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Monday, October 31, 2011


May your Monday be full of treats not tricks! Recovering from a busy Halloween-palooza weekend!!

Friday started off with flowers from my honey! Have you ever seen anything so cute?!?! The florist did a great job!

Saturday night we carved pumpkins....5 pumpkins! There were pumpkin guts everywhere!! This is the pattern I chose.....

Here are all the pumpkins on the porch.......

L to R: Nik's, Mario's, Miguel's Maya's and Mine.....everyone did a GREAT job! We sure have some talented kids!!

Of course all those pumpkins yielded tons of seeds......
Which we were making at midnight! Have a spooktacular evening! Trick or treating at Nana and Grandpa's with the cousins tonight!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I am a day late to link up BUT better later than never!! I LOVE linking up with Lindsey it's fun to see what everyone else is wearing AND keeps me outta sweats all week! LOL! I actually only have one pic this week (NOT because I didn't get dressed, life just happened and was busy).

This was just a silly off the cuff pic and it turned out to be my favorite (look wise BUT not all the crap in the background)

Here is what I wore.....
Sweater - The Limited (thrifted)
Leopard Tank - Wal-Mart 2010
Jeans - Lane Bryant
Grey Suede Boots - Target Jan 2011
Purse - Thrifted
Rosary - Thrifted

The details......
Cute lil tie-up side on sweater

Off to see what YOU wore! Have a great day!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween is very near and I am still posting about Halloween!! Today I realized that I still hadn't shown these images to you.....

A lil tableau .......vintage mannequin head with and embellished wicked witch hat, I added the sign to the broom, put some glitter christmas balls in a bowl (they were the PERFECT colors for Halloween - silver, grey and black) and added the framed sign "Under my spell" which I printed out form the is a prime example of what I was talking about before....taking what you have and making it into what you need! The only true halloween elements were the hat and broom....the rest was evoked through imagination
The witchy mannequin started out this way......As you can see in the above picture I added fur trim to the hat and a necklace....
Here is another simple change.....I added a feather boa (thrifted) to my current lampshade. I simply pinned it on there.....
So after the halloween holiday it will look like this again (although I think I am really digging the black feather boa)
Picked up this cute lil floor mat at Dollar Tree (of ALL PLACES!!!!)
I made's for sale if anyone's interested.....$25.00
I snapped this spooktacular pic of the moon tuesday night.....
While outside taking pics of this guy.....
I got this skully at the thrift...NWT (the tag tells me he's supposed to be a candy dish BUT I thought he'd make a fun addition to my outdoor decor!

Remember these from the pumpkin patch? After seeing the Nester's post on her pumpkins on the table. I decided to put mine there too
Since we eat off this table I needed to be able to move them quick and easy at meal time SO in came the brass tray......
Here they are perfectly movable! BUT I do think I need something else...maybe some leaves? Acorns? Pine Cones?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIWW Hit or Miss

This is what I wore today......and in case you were wondering I think this one was the hit.....

Denim jacket - Don't remember
White Button Up Shirt - Wal-Mart 2008
Coral Striped T-Shirt Dress - Thrifted
Black Leggings - Marshall's
Grey Boots - Target (highly coveted after I saw on several blogs this past winter)
Pearls - Vintage

BECAUSE This one was the miss!! Here with the black fleece I was going for warm and comfy (the temp dropped, winds picked up and it was raining).

Only difference here was the black fleece jacket - Target Jan. 2011
This was Sunday's outfit....again, I vote this as a miss because this is what I wore to church (and I had intended to wear a dress so I thought this was far too casual)

Black Jacket - Lane Bryant
Black Lace Tank - Nordstrom Rack
Jeans- Ann Taylor Loft (thrifted)
Black T-straps - Anne Klein (thrifted)
Linking up with Lindsey here

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch...

....Always conjures up images of the perfect fall day! It was gorgeous (MINUS the wind). What I wore there....

Cute lil' owl earrings....tehy look very Anthro - no? You';; never believe where I got them....Walgreens!! For $2.99!

