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Friday, October 30, 2015


Fall is the PERFECT time for ANYTHING pumpkin!!! Do YOU pin stuff all throughout the year swearing you'll remember when the appropriate time of year rolls around?!?!? I do. And I just so happened to be perusing my recipe board looking for recipes (when you work full time you forget what it was to cook something from scratch - so you need a reminder). 

I gathered my ingredients (cinnamon, softened butta, honey, vanilla and pumpkin)
 you can find the recipe from the original link HERE

 While I was whippin my butta this lil fur baby was hoping something would fall to his feet...

I wanted my butta to look as pretty as the picture on the kitchen mccabe SO I stuffed it into my #pamperedchef frosting tube...
 and piped it into a glass jar....(which later I reloaded into the frosting tube and put into a plastic container BECAUSE I needed more room)

It wasn't as pretty SO we keep this picture!!! We had some the other night after dinner and my daughter LOVED it! SO you KNOW it's a hit when your teenager loves it!!

And speaking of pumpkin.....

Pumpkin Shake from #culvers

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Try it, you'll like it, take a tip from me (remember that cheer from grade school?!?!?). Waiting until 4 days BEFORE a holiday to decorate can be FUN!!! (NOT!! I have been overwhelmed the past several months and things I LOVE have fallen by the wayside). It may only be a few days before the holiday BUT my kids deserve to have #halloweendecoartions and why not?!?!? I've set up an entire flea market booth for only 1 day - so WHY NOT decorate for Halloween for 4 days?!?! (PLUS I HEART #sugarskulls SO technically they can hang out for a few days into November!!! Without further ado here is what I did in a few hours....

I gathered a handful of things from the bins in the basement....

I put up this Kitty shower curtain not long after October 1st (my mom made this for me 15 years ago!! It's a tradition)

Continuing with the kitty theme TODAY I swapped out a beachy print for the cat picture (thrifted years ago) and added a black crow to the woven basket.....oh and see the cute kitty on the door....I LOVE a good theme!!

The other day it occurred to me to put this #vintage metal #ironingboard in my hallway....I JUST brought it in Sunday and I KNEW it would be the perfect place to display holiday items.....

#dayofthedead is my JAM!!! I think the art is SO beautiful

Lanterns, skulls and white pumpkins oh my!!!

Stuck a pin in this white beauty, added spider "eyes" and she's frighteningly FABULOUS!!!

Did  a lil re-arranging on top of my buffet to accommodate the frightening Mr. and Mrs (do you see them to the left?!?!?)

I'm SO glad I prioritized my day and got some halloween on for my kids!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I posted about this another THRIFTY TUESDAY and it was called couponing....I have gotten SO MUCH WEAR out of the leggings it was WORTH a re-post (WITH outfit pics)

A lil refresher: I got ALL THIS

For $10.34 by the time I used my coupons and CVS rewards - SCORE!!! I figured even IF I only wore the leggings once what were they after all my discounts?!??! Like .50?!??!

The faux denim have been my FAVE!!!! I gained back some of the weight I lost last spring and my jeans aren't quite as comfy as they once were SO cue in the faux denim leggings!!! (do you hear the angels singing?!?!)
 These I have worn MANY times....

Here are the black leggings....again probably .50 by the time all the discounts were applied and I have worn them 4 times!!!
Do you have a #CVS near you?!?! DO you shop there?!??!

Monday, October 26, 2015

MANI MONDAY....#butterLondon Brick Lane Polish

I LOVE fall and everything about it!! The cozy sweaters, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Chili, Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, boots and leggings, the crisp NEW smell in the air, the changing leaves....AND I'm a SUCKER for anything orange, rust, mustard yellow, brown and navy.

While in the check out line at Marshall's they had all their beauty products there and I spotted these 2 polishes.....the question was WHICH to get... the one on the right was a pretty mustard brown color

BUT in the end the sparkly orange won out!!! This is my first time using a #butterlondon polish and I LOVE it! Goes on smooth and thick, dries quickly and has lasted a few days no chips (WITH intense cleaning hands in the water a lot action)

This color is perfect for #halloween

ALL of October and going into November! It's the perfect orange-y fall hue....not too neon, not too red JUST right!! 
What's YOUR go-to fall nail color?!??!

Saturday, October 24, 2015


....PICS via my (broken screened) iphone from the past week....

Inspiration (Target I think) I ADORE Sugar Skulls 

Watching my girl get her Dig On

Participated in a Holiday Craft Fair...had to use a lil ingenuity and it's good to have friends with land!

