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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I can't believe the kids are already back in school - summer FLEW by! For the first day back we had our annual "back to school" breakfast of waffles, whip cream and strawberries.

Did ya notice the cute theme-y plates?!?! I picked up the large clear glass apple plates at Goodwill for .79 / Each JUST for BTSB (Back To School Breakfast). The cute lil bowl the strawberries are in....snagged that for .49!

Every year it has become a tradition that I decorate for "back to school". In our new home we do not have a fireplace....this is the first home in 6 years that I have had that doesn't have a mantle SO, we hung this shelf up to serve as our seasonal tableau.

Each year I add a piece or two to my "back to school decor" box....last year it was these green apples (LOVE them! LOVE the color and how cute they look in the silver dish). The vintage lunchbox and thermos' (one being used as a vase) were picked up at various flea markets for no more than a few dollars.

Found this cute lil granny smith apple towel at a local Goodwill (there were a ton so I am guessing they were clearanced out form some store) NOW, IF I knew how to sew I would've added fun lil fabric ruffles to the bottom.

These wooden trivets I picked up at different times in the year KNOWING I would spray paint granny smith green.....

This wreath I made last year and STILL LOVE it! To see more about it, visit this post here.....

Friday, August 26, 2011

Chalkboard Fridge

When we moved, the new house has a black stove and we knew we would be painting in blacks and greys BUT our fridge was white.

We carried it out to the deck.....
And gave it several coats of black Appliance Epoxy by Rust-oleum......

After the appliance paint to it looked like this......

Are you thinking, wait a minute, it's still white?!?!? Yes, indeed it is (we only sprayed the sides, we had something different in mind for the front. By doing just the sides, we were able to use just one can of epoxy paint {we skipped the top since nobody will really see that part})

We used this.....Krylon Chalkboard paint (used for appliances - per the can)

You have to let the chalkboard paint cure for 24 hours before seasoning the surface and writing on it.
HOORAY!! It's been 24 hours! I am thinking the freezer door will be the calendar (that way we can keep our 5 kids schedules straight)
and the bottom portion will be a Menu Board.....that way we can avoid the "what's for dinner question" (and I will always have my ingredients on hand)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the finished product!! NOW, the question is WILL it withstand daily use?

I'll keep you updated and let ya know! Have a great weekend! Enjoy the beautiful weather (OR tackle a project!!)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cover Up with Quatrefoil

Have you been to Bath & Body lately? They have a pretty amazing (and FUN) Fall line....squirrels, owls, skully's and quatrefoil! I picked this lil baby up Monday....

SO HARD to's a chrome quatrefoil soap dispenser cover up......that way I am able to use my Fourth of July soap for fall (and don't be fooled, I did NOT get the 4th soap on sale...I was just busy moving around the time of the 4th that I never got to use it and I was bummed out)
LUCKILY, I chose apple pie SO it's perfect for Back-To-School and FALL!!! I tried to just slip the cover right onto the soap.....
But the perfectionist in me would not allow me to leave the flag peaking thru.....(and I think it just looks ugly having the label peeking thru the design anyway, SO Dear B&B, please make your labels easier to remove....because I am taking mine OFF....). AS you can see, 100x better withOUT the label!!
Here are a few of the other designs they offer (pics courtesy of Bath & Body)

And if you LOVE quatrefoil and want a FUN pop of color this fall, I have a few of these bags available for purchase! They are $17.00 shipped (price includes S&H) just leave me a message if you want to purchase!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I am linking up with Lindsey today here for WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday). This week was the kids first week back at school so I have been crazy busy trying to squeeze in the last bits of summer and get all their supplies and uniforms ready! Stop back tomorrow for my "Back To School" decor post!

Lets get on with the pony show, shall we?!?!

Gorgeous day last week spent at The Riverwalk in Naperville.....

