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Friday, January 27, 2017

FOODIE FRIDAY...Flatbread Dump

Sometimes the best things come from nothing. OR the old adage "necessity is the mother of invention".  For a quick meal or easy appetizers my family and I LOVE these flatbreads. You can purchase them at the Dollar Tree OR your local grocer(at the grocer it's a multi-pack for a few dollars). 

Made with honey they crisp up real nice (as long as you don't overload them with toppings). For that reason I like to use olive oil (that I apply with a pastry brush) BUT I also have used red sauce and they're good that way too. (I am anxious to try a thin layer of alfredo sauce with chicken, spinach and bacon). 

The flatbread below was a "DUMP" of what was in the fridge...didn't want to go out and buy ingredients SO the challenge of using what was on hand was pretty fun!! 
Thin layer of olive oil, thin layer of shredded italian cheese, bacon, giardiniera (which is the - try it - you'll never NOT have it on a pizza or flatbread again), olives and jalapenos....another thin layer of cheese...
 Bake on 425 until cheese is melted...if you want that golden brown cheese turn the broiler on low and DO NOT walk away - watch your flatbread or IT WILL BURN.
Buen Provecho!!!
The possibilities are could do a southwest style flatbread with blackened chicken, black beans and cheddar jack cheese, a dessert flatbread with fresh whipped cream, strawberries, bananas and chocolate drizzle....what would YOU put on your flatbread?!?!

Thursday, January 26, 2017


For GIANT Visions!!! And ever changing visions....

I can put them all up or take them all down
(because I am using a crib mattress frame and clips & magnets)

Remember the other day (Tuesday) I talked about my thrifty magazine finds?!?! Well here are some of the pages from those! I want to live intentionally - taking time for making life more BEAUTY-Full (hence the fancy cocktails and fresh flowers)

I LOVE SJP and think she's absolutely gorgeous and has IMPECCABLE style!! 

I have a section for my "wish list"

On said wish list:

*Crystals (like legit healing crystals NOT faux acrylic)
*A Goat (why not?!?! I live in farmville USA)
*New pillow shams from CB2
*Better photography skills

What do YOU want?!?! Have you made a vision board? If so I'd LOVE to peek at yours! Leave me a comment so I can check out your vision board! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


We are all here because we are inspired by visual images - right?!?! Images can be found on social media - instagram, blogs, facebook and in print - magazines, and books. Not all medias are crated equal (which I think we can attest to!). 

Look at this BEAUTIFUL issue of +Harper's BAZAAR for Dec/Jan 2017. If you've never read it immediately you can tell you're in for a treat. It's thick lush pages (the weight is heavier therefore no print comes through on the backsides) the ads are geared toward a glamorous rich life and there aren't any "fluff" pieces. 

Below is the current month AND February selection of magazines - these were all gathered for FREE from my local library. Mine to do whatever I wish with!! 

I have been big on the vision board band wagon the past couple of weeks...I find this helps keep my ACCOUNTABLE for my actions subconsciously reflect the dreams and ideas I have posted to my vision board (more on that in another post).

the BEAUTY is I had these FABULOUS tools below to utilize for inspiration!! HOW did I get them for free form my library? Simple...there is a shelf where they put materials that can be taken (sometimes it's extra copies, or magazines people have donated - which is where they go back once I am done with them UNLESS it's a really inspiring issue that I choose to keep). If you don't see something like this at your library - ASK....ask if they have a shelf with outdated magazines OR what they do with their outdated magazines. THIS has kept a few dollars in my pocket several times....I'll see the issue on the newstand and before I purchase it I will check at my library to see if it's there. It's not always but at least 65% of the time it is!!

My last piece of advice is BE OPEN TO THE POSSIBILITIES......some magazines may not be what you'd usually choose BUT the beauty is you can expose yourself to something new at NO CHARGE!!! 
Does your library have something like this? I'd LOVE to hear from ya!

Monday, January 23, 2017


I have ALWAYS been a fan of Sally Hansen nail polishes....they have good staying power, a vast array of shades and are reasonable! I was looking for a navy blue and Sally is my go-to girl!!

I gave the new Color Therapy line a try (and I will say that I am a lil disappointed with the wear - after a day it chipped and I used a base coat and a top coat).

A few NICE features about this polish are the brush - a nice wide flat brush - you can ALMOST do the entire nail with one brush stroke. The formula was thick enough to just do one coat (which I LOVE - saves on the dry time).

How can you go wrong when your nail color matches your fave coffee mug?!?!

In the bottle here it looks like it has a violet hue BUT on the nail it's a nice navy - as with anything depends on the lighting.

Have YOU tried the new Color Therapy line? What are your opinions?!?!

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Good skin comes from the inside as well as the outside! The holidays and indulgence left me with some not so great skin. I am now making sure to stay hydrated (that whole inside out thang) AND I took a face mask from my daughter that exfoliates and brightens the skin. 

The smell alone was HEAVENLY!! Contains charcoal (which is supposed to be good for your skin). Apply, leave on for 15-25 minutes of relaxation!
It's me voodoo-man. AH!!! Name that movie!!! 

Saturday, January 21, 2017


....Pics via my iphone from the past week....
These are mere snapshots into my life for the week....

