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Friday, May 29, 2015

FOODIE FRIDAY....FLATBREADS Fast and easy dinner

 So we've all seen the #Dollartree posts on insta and blogs of all the FAB things you can get there. One of my FAVORITES is this "Ultra Thin Pizza Crust" that I use as a flatbread. It is made with honey and ONLY 390 calories for the ENTIRE crust....SO this is a UBER healthy option IF prepared the right way.

I prefer to lightly coat the crust with olive oil and like to lightly sprinkle  italian cheese blend over the top and add fresh basil (if available) and fresh jalapenos. I also chop some pepperoni and green olives on there....bake for about 10 minutes and then broil until the top is a golden brown...

Below is the sans fresh basil version BECAUSE there was none to be had at my grocery store....

I've joked with the kids that groceries have gotten so expensive Ima quit my job and be a farmer BUT I'd have to become a vegetarian BECAUSE I couldn't eat cattle or pork that I had raised. Currently in my pots I have tomatoes, green peppers, pineapple, basil and cilantro growing. So I can have my fresh ingredients for chili, homemade spaghetti sauce, pico de gallo...I have lettuce, corn and peas to plant still (the kids choices). What is growing in YOUR container garden currently?!?!?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


 What I'm wearing:
Earrings - Gordmans
Jacket - Chico's
Golden Tank - Chico's
Capris - Chico's
Sandals - Macy's

(my jewelry was in the car hence the plain-ness BUT I popped it on as soon as I got in the car AND  out at dinner that night and all day actually I got compliments on my bling bling - see below for the necklace I wore)
 What I'm wearing:
J.Taylor NY dress (does anyone know anything about this designer?)
Jewelry Below: Bracelet - Kohls, Necklace - Chico's, Earrings - Target originally via FAB dolla store (that gets big box closeouts)

 Got Memorial Day on in Red, White & Blue!!
Vest - Thrifted
T-Shirt - Kohl's
Jeans - Chico's
Flip Flops - Dolla Tree - FOR dolla I ever spent! These babies walked all over Florida with me and are STILL tickin!!!

What I'm wearing:
Beads - Vintage
Shirt - Macy's
Jeggings - Walmart
Sandals - Macys

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I think we all L♥VE Target's Dolla Spot.....or at least we could find SOMETHING there!!! This is from over a month ago (It's been in my to-post bin for a bit) BUT you can make an interpretation of what I'm about to show you....

Everything pictured below was 70% off SO it was only .30 for the pink magazine organizers and .30 for the pink baskets and the clear square container was .90. I didn't know EXACTLY what I would do with the lucite container BUT the lid color was in my color wheel and for less than a dolla I couldn't go wrong!! 

One day I was INSPIRED!!! I asked my son for a rock from his rock collection....nothing too special to him because he wasn't getting it back it had to be round and grabbable BUT flat on one side....

SO I spray painted my rock gold....

Put my two items together...preparing for their marriage

Bonded with E600 glue....

Let dry overnight and fill with your favorite baubles...

Monday, May 25, 2015

MANIC MONDAY.....Turquoise and GOLD GLITTER Piggy

Found this cute lil polka dot piggy at the thrift store a few years ago...I couldn't decide if I should keep her as it is OR put my own lil twist on her....

My own lil twist won out!! Like my son said this morning "being cool is staying true to who you are" well spoken son, well spoken!!! I gave the lil piggy a paint job in robins egg blue....

And then I went over the polka dots with glue and added gold (MAC make-up) fine glitter....

VIOLA!!! Here she is in all her turquoise and gold polka dot glory!!! 

Sunday, May 24, 2015


I almost ALWAYS have an armfulla's an occupational hazard! 

This arm swag was inspired by the golden tank you can see in the background and a cream cotton canvas jacket

Going L to R:
Gold Bangle - Chico's
Circle Mother of Pearl Bangles - Chico's (during a recent trip to Wal-mart I saw that they have something VERY similar)
Silver Bangle in between - Burlington Coat Factory
Gold Hammered Bangle - Local (grocery) store. Yep I procure my jewels from all over!!

