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Friday, September 29, 2017



Once September 1st rolled around I had to get my PSL on...

Lest you think I'm a total @starbucks snob....I make my own coffee at home too (OF COURSE flavored with Pumpkin Spice creamer from @coffeemate . Although @aldi has a pretty good version too). Have you tried these Pumpkin Spice Oreo cookies?!??! Cookies of the devil I tell you!! SO DEELISH!!!

Speaking of Aldi...I saw this Pumpkin Chipotle pasta sauce there and decided to give it a whirl - YUM!!! Reminds me of my homemade sauce with a lil zip!

Since it's been in the 90's in the midwest - a PSL was outta the question Monday - a PSL FRAP was EXACTLY what the DR ordered (because @portillos was still OUT of their pumpkin shakes)

AS I mentioned in the 90's SO I grilled some steaks over the weekend (I feel kinda jerky complaining about 90 degree's when people in Florida, Puerto Rico and Mexico are dealing with legit life threatening weather lash back).

Some nice bacon wrapped filets from @target ( LOVE their meat...I try to get there first thing in the morning to take advantage of the discounted sell by that date meat).

Wanna know something IRONIC?!?! I don't like pumpkin pie - the texture just grosses me out (come to think of it I am more of a cake and frosting kinda girl anyway).

Thursday, September 28, 2017


AS I mentioned last week I have been uber inspired by youtube videos....especially Sharonshesofabulous....y'all she really IS FABULOUS!!! Her video  HERE
inspired MY own fall centerpiece!!

I watched her a few times and shopped for my supplies...I WISH I had shopped my house first BECAUSE I already had the literally exactly the SAME (good to know I am a creature of habit). The paints were from @Joannfabrics and the rest is from @dollartree....

These items I bought with the intent of painting them....I knew the burlap texture would make for a nice painted textured finish....and the decorative gourds I wanted to be able to place here and there...
(if you watched Sharon you know she used different foam rings {my dollar tree was out of the ones she used SO I improvised} and she used 5, I used 2). 

 I popped the gourds on a wooden skewer prior to painting to keep my hands neat and let them dry...

Here you can see I painted the burlap pumpkin, added robins egg blue german glass glitter to the top...
 and if that wasn't enough I added these "spikes" from a pumpkin kit I bought @target last year in the 90% off clearance sale.

I got my floral "picks" by cutting them off bouquets of flowers I purchased from Dollar Tree....


I hot glued my rings together like she did (BUT I left the plastic wrap on mine because they are that messy florist foam). I was still able to stick the floral picks through the plastic.

Here are my supplies corralled and ready to go...some items were things I had (like the burlap leaves and the pearls which were given to me by my sista from a different mista). I was SURE these would be ENOUGH flowers...
 I placed my foam ring on top of the urn to be able to move it around and see it from all angles...unbeknownest to me I would end of LOVING it atop the urn (which was a thrifted find).
 I probably COULD have went with just the florals I had as they were BUT I did purchase another bouquet to add....and instead of a mirrored top I used a silver round serving tray from Dollar Tree...

 ABOVE is my finished fall tablescape.....
BELOW is the process....
The centerpiece with two candles (the blue one was BRAND NEW from a garage sale - I paid .50 and it's got GLITTER, the orange one and the subsequent ones below I had in my candle cabinet). I worked my table in layers (to read about the placemats and plate settings go Tuesday's post). Those gray blue lanterns were purchased at the after summer sale at Fam Dolla for $1.00 each
 The small pale milky blue votive holders were from Dollar Tree

In the final picture the mercury glass candle sticks were something I had on hand in my "candle cabinet" and the tapers are a thrift store find...whenever I find multiple tapers in colors I decorate with I pick them up because I know eventually I will use them. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


I went to Pier One a couple weeks ago KNOWING I'd find AMAZING inspiration for fall....I LEGIT wanted to buy everything in there BUT being a momma on a budget that just isn't possible (I'm sorry @pierone for just gathering inspiration and not purchasing).

THIS Gorgeous place mat was the inspiration for my own DIY...

 (I believe each one retails for around $20.00)
I had 3 rattan place mats at home (it was one of those 'OOOH I need these and I'll find more at another store' WHICH I never did) so I knew for my current table setting I needed three more....FORTUNATELY I went to Pier One First and got inspired BECAUSE I found EXACTLY three of the below place mats @target for .58 / EACH!!! 

Off to @dollartree I went to get my bags of faux silk leaves to glue onto the place mats...

 So far so good....SO on I went gluing another two layers (I didn't do the entire mat because I KNEW I was going to be placing a charger OVER them and in an effort to keep costs low this saved a few dollars as well).

 After I glued down all my leaves I went ahead and gave a quick dusting of white spray paint because I am doing sages, blues and grays for my tablescape this season....

 ( I did start out using the cheap-o spray paint I had on hand which did NOT do the trick....I ended up buying a krylon white primer and that worked like a charm)

Here is the start of my table setting.....
(you can see the centers of the placemats and that I didn't tape them off because it truly doesn't matter to me...if I was selling them I would've made a nice clean edge)

 As you see once you put the charger (which I had on hand from an after holiday clearance sale at Michael's) you can't even tell the entire mat isn't covered with the leaves. These GORG napkins were a clearance find @target (they were $4.48 for a pack of 4 I believe...I didn't pay anything for them because that week that had a promotion if you spent $20.00 on meat you got a $5.00 gift card).

I simply placed my everyday white dinner plates on top of the charger and VIOLA!! