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Friday, December 30, 2011

NAILed it

 I have done "fun" (ie outta the norm nails for the holidays this year and I have posted the green ones but not the others). This color should be called "Starbux Green"! Isn't it a PERFECT match?!?! 

 The color is actually called "Going Green" by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. I LOVE this line of polish - great colors....pretty quick dry and lasts for days without chipping. I couldn't just leave the green alone (as if it wasn't fun enough) I had to add the leopard spots!!

The next fun look is a combo of Polish strips and polish. I LOVE the nails strips - lasts really long on toesies but just not as long on fingers so I reserve these for pedi's.

The color on my toes is Designer...De Better from OPI's Muppet Line. It's a gorgeous sandy gold color with glittery flecks of orange and gold. On the big toes is Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in "Misbehaved".

This pic is a lil hard to see the featured nails design BUT it was a simple one...I found it on Pinterst back in October and KNEW I wanted to try it out! White polish by Pure Ice called "Superstar". On my ring fingers I added red thin stripes with silver glitter on the top of the red stripe for a Candy Cane effect. I didn't want to do all the nails as I thought that might be overwhelming....and I came to discover I LOVE white polish! 

While out shopping with my girlfriends the day after Christmas I was in a Kardashian mood apparently! It all started when my friend Jenny was on a search for the Kardashian polish line by Nicole by OPI (Wal-Mart is the only store that carries their line). While helping Jenny find her colors I found I loved a few as well! My love affair for the Kardashian's began when I had a dream Kim was doing my make-up and we were BFF's/ SO ever since then I have had this weird love affair with the Kardashians!! While at Barnes & Noble I picked up the girl's fiction novel "Dollhouse". I will let ya know if it's any good once I have a chance to read it!!

"Follow me on Glitter" which is actually the color I am wearing in this photo

"My empire.....My rules" In this pick it looks taupe BUT in real life its more like a putty grey

"Listen to your MOMager" is this FAB glitter blue!

Hope y'all have  FAB New Years Eve with an even better 2012! CHEERS!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

To Bang or not to Bang

That was the question!! I have wanted bangs for the past year!! Every time I ask someone's opinion they say "no, don't get the bangs" So I haven't gotten the bangs.....BUT today I was looking for a change....So I GOT THE BANGS!! NOW, I want y'all to weigh in...Here is the before pic.....



Which look do you like the best? With bangs or without?

Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 Christmas Home Tour

WELCOME!! I am linking up with the Nester Upon entering, you will find our stockings hanging on the rail with care (we don not have a fireplace therefore, no mantel...first house in 7 yrs without a mantel - sad). The house is a bi-level from the early 70's.  I found the hooks at the thrift for $2.90 and KNEW they'd be perfect for hanging the stockings with care. Three of the stockings are handmade by my mom and a tradition in our household!

Deery rests here until I can mount her on the appropriate board (I will be doing a post on her soon...this is her made-over state)

For now she lives here under this arrangement......

I want there to be special treats and surprises in each corner of my home....this arrangement for instance can be found in the bathroom.....Makes a great "night light"

I made it from branches from the tree out back (I gave them a light spritz of white paint), birch logs found on the curb last summer, silver eucalyptus (my fave smell on dried plants) which I found at the Dollar Tree - YAY! Dollar Tree!

You will also find these "prints" in the bathroom....(see previous posts for more info in the "carnivale" bathroom)...I simply switched out the center print for one I printed off-line...LOVE the vintage look!

I recently put this window frame in the bathroom as Christmas decor took over its usual space in the dining room.....

For this corner of the living room, I simply used wrapping paper to cover a framed piece of art I have up and switched out the lampshade from burlap to something a lil more refined for Santa!!



Here she is in all her GLORY!! My BEAUTIFUL white tree in the initial stages of decor! (here I am actually showcasing the evolution of the "coffee table" to read more about that visit previous posts)

Here is how I adorned the "coffee table" with various finds from the thrifts, things I had on hand, made or found in nature.  

WHO goes there? Why its a cute lil owl bank from the thrift that I got for .90! I am calling this look Chic Winter wonderland......

The small silver frame contains a vintage dictionary page with the definition of a poinsettia as well as a picture...
Here is the tree at night...all aglow.....

and trimmed with presents. Do you see the pink "binding" ribbon with the flower? That is actually a belt my daughter wore when she was a wee-bit.

Silver tray wreath inspired by Hammers and Highheels pics from the Bachmans idea house in Minneapolis....

The dining room tree....Eat Drink Be Merry!

I hung vintage mugs on the branches.....

Santa Baby, don't forget about me this year....I've been good!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Iam linking up (late) with Linds at the Pleated Poppy WIWW....check her out - lots of FUN ideas on what to wear!

The picture stinks...I could point out a million flaws BUT I will still to the "outfit"....

Flannel Plaid - Wal-Mart Jan 2011 My FAV go to on the days I want to be warm and cozy!
Hydraulic Jeans (capri's) - Maurices 2010
Grey Leg warmers - made by me (with the sewing part done by mom - thanks mom!!) inspired by Nicole Check her out - so cute and such GREAT style!
Boots - Coach
I will have you know, I got a compliment while sitting at Starbucks on my "legwarmers"...give them a shot - so EASY! Maybe just maybe you will be lucky enough to find a cashmere sweater too! Off to see what y'all wore! Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Snapshots of Christmas Cheer

I can't believe Christmas is only a week and a half away! Where did the holiday season go? I have to admit, I have been feeling a lil scroog-y this year (for personal reasons) and not quite my Martha Stewart-ish self. BUT the show must go on, right?!?! Here is the tree in all her glory!

 One each side of the tv buffet are these shelving units (I SO WANT to paint them, and have for a LONG time BUT some parts are particle board and I worry they won't hold the paint well).

 It's hard to decorate these shelves because I feel like the items have to flow AND I still want them to coordinate with my decor. On the top is my assortment trees, tissue paper, metal, ribbon and beaded. On the top shelf the tree assortment continues along with a snowman made by my lil guy out of styro balls.
The middle contains assorted Christmas balls and a jar of candles for those impromptu parties...and the last shelf reminds us of the reason for the season....

I have displayed a glass manger set, a vintage celluloid manger set a statue of mary and baby jesus and a frame with the words "let earth receive her king"....

Cute lil snowman, no? All his accessories are made from alphabet glitter letters the kids cut to mimic eyes, nose, mouth and even a corncob pipe!

 On the other side is the more whimsical bookcase....I printed the top image out form some clipart I found on Pinterst.....the second shelf contains a vintage Chipmunks Christmas record album, my fun lime green owl and a tiered stand (that was featured in a fall post with pinecones and leaves) full of glass ornaments...

and the bottom shelf has books, a frames christmas card (some of you may recognize this!!) framed wrapping paper, a tree cookie cutter and a lil silver tree candy dish from Pottery Barn (that I got at the thrift)

Lastly you will find my letter to Santa :