day I was digging it! The tie even inspired these corny poses (ok, truth be told I Like the poses!!).

Black Lace Tuxedo Style Shirt - Can't remember
Plaid Tie - Thrifted
Jeans - Can't remember
Boots - Uggs

Ok, here is a more current pic with my NEW bangs! I L O V E this skully shirt (oddly enough I am NOT a fan of red and every outfit has red - go figure!).


Skully Shirt - Norma Komali - Wal-Mart of all places!! 
Jeans - IDK

57 to 26 and Target Treasures

Um ok, I know I am in the Midwest and it is ONLY January BUT yesterday it was gorgeous and sunny and 57.....           

What the what what?!?!?!? How did it go from 57 to 26 in a matter of hours? Well, what does one do when there's a winter weather advisory? Go shopping of course!! (ok, not really, I was an an appointment that I could not cancel and made the best of it by running to Targét afterwards. I picked up a couple great shirts and some cutie winter boots (for another post) and these.....

(Targét brand "Emergen-C", Loreal's new line of polish in "satin sheets", Nicole by OPI "Glitter in my stocking", Maybelline Baby Lips ,People Style Watch and some Blingeratti make-up brushes.....

These fab blingtastic babies are made by ELF (Eyes, Lips, Face) and look so fun! Even if they suck, they will stand tall and proud in my make-up display!!

Babylips by Maybelline...I saw these at the store a few weeks ago and wanted to try them and then last night while blog surfing I found another blogger who had given a review on them SO, I decided to give them a whirl! Their stats look pretty good:

82% VISIBLY less dress
94% Less Rough lips
77% more supple
77% better looking lips

AND they come in a two pack so you can share with your lil princess or BFF! My flavors are quenched (which is a clear balm) and Pink Punch (which is a pale pink hue)

I will let y'all know if they are any good!

I have been looking for a pale-y white polish with sprinkles (gold flecks, glitter, etc) and haven't had much luck...when I saw Satin Sheets by Loreal I thought it might be just what I was looking for...I'll review and post later.....and Glitter In My Stocking was FUN and yup-yup, it was on clearance!!

"emergen-c {cuz momma feels a lil something coming on}, Smart Water {if it's good enough for Jen Aniston, its good enough for me, LOL!!}

Ciao! for now....I'm off to indulge in bloggy-blogs and my People Style! Have a great nite! Stay warm and safe!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pretty Pretty Princess

Do y'all remember that game? Its a game after my own heart! A girl can NEVER have too many accessories! (Although SOME may beg to differ). Have you heard of Birchbox? I've seen it on a few blogs and it looked SO fun! What it is - per THEIR website 

Discover Beauty Better

Four to five hand-picked deluxe samples delivered to your door for $10 per month.

Here you will see photo's from my last months Birchbox (I know, late in posting!). WHO doesn't love getting mail that ISN'T a bill?!?! Visit their website here IF ya decide you want to try it for a month, let me know so I can get in on the refer a friend points (which YOU can do too once you become a member!!). 

This very funny pic of me is showing my girls the sample of Joer Moisturizing lipgloss in Birchbox pink. I really don't ever wear pink lip gloss and even though this one looked BRIGHT pink it was a gorgeous complimentary shade that was sheer with a hint of pink! So awesome that I think I may order a fill size one (and the good news is its FREE shipping).

My last blog post was all about eating well in the new year....beautiful from the inside out! Now we're working on beautiful from the outside out! By proper prepping.....A GREAT make-up job starts with great brushes. I know it may seem a lil crazy to invest such big bucks in something you can't apply and see BUT it does make a difference in the application. Pictured below are brushes from the bare minerals line.

They were worth EVERY penny as I have had them for over 3 years. I started to notice that they felt hard and bristle-y when I used them....So I got to thinking it may just be time to clean them. In the past I have used Johnson's Baby Magic baby wash ( I just LOVE that smell) but didn't have any on hand. So I used dishsoap and it worked like a CHARM!!  How to? So glad you asked....I put a dollop of soap in the palm of my hand, dampened the brush and began swirling in the palm of my hand (SO WISH I HAD TAKEN PICS OF THIS PROCESS). You will begin to see all the make-up coming off....gingerly rinse the soap off. Swipe across a paper towel a few times and lay flat to dry (you will notice I placed the Large Kabuki brush standing up as its so full). Let dry at least 24 hours before use. WOW!! Smooth and soft again! Share your fave beauty tip with me - I'd LOVE to try something new! And don't forget, if YOU want to sign up for Birchbox, leave me your email and I will "refer-a-friend".