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown....Made this outta some rusty rings

Gettin my holiday craft on....some of these things are so cute I wanna keep them!!!
 Made these Halloween eyes (see Thursdays Post here )

Enjoyed some Chai tea and the new #Ballarddesigns book (hmmm, I'm noticing a holiday theme here...and the irony is I barely decorated for Halloween  - insert sad face)

Have you ever met somebody like this?!?!? It's pretty incredible when you do!

Friday had me in bed until the afternoon....achey body....maybe an early sign of the flu?!?!?

Found this FAB book of vintage Halloween Images at a flea market (this was more a "guys" flea market with junk I would care less about HOWEVER since I managed to find 3 things I guess I can't say too much!)

 "Flu Friday" called for some homemade Chicken Noodle soup....I'm more of a purist than I ever realized....the canned preservative full stuff doesn't cut it for me.....

Curly Hair is in (which boasts well for me as I am growing mine out....I heart the natural wave/slight curl my hair has ever since I had my hair was straight as a board before I got pregnant)

This is todays Outfit of the day....

Off to spend some QT with my's a RARITY we're all home on the same day!! Have a GREAT Saturday peeps!

Friday, October 23, 2015


I'm a SUCKER for anything VINTAGE....candy is NO exception!!! 
The packaging was so cute and vintage I couldn't resist...

I had heard this candy was on one of those #foodnetwork episodes so OF COURSE I had to try it!!! This is from Chase's website (they are the candy maker) : Chase Candy Company has been making fine candy since 1876, including Cherry Mash, America's favorite cherry candy bar! We use only the finest fresh ingredients and time-tested recipes to make most of our candy in small batches, the old-fashioned way. You'll taste the difference in all our nostalgic candies. Explore the links to the right to find Cherry Mash near you, buy all our classic candy online or hear more about Chase Candy Company and our wonderful fans!  Here's the link so YOU can learn more about Chase, Cherry Mash and all they have to offer

 It's a nice sized piece of sweetness.....

I LOVED the Chocolate crunchy outside BUT for me the cherry filling was too sweet (MAYBE with a cuppa coffee it would be perfect!!). Have YOU tried the Cherry Mash?!??! What did you think?!?!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

TRY IT THURSDAY.....Eyes In The Bushes

We ALL love pinterest and can get lost there for days!!! I don't know about you BUT I pin LOTS of stuff (and I try to divide it into categories that I will remember where and what I pinned). AS was the case with these "eyes in the bushes" (ORIGINAL idea and post credited to check out her link!!). This has been on my list since LAST Halloween BUT I never "have time" (when in essence it took 10 minutes while watching an episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County!!). I gathered my supplies

(my kids kept throwing away the cardboards from the toilet paper - they were SO efficient!)

OF COURSE I had to add my own twist and cover the tubes in orange damask duct tape (which can be found at #dollartree). I free handed my eyes on the tubes in #sharpie

I used a paring knife to cut into the shape and scissors for the rest.....

Can YOU see my spooky eyes?!?!? I used battery operated tea lights (thriftycraftygirl suggests glow sticks which I think probably work MUCH better as they go the entire length of the tube).

Have YOU tired this project yet?!?! What does your outdoor Halloween decor look like?!?! Leave me a link so I can check it out!). Speaking of outdoor Halloween decor did any of you catch the Hallmark movie October Kiss? SO cheesy BUT oh so cute!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I haven't blogged in ages SO why not get back into the swing of thangs with a what I wore post!!! I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy This is a fun mix of real life pics as well as posed pics! 

Clearly I was on a mission....wild shrubs NO MORE!!
 What I'm wearing:
Tank - Gap
Leggings - Walgreens (fleece lined one size fits all - they've been the bomb-diggity for the past year for my daughter who's a size "0" and for me who's larger than that!!)
Boots - Uggs

Fall isn't complete without a trip to the Orchard
 What I'm wearing:
Leopard Jacket - Chico's
Tank - Target
Jeans - YMI (for a "betta butt" these jeans RAWK) via Burlington Coat Factory
Sandals - Aerosoles via Marshalls

Back 2 Work
 Jacket - Chico's
Necklaces - Wal-mart
Shirt - Chico's
Boyfriend Jeans - Chico's
Sandals - Aerosoles

 What I'm wearing:
Scarf - Fam Dolla (I tied the ends together to make an infinity scarf)
Sweater - Chico's
Black T-Shirt - Target
Jeggings - Walmart
Boots - Madden Girl
Necklace - Walmart (my sister called it "the Mrs. Roper" Necklace

What I'm Wearing:
Scarf -Walmart
Plaid Shirt - Walmart (2 years ago)
Leggings - CVS
Boots - UGG

Off to see what you wore!!! Are you MAD for Plaid too?!?!