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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We had a few warms days here in the midwest last week (maybe because Sandy was coming? I wish she would GO already so my car can get here). I am linking up with Lindsey here for what I wore wednesday....DO you ever have those days that no matter how much effort you put into an outfit you still feel LIKE you look blah? Even though everyone else tells you how great it looks?!?!? I've had a few of those days as of late and I think that comes from inside me NOT what I am wearing. Anyway, now that I am done with the deep stuff, lets move on to fashion fun!! 


 What I am wearing:
Pearls - Vintage
Leopard Top - JcPenny (of all places?!?!?)
Jeans - Chicos
Sandals - Macy's

(it was weird pulling out the summer stuff and it hasn't even been that long!!)

 What I am wearing:
Scarf - Chico's
Magenta Cardi - The Loft via the Thrift
Skirt - Chico's
Hot shoes (barely pictured) - Carlos Santana

Saturday (AFTER walking 6 miles AND no shower - TMI? Had to get to work - LOL!)

 What I am wearing:
Necklace - theSassyPearl
Grey Leopard Boyfriend Cardi - Lane Bryant
Orange Tank - Chico's
Leggings - Seven Via Marshall's
Boots - Target

 Necklace - Thrifted
T-Neck Sweater - Daisy Fuentes for Kohls (OLD)
Belt - Target
Skirt - Chicos
Boots - Uggs

Monday - dressing in layers

 What I am wearing:
Necklace - Talbots via the thrift
Purse - Coach (thanks sweet friend)
Cream quilted Vest - NEW LL BEAN via the thrift
Brown Long Sleeve shirt - Jones New York via the thrift
Jeans - Chicos Platinum
Leopard Ballet flats - Target - OLD

Without the layers is a much more slimming look!! Not mentioned above is the zip front hoodie - FAB and Rocker chic - no? And from Chicos!!

Can't wait to see what y'all wore! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

THRIFTY Tuesday New wardrobe ZERO Dollars

One day while looking through the kids folders I found a small 3 x 5 flyer that advertised a "shop and swap" NO money exchanged, donations taken - no limit on what you can "shop" for at the local fairgrounds....I said to myself "self, you have to remember this!!!" Well, I forgot about it the first day it was open to the public, BUT Friday morning I was fiending the thrift store BUT didn't wanna make the drive when I remembered about shop and swap....

NOT long after arriving I had a box in hand....and once I found the fab green wooden broomstick, I made a make-shift shopping cart...

Here is a PORTION of my haul (INCLUDING the fab vintage suitcase)

Here is the first shirt that I am still unsure about - denim is classic - but the buttons date the piece - do you think if I add some fab vintage pearl buttons it could be saved?!?!

THIS next piece is a total find!! Gap denim jacket in MY size!! with this jacket alone, I can make 3 outfits with the things I found at shop and swap....(camel skirt, flower skirt turned dress - PERFECT for Mexico, under the puffer vest and over a black skirt turned dress again PERFECT for Mexico)

The fab with taupe and cream and gold....

More jackets - One for winter (BRAND NEW from Chicos STILL with the tags) and a Jones New York khaki jacket for spring / summer

This amazing blue jacket....

This white button down shirt with tone on tone accents - this will be GORGEOUS with leggings and riding boots (that I still need to purchase - any suggestions ladies?)

Another white shirt with tuxedo stripe detailing....again PERFECT with leggings and riding boots...

Puffer vest with sweater back (black, silver and white - PERFECT colors for me)

Cute lil football jersey! Hot for a game over a white tank with jeans....

Vintage crochet vest...

I alos got this paisley skirt BUT as much as I love the length and fabric, the pleats are unflattering so, I have to figure out if there is a way to wear this....

It would be cute with a chambray shirt, right?!?!

I am so grateful to whoever hosted this event and thanked all the volunteers there! You NEVER know where you may find that diamond in the rough!! I have books, games and decor that I didn't post this week (maybe next week). 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Makeover Monday...Robins Egg blue Mirror AND a hang it tutorial

Found this beauty curbside in South Elgin....

While she was french country chic....I needed her to be Teen Hip!

Once I had finished making over the FRONT of the mirror (see below for reveal), I had to figure out a way to attach wire to hang it! 

 So I loosened the screws slightly....

The kitty wanted to help....

 I wound the wire around the screw several times....and then wound the excess 2" I had left around the wire so it was nice and secure....

 NOW comes the horrifying, scary, I've never done this at home trick (I did hang stuff in my shop BUT those walls were already full of holes, so it didn't matter) and I was always discouraged form hanging things in the past....BUT I had the right tools, I know how to read and I had the GUSTO knowing I CAN DO THIS!!

I ALWAYS peruse the end caps for clearance - YOU NEVER know what you may find....take these for example...

