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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


OK, so anyone who KNOWS me (like really knows me) will be SHOCKED by this post!!! I was ALWAYS the girl who LOATHED pink (because it was so girly and everyone likes it and I wanted to be different) BUT pink has wormed its way into my heart! I frequent thrift stores A LOT. You never know what you might find (I personally LOVE the thrill of the hunt) and I pick things up here and there for future projects so I’m not running out at the last minute paying full price for items (knobs, display props, fabrics, greenery, florals, etc). I have noticed when thrifting I lean toward a color scheme (not always the same color every trip). It usually starts with one piece and then before I know it my cart is an onsemblage of hues and shades of one color!!! 

I always always will pick up an interesting glass storage jar BECAUSE I know I will use these in my kitchen (even if just in my cabinets I like to have my items pretty vs. store packaging).

While playing around on pinterest I found cute napkin ideas and KNEW I had to go back and get these bow napkin holders (I had passed them over several times before because I didn’t really have a use for them BUT pretty can be useful AND I have used them as props for my etsy shop). 

I am smitten with all things Italian SO it’s only natural that I would purchase this woven ceramic planter stamped “made in Italy” on the bottom!!! (and these have now evolved into a collection...I keep my eyes out for them and they have their own display spot in my cabinet). 

What have you SCORED at the thrift lately?!?! Leave your score in the comment section and I’ll pop by your blog and check it out!! 

Monday, June 20, 2016


For the past 4 months I have been getting the no-chip mani’s and I L O V E them!! With flea market season upon me (and 3 shows in one week) I wasn’t about to go get my nails done (even though they had outgrowth and I DESPARATLEY needed too). With painting, sanding and styling my nails take a beating during flea market prep. SO.....with an outgrowth like this.....

There was just one thing to do!!! I was sitting there looking at them one night thinking how can I disguise the outgrowth for my show...and then it came to me.... Turn them into watermelons of course!!!

I simply used a thin green nail art polish to paint in between the coral and the cuticle......they looked pretty janky before I added the “seeds”!! Which I did by again using a nail art polish (they are the lil skinny bottles with smaller brushes). 

I’m pretty pleased with my creative turn around AND have gotten several compliments!!!

What do YOU do to make your mani’s last?!?!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Hi! I'm still here....just not blogging as much because I think we have become an instagram clan! Makes sense since we are mostly an INSTAnt gratification linda world! I thought I'd drop in and say hi!! I miss the blogs (I too am guilty of that insta habit) post a few pics and I'd LOVE to hear from you guys....if anyones still out there!!

With the cool "spring" we had I did several inside the house projects....changing out these knobs was one of them (this is the AFTER...a mix of 2 different knobs for a unique look).

Target never disappoints....saw these FAB neon sandals and was in LOVE

And this romper too....Target again

Re-opened my etsy shop and have been listing like a fiend in between flea markets...this party kit is ALMOST too pretty to sell!!

Some pieces of nature for this wasp nest. Did you know these nests are a paper like substance created when the wasps take in wood and mix it with their saliva to spin these masterpieces of nature?!??! Pretty impressive - dontcha think?!??!

Also selling these vintage berry baskets...a few varieties just in time for summer!! 
It's been so long since I've thought about posting that all my pictures are still prisoners in my phone!! Until next time.....