Grey T-Shirt - Target 2009
Black Leggings - Seven via Marshall's
Robins Egg Blue Sandals - TJ Maxx $5.00

We spent the weekend up at a friends cabin in Wisconsin. What a GREAT weekend - low key, food, games, drinks and a walk (which is where this pic was taken.....not that its all dressy or anything extraordinary)

Grey/Black Striped Thermal - Wal-mart $3.00
White Jacket - Target 2009
Denim Shorts - Don't remember

Running errands and grocery shopping.....just a lil something I threw on BUT was semi-impressed with the results (especially since the t-shirt has been relegated to "sleep attire" and I never wear out). I don't like the t-shirt because I think it's too big and I hate the cut of the sleeves. The skirt was long (like ankle length) so I took a pair of scissors to it.

T-Shirt - Old navy years ago
Brown Cut-off Skirt- Maurice's 2010 $5.00
Gold Sandals - Wal-Mart $3.00 (these sandals have been a STAPLE in my summer wardrobe - very comfy, goes with everything)

Remember the post I did about beauty? If not, you can find it here.....

I tried the elf gloss and LOVE it!
A perfect almost natural lip shade with a hint of rosey mauve....
Off to see what you all wore! Have a GREAT wednesday!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

THRIFTY Thursday - Coach

Hey Y'all! It's Thursday and that means the weekend is almost here! I am doing a TT (Thrifty Thursday) post on Coach handbags today. I scored the most AMAZING deals within the last month! For example......

This black coach wristlet (which is actually missing it's wrist strap which is why I think it was at The Salvation Army) can be used as a clutch OR used as a make-up bag, a bag inside your purse to organize your hand sanitizer and aspirin.....whatever! All I know is it's Coach and it was $3.80! A STEAL! My friend Jen was hating on me (she looked at it BUT looked past it...I don't think she realized it was a Coach). The moral of the story is, don't overlook ANYTHING at the thrift stores! Speaking of thrift stores, I know its not for everyone BUT I personally LOVE the "thrill of the hunt"....treasures abound!
I haven't been to many garage sales this year....So one Friday Paola and I decided to go garage sale-ing and we were SO disappointed! Lots of sales - all crap-ola! We did make one last stop and I KNEW this sale was going to be a good one (the street name was so cute BUT it escapes me now). As we pulled up there was an old push mower, lots of vintage goodies...I was so excited to get out.....BUT when I got out, the prices were a lil on the high side for me (I am VERY thrifty). I saw an old typewriter I LOVED, but wasn't willing to spend $ I left. As I was getting ready to drive away Paola said "you know you are going to regret this, go offer them $7.00" I said "nope, I will offer them $5.00". Lo and behold, they accepted my offer! Wahoo! (there really is a point to this story) SO, as I was paying the very nice lady, I found this....
Black leather, vintage Coach purse.....I was thinking I can only imagine how much this must be....I looked at the price.....
People it was $1.00!!! YES!! Can you believe it?!?!! $1.00!!! So, the moral of the story here is that I was meant to go back and get the typewriter so I could ALSO get the purse! Thanks Paola!!
Funny, the other day I went to Old Navy and spotted these.....

Similar in style to my Coach BUT $22.94 (if anyone is interested). SO looks like I made a good buy as the style seems to be perfect for fall! I plan to wear my Coach this way....
For trips downtown, the zoo, etc. Those days when I need a smaller bag and want to be hands free!

It also comes in Zebra - LOVE me some animal print!!
I'd LOVE to hear about YOUR finds! Heck, it would be fun to put a thrifty thursday linky up BUT I don't know how.....if you do, shoot me a message and lets figure it out!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It's Wednesday......and for those of you that don't know, it's WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday) being hosted by Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy If you've never checked it out, stop by - there's TONS of accessory / clothing inspiration.

Here's my WIWW (I ALMOST forgot to take a pic hence the night time snapshot!!)
Peacock Sweater Shrug - 2008 -Don't remember where from
Grey Striped Dress - Marshall's Summer 2010
Robins Egg Blue Sandals - TJ Maxx $5.00
Pearl Necklace - Lane Bryant Summer 2010

and HERE is the SAME dress...worn last March......with a long sleeve under it was a transitional piece.....
Don't be afraid to try new ways to wear your pieces so you can use them year round - this is a tip seen in the fashion magazines all the time!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Strike it SILVER

I picked up two of these FAB chairs and KNEW they had potential.....a nice black linen look / denim like fabric in GREAT condition. I was going to paint the trim white BUT thought about it....and wanted a lil more EDGE! So as you can see I pulled the trim off......