 Doesn't everyone need a walldog hanger?!?! 

I sure did! It holds up to 100 lbs, requires no studs OR anchors and it's 2 even holes, I don't have to measure....

Nothing sexier than a CAN DO gurl!
 Ta-DA!!! Here it is! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I was CHOSEN Liebster Blog Award

This is an excellent tool to meet other bloggers. I prefer this method over the "If You Really Knew Me" posts circulating the blog world. Bloggers nominate each other because they want to get to know each other. To me it's akin to a compliment from one blogger to the other.   
 Without further discussion, here's my post about me, (which sounds weird to me.)
A HUGE THANK YOU TO Esther at http://Www.Esthernorinedesigns.Blogspot.Com/ FOR NOMINATING ME!

The Liebster Blog Award is given to bloggers by bloggers. It is a way to acknowledge each other and say “you’re doing a great job”. It is for blogs with 200 or less followers, so it’s also a great way to spread the word about smaller blogs and get them more readers and followers!
When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person(s) who nominated you. You pass the Award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions. You’re not allowed to nominate the blog(s) who nominated you!
1: Most people think my name is Maya BUT it's actually Janae (Maya is my daughters name). My blog name evolved based on my daughters name and my love for things. When I saw the movie "Object of My Affection" with Jen Anniston I KNEW that would one day be my shop name...and when I named my daughter it became even more special - because I was able to call my shop and blog "Object of Maya*ffection"

2: I am a rule follower even though I think I am a bad a$$ rule breaker...

3: I have extreme guilt (over silly things sometimes)

4: I am a bit of a purse snob - COACH is my go to

5: I LOVE vintage

6: a weird fact about me - I don't enjoy shopping at the mall - I'd prefer the thrift store over the mall. The reason - my ensemble will be on trend BUT not exactly out of the brochure or straight off the mannequin

7: My guilty pleasure is watching ANY of the Real Housewives BUT I love Atlanta - those girls are cray cray!

8: I ALWAYS wear pearls

9: My FAVE movie is "Pretty Woman"

10: I've always wanted to ride on the back of a motorcycle - a fab Harley like this one....

(this is a perfect strangers bike - I saw it next to me one day and had to take a pic)

11: I LOVE Starbucks


1: Why do you like blogging? The opportunity to connect with fellow craftswomen and be inspired and inspire others!

2: Where is your dream vacation? Italy

3: Do you have any pets? What are their names? yes. Dog - Sydney Kitty - Snickers (it's actually my son's cat BUT she and I have a love love relationship which is peculiar because I NEVER liked cats)

4: What is your guilty pleasure? "Reality" tv

5: Do you choose to pick up the remote or pick up a book first? Remote - fast easy disconnect...if I had more time I would totally read! 

6: What is your favorite holiday? was always so magical as a child...I never realized how much work my mom put into decorating and wrapping and getting everything just so....until I became a "grown up"

7: Do you like Starbucks? What do you get there? L O V E. My standard go to is a venti iced coffee w/EXTRA 2% milk and toffee nut syrup....seasonally - nonfat pumpkin spice latte WITH whip (which my co-worker apparently thought was weird) Christmas - something minty

8: Do you prefer purses over shoes or vice versa or equal? Purses - shoes and I have a love hate relationship UNLESS they are Uggs!!

9: Are a cook or a baker? Cook

10: What is your go-to accessory? Pearl stud earrings

11: Do you prefer country living or the city? CITY

Makaila at I LOVE her!

Tamera at because she is raw and honest about her life changes and has IMPECCABLE classic with a twist style.

Carla at because I used to live in Minneapolis
Paige at because she is inspiring and reminds me seek him
Lindsey at because she hosts AWESOME WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday)

Lynda at because her decor style is FAB

Lily at because I like her mix and match style

Sheila at because she is so cute and dresses cute too!!

Emily at because I like the diversity of her blog (and PROPS to her, she was featured in October's issue of inStyle)

Holly at because she shares her thrifty finds and makeovers

Julie at because she has fun projects

A day in the life....

Homemade chili (in the thrifty bowls I featured last week)

A lil bit o'Smashing

A handsome visitor....

Working on a few projects.....

Reveal coming soon....

I hung a mirror (this is a BIG deal - I am AWFUL at hanging large things that require centering)...tutorial later this week....

The finished product (that was a trash to treasure find)

Shop and Swap...

....partial of ALL my finds - wait til Tuesday's post - you're gonna be SHOCKED!!

This is an outfit I put together form my Shop and Swap finds....

Took a 6 mile walk with my son's Boy Scout Troop in an hour and 45 (because I had to be at work) BUT stopped to photog the frost...

Natures gorgeous silhouette....

A wooden bridge we walked over....

and of course a silly pic! 
Hope YOU had a GREAT weekend too!!