Got the bar cart decked out for L O V E 

Simply strung a glittered love banner across my abstract print 

It's been a foggy week...the sun is FINALLY shining today!!! 

Working on my fitness goals....Slowly on the down tick 

SEE! Legit working on it!! Hit the gym 3x this week....I'm starting to notice I can do my cardio a bit longer without feeling like I'm gonna have a heart attack and SERIOUSLY this week the gym has been my therapy...walk it out...walk it out...

After spending time in the gym, going home and making a salad for dinner is EASY....

Coffee....a reg in my cup a day fo'sure....some days it's two!!!'s what's for breakfast...honestly they aren't my fave (unless they're in an omelet with meat and cheese) BUT I do realize the vast benefits of the protein!


Girl bossin' it! Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance....I LOVE the 6P's and am working on utilizing my planner MORE (like writing in the obvious things like school, the gym, etc because if they're "scheduled" I am more likely to complete them AND I love crossing off a DONE item!).

What have YOU been up to this week?!?!

Friday, January 20, 2017

FOODIE FRIDAY...Healthy Snacks

If you follow my blog you know FOODIE FRIDAY is a weekly series spanning from new recipes, grocery shopping or just plain ol' food porn! Today is all about healthy snacks. The beginning of the year usually incites a "get healthy" mindset with most (including myself). SO, what better way to stay on track than with some healthy snack ideas?!?!? These are REAL craving snack ideas, thought up by me - no official carb counting, calorie counting, macro balanced snacks....just healthy choices for real people! 

*Red Pear (my FAVE)
*Wheat Sandwich Thins with cinnamon sugar butter (VERY THIN but sometimes a girl needs a lil sweetie sweet)
*Handful of peanuts

*5 Pretzel Thins (for the salt and carb craving)
*80 calorie strawberry yogurt
*1 tsp mini chocolate chips

*1/4 cup raw unsalted peanuts
*Granny Smith apple
*2 tbsp peanut butter
*1 tbsp mini chocolate chips
*1 kiwi
*1 cutie
*1 wheat sandwich thin with cinnamon sugar butta

I have found personally presentation is KEY!! If it looks pretty and you took time to prepare it vs. gobbling it down its much more fulfilling and satisfying! What's YOUR go to healthy snack?!?

Thursday, January 19, 2017


I am probably a little behind in this choker trend (and if that's true all I have to do is what another 15 years and it will cycle back around!).

I adore the looks of some of them...and there's certainly a style for EVERYone....BUT I just can't justify paying $14.99 for some string, ribbon, faux leather....

sorry +Target BUT if you are NOT a do-it-yourself kinda girl, check out these GREAT options +Target . There is this GORG Kenneth J Lane pearl and rhinestone choker that mama likey....

Image via +Target and retails for $125.00 (I did a double take...Target's fashion jewelry is never that much BUT Kenneth's name carries a price....something like this might actually be perfect for my     40 & Fabulous photo shoot).

On to the tutorial - that is what ya came here to see - right?!?! 

EVERYWHERE I go is an opportunity to find INSPIRATION....maybe that's the mind of an artist/crafter....

As I mentioned above, I didn't want to pay $10 - 15.00 for a simple choker....So while just perusing through Ross I spied this headband that I thought would make a PERFECT choker!! Thin, lightweight and could EASILY be de-constructed (literally this project took 7 minutes...including finding my I have no idea WHY I procrastinated SO LONG on doing it!! I've had this headband since early November). As you can see from the backside photo it was only $2.99 - sounds like a GREAT price point to me!!!

The elastic was attached to metal circles already clamped on the headband - SCORE!!! I simply opened the ring and removed the elastic from BOTH sides....

I went ahead and clamped on a necklace extender (a left over from another jewelry project - this is a PERFECT example of why NOT to throw away things) on one side, and the clasp on the other (lucky for me it was the PERFECT length).

Whatcha think?!?! Worth $2.99?!?! FO'SURE!!!!

Anyone remember the movie the name on my t-shirt is from?!?! Leave YOUR answer in the comment section!!! Maybe we'll have to do a lil giveaway!!

Monday, January 16, 2017


Are you like me?!?! I can't go into the +Dollar Tree and JUST buy what I went for (you know like lightbulbs, toilet paper in a pinch, great priced seasonal decor). I ALWAYS have to check out the cosmetic section (Sometimes there are GREAT finds there - +Milani Cosmetics is one of my FAVES, I've gotten Physicians Formula, Fergie, Elf) and nails...I get the majority of my synthetic nails from there...I saw this GORGEOUS color and figured for a dolla I had to give it a try! 

 It's LA Colors # 203 SMOLDER (don't you LOVE the name?!?!)

The way the light hits the polish affects what color the eye perceives....sometimes it looks like a really pretty rose gold and other times it almost has a mauve-y lilac hint to it...

                                            That glitter THOUGH!!! Don't you LOVE glitter?!?! 

RIP Big Ang
(came across this image while looking for the quote below...I loved Big Ang...her passing was so sad)
(there are two kinds of people in the world - the ones who LOVE glitter and the ones who LOATHE glitter). 

Do you ever pick up nail products from Dollar Tree?!?!