Taped plastic garbage bags over the fabric......(which was a major PITA {PainInTheAss} and took days in between coats)......
and VIOLA!! Here is the finished product at the Kane County Flea Market last month! In case you hadn't guessed, I went with SILVER paint! That made these fab chairs modern and hip! A lot of people liked them too! Which is why they S O L D!!! (and honestly I was a lil sad when they sold.....I really liked them....thats the hazard of this business).
Dont be afraid to take a CHANCE! Make it MARVELOUS MONDAY!
p.s. See that FAB silver tree stump?!?! I painted that too - LOTS of people loved it....the husbands and boyfriends couldn't justify PAYING for a tree stump! LUCKILY I got to keep this bad bird!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Carnivale Paint Treatment

If you live in Chicago or are planning to visit make sure you go to Carnivale Restaurant......FAB food, GREAT atmosphere and TONS of inspiration! The designer Jerry Kleiner has kept classic bones with an infusion of color! See for yourself here Below is a photo from Carnivale restaurant.....

Which was the inspiration for THIS project......this bathroom started out LIME green (which used to be my favey color BUT after seeing it splashed all over the bathroom walls, I have had a lil change of heart)

There was a lil boo-boo here from the doorknob hitting the wall......
SO all these elements combined were the PERFECT excuse to try out what I imagined was a similar paint technique to Carnivale.......
I simply dry brushed all the paint colors used in the rest of the house......accented the walls with "art" cut from magazines and framed (do you see how PERFECT the "prints" match the ceiling at Carnivale?).

I think the finished product is a FUN, UNEXPECTED something for your guests to ponder while in the loo kinda bathroom!
So the moral of this story is DON'T be AFRAID to try something new.....don't let fear hold you back - it's ONLY paint! And the other lesson - I L O V E Carnivale! I'd love to know if you've ever been there.....if so leave me a comment!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beauty Brigade

HELLO! It's been AGES, I know! Personal changes have prohibited me from being able to blog BUT the good news is I'm bbaaaacccckkkkkk! I thought a FUN first post would be a beauty post! Some of these are news products I have yet to try (so when I do I will give ya a review and a yay or nay on them) and others are PERSONAL faves!

Here is my loot...........elf ultimate eye collection in 'Summer Ready', Exfoliating natural loofah pads, bigsexyhair Spray & Play, Shady Lady theBalm, elf Superglossy lip shine and Hydralane Moisturizing Eye Contour Care
I cannot say ENOUGH about how much I LOVE bigsexyhair Hairspray.....I go back and forth between this and Redken (because I feel my hair needs the change up every now and then so it doesn't get used to one brand). This spray however is an amazing hold SO when I can find it on sale I snag it up (Marshall's $11.99 vs. $18.00 elsewhere)
eyes lips face = elf. Have you ever tried their products? These are FAB lil gems that cost anywhere from $1.00 - $5.00 MAX and can usually be found at Target (sometimes the Dollar Store and Big Lots - which is where I got mine from). I have used the gloss before and love it, this is a new shade....Mauve Luxe
I also picked up this ultimate eye collection kit in a "summer ready" palette. Truth be told, I have used the eyelid primer and LOVED it (just ran out) and the primer is $1.00, this entire kit was $4.50 - I figured I couldn't go wrong as I was going to spend the dollar anyway on the primer. There are some really nice nude / neutral shades as well as a fab sparkly dark grey - can't wait to try this!
While at Marshall's I came across Shad Lady...has anyone used this product? The packaging is way too cute! (thanks to my friend Jen and her adorable bathroom I've come to appreciate a good pack job - that doubles as a fab display)
Packaged similar to a CD, once opened, these fun eyeshadow shades were revealed....
Natural exfoliating loofah face cleansing pads....I liked the natural look and think they will be fab displayed in a small apothecary jar and a great way to exfoliate my face.
Also pictured is Hydralane Eye Moisturizing Contour care.....having just celebrated a birthday last week, I am feeling the need to be more vigilant with a skin care, anti-aging routine. I have never tried this product BUT will also let ya know what I think!

Make it a BEAUTIFUL day!