What was your ARM swag like this week?!??!


A day late BUT it's a holiday weekend SO all bets off right?!?!? Here are a few snapshots of my week via my iphone....
(do YOU ever have those moments when you wish you had snapped a pic of something neat or fun or a future project?!??! I usually don't BUT sometimes I get too busy and just wanna finish the task at hand {like making the decorations for my son's birthday} and other times it may be embarrassing because you have to stop smack dab in the middle of a restaurant to take a pic of their GORG birdcage chandalier {as seen below} I DID carpe diem!!!} )

Interesting cloud striation 

Vended at the Pec Thing (COME AND SEE ME IN SEPT!!! I'll be back E-13)

My day off started with a morning cuppa coffee!! 

And after the coffee (and errands) I tackled this mess...couldn't even WALK in there....
(still can't walk thru BUT I imagine AFTER garbage day next week when I put the bags and boxes I cleaned out on the curb it should be better ). Some of that is treasures I picked up from various sales around town and others are things to be refurbished for Sept's Pec Thing!!

At the garage sales last week I got the fab metal flower sculpture and the guitara!!! I know the guitar doesn't quite fit with the theme BUT I think it would make FAB yard art or even cute inside....I just haven't decided where yet (I actually think i need a bigger house for all my stuff!!)

Finally got to try Greenfire in ROckford....I've heard FAB things about this place and it did NOT disappoint!!! Rustic chic decor in the birch privacy screen....

 and a FAB gorg birdcage chandalier (that they had JUST gotten in the previous week)
and the food! DELISH!!! American Bistro cuisine is how it's advertised...the Chicken tortellini Alfredo with bacon - TO DIE FOR.

What have YOU been up to this week?!??!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Y'all I am SO HAPPY the school year is winding down to an end....SO MUCH running and activities have left this family divided the past week (I KNOW it's the normal evolution of things as the kids get older but momma's not ready for that yet!!). I  only have a few pictures because my photog's schedule and mine don't match up!!!
FRIDAY was GARAGE SALE / Flea Market Set Up Day
 Vintage Glam T-Shirt - Gifted
Capri's - Hydraulic

SATURDAY - Flea Market Day
(started rainy BUT turned into a gorgeous day!!)
 What I'm wearing:
Hoodie - Target
Cross Necklace - theSassyPearl
Tank - Chico's
Leggings - Cute lil boutique in Wisconsin
Leopard Rain Boots - Aldi
** I did have a cute lil headband on too...that you could see ONCE I was able to take my hood down

What I'm wearing:
Jacket - Chico's
Necklace - Chico's
Shirt - Fam Dolla (they LITERALLY have some AWESOME stuff there sometimes)
Pants - Chico's
Booties - Target

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Monday, May 11, 2015


It's THAT time of year for us midwesterners!!! FLEA MARKET SEASON!!! WOOP WOOP!!! I love walking around gathering inspiration BUT I love more the hustle of selling there!!! This past weekend was the first flea of the season for me....#3frenchhensmarket in #morris Illinois. I spent a few weeks preparing ALL I have hunted and gathered....

My garage looked like THIS
(and that's one of the major reasons I hopped on the flea market train this season - I dodn't do one market last year)

Several layers of paint....

Mock display set-up (PERFECT day because it was windy)

 THIS is what my garage looks like during prep time!!!

Decisions, decisions....which color?!?!? 

I work best under pressure....bustin out things that have been on my to-do list for MONTHS

One day was "production day" and I was uber pleased with how everything came out!! 
L to R: Lace insert shutter (perfect to hang earrings), Heart of Rock N Roll Scrappy Flag and Gold glitter peace pillow covers

First step of the journey of a thousand miles....

We prayed HARD for no rain....God answered our prayers

The dog food canister and dishes (I went with the gold dishes - after I put them in there I kinda wanted to keep it for myself!!) sold within 15 minutes of opening

Silly poses are a must!!!

The princess and her empire....

Kickin back relaxing....

BECAUSE I know that the packing up is the hardest part!! 
My face says it all!! 

And I'm gearing up to do it again THIS weekend!!!