And on my trusty fab and fun leopard rain boots (you know in case it was muddy)
My mom and I met this guy.....BUT we told him we were already spoken for!
There were some adorable lil pumpkins left in the patch.....I am a SUCKER for a green pumpkin...traditional with a twist!!
These lil red wagons were all lined up right after you got off the tractor, so you could transport your pumpkins to your car.....
The cousins seeking out the Great Pumpkin (Charlie Brown)
This s the one my lil guy chose....all warty and beautiful

I LOVED this perfectly grey-ish green (Cinderella?) Pumpkin
But I got these instead!! (LOL, I was holding them on the tractor ride and I realized they looked like quite the pair!!)
A cute lil vignette I pulled together in the middle of the patch!
Happy Pumpkin Hunting!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Black, Orange and Batty

I picked these up at the store the other day with the intent of making kabobs BUT then the weather got all cool and I was enjoying making stews and using the oven! SO I had all the (perfect fall colored) peppers left over.....

While grocery shopping at Wal-Mart these were on the end cap.....
And I could NOT pass up Halloween colored food! SO what does one do with peppers and Halloween tortilla chips?!?!?

Chili! Of course! Perfect for a fall football day (too bad the game was on later in the evening BUT at least the Bears had a win!!).

And for dessert.....some fudge brownies with Halloween sprinkles!

And in keeping with the Halloween theme I did my nails in Midnight Sky by Sally Hansen and added a (glow in the dark) Bat decal to my ring finger on each hand!
Have a spooktacular evening!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shoes Day

First time I wore these (Church today). Thrifted for $2.49 (they were originally $5.00 BUT it was 1/2 off shoes day) AND these bad birds were BRAND NEW in the BOX, retailing originally for $80.00 (Anne Klein). Can we say STEAL?!?!!

Unfortunately they are NOT comfortable SO these shoes are relegated to sitting only, not far to walk occasions.

I am linking up with Shana for her Shoe a Day Challenge here Check it out, link up and be inspired!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Treats

Remember the Candy Corn treats in my last post? Here they are in the kitchen - I think they look pretty cute!! (See my treat jar? I posted about that previously too BUT I think the last time it was just the pumpkin and now for Halloween, the reverse side is the Jack O'Lantern face).

While grocery shopping, I noticed several great items for fall / Halloween....Vanilla Cool whip (if anyone has any great recipes using this Cool Whip, I'd love to hear about them!) Halloween Oreos (LOVE Oreo's and a glass of milk...does anyone else think the holiday Oreo's are extra cream, like almost Double Stuff Oreo's?) and Pumpkin Shaped and Flavored Marshmallows (on the back of the package there was a recipe for Rice Krispie treats using these pumpkin marshmallows...seems interesting and is on my list to try)

Here are the cookies and marshmallows on display.....
Made these tonight....Halloween Break and Bake's from Aldi (SO YUMMY and easy)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Homemade Halloween

While pinning away on Pinterest I found these.....

CUTE, no? Easy and CHEAP (IF you shop around! Paola picked our cones up at the Dollar store {they were about 6" tall so she also picked up round styro discs that we toothpicked into the bottom to give some height difference - GENIUS!!} and yarn - who knew yarn was so expensive?!?! I shopped Wal-Mart, Michael's and finally pulled the trigger at Jo-Ann's because they were on sale for $2.49 / a skein....and you'll have plenty left for other projects).

We also made plastic bag pumpkins (you can see Paola cutting the fabric here)
These are Paola's Candy Corn's....nice and neat...a different take on the ones from Pinterest that were a lil more textured
And mine that are exactly like the Pinterest ones (I like the textured look and didn't have the patience to be so neat and precise)
Ours side by side (Paola's left and mine right - like you couldn't tell!). We used a cream, pumpkin orange and mustard....more natural shades as the yellow and orange were just plain AWFUL.
The candy corns were fast and easy (you simply wrap the cones and glue down the tails....there are tutorials all over blogland). Since we were done so quickly we decided to try our hand at plastic bag pumpkins. They are just as they sound....fabric covered grocery store bags. Since this was in impropmtu last minute addition we did not have any "fabric" bought for the project. BUT we bits and pieces and clothes from the thrift or headed to the thrift (that we rescued). Here is Paola's....
She made her coral colored pumpkin using the scraps of a skirt I got at the thrift for .10 (I bought it for just such crafts).

Here is my pumpkin.....

Made from a pair of shorts that are too big now (I LOVED the pattern on these shorts and am happy I am able to preserve it!!). Initially I thought the pattern was too busy BUT as I look at the pics, I am in love! It will pair beautifully with my toilet paper pumpkin from last fall!