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fit and Healthy

A new year always brings new promises....resolutions....a fresh start. This year I did NOT make any resolutions...BUT what I did decide was the holidays are over so there aren't any more reasons to overindulge (NOT that the holidays are carte blanche for over eating, it's just a fact). Today I hit the grocery stores (Wal-Mart and Aldi) and came back with this......

 This is the beginning of better eating for me and my family! I am not in the healthy "KNOW", I just have picked up a few things here and there, or have found things that work for me that I want to share!

1) Have SMART snacks on hand at all times! As you can see, these are prepackaged items that I can throw in my purse for those days I am out running errands and am tempted by Milky Way or McDonalds. All these are under 100 calories per serving. For example, The Chocolatey pretzel bar is the PERFECT combo of sweet and salty and comes in at 90 calories. The Strawberry fruit strips are all natural dried fruit and come in at 40 calories - literally the perfect snack on the go! In my house I make a big bag of popcorn because EVERYBODY says they're gonna eat some and after a few pieces they're done, which leave me to finish the bag....with these single serving "mini" bags, they are exactly 100 calories and help curb that overeating tendency we sometimes have. The sliced green apples and yogurt are more of a "splurge" as they are $1.00 each BUT are also only 90 calories....for me personally I am more inclined to eat fruit if I don't have to go thru all the  prep work of washing....these are quick and handy!

2) Make WISE choices and substitute when you can.
What this means is choosing skim over 2%...this will save you 40 calories per one cup serving. Grabbing the multi-grain waffles vs. the homestyle waffles saves you 40 calories per serving as well (example for 2 multi-grain waffles its' 140 calories and you are getting your "grains". For 2 homestyle waffles its 180 calories). While at the store I saw this bag of Brown Sugar Blend - perfect for oatmeal or's a mix of brown sugar and sugar substitute....I expected this to be lower in calories vs. brown sugar BUT when doing my "research" it was actually 7/5 calories MORE for the blend per 1/2 tsp serving. SO, be conscious of the labels.....what you may think is better may not be.

3) Don't be afraid to are the ingredients I plan to mix to make my own "trail mix".....natural almonds, craisins and semi-sweet chocolate morsels.....this will be for the days I want a lil sweet treat.

 4) Eat your fruits and veggies! Easy, right? Not so much....I don't enjoy the prep.....the cleaning, washing, cutting, etc. Below are some from the vine tomatoes (they even SMELL fresh) and cilantro to make pico de gallo.. I hate cauliflower BUT will eat it this way......the seasoning over takes the cauliflower.....nice fresh alternative to salsa.

Obviously the amounts will be to your liking (I like a lil more cilantro)....chop up the ingredients....approx. 1 cup of cauliflower, 1 1/2 cups of tomatoes and 3/4 cup of cilantro.....add salt, lime juice and garlic powder to taste. This of course is best served with tortillas BUT make your snack count....load 7 tortilla chips with the pico and your craving for something delish and salty will be cured!

5) Get Beautiful from the inside out.....I'm sure you have heard the old adage "you are what you eat"....when yo fill your body with crappy fast food, you bloat, are sluggish and just look worn down. Did you know blueberries have antioxidants that are great for your skin?

Go to Jillians website here for her great skin smoothie recipe found here.....smoothies are a great way to sneak that spinach into your diet....I will edit and adjust as I didn't get the carrot juice.....almost most ingredients are found in this smoothie I picked up at Aldi.

Slice up some cukes and place on your eyes while laying down for a few minutes....this will help with the dark circles under your eyes (In addition to rest and cukes, drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day is also said to help eliminate those dark circles).

Those are my tips to eating better and being a better you!! START today! Don't make excuses ( next week, after I go to the gym, etc)....the small changes you make TODAY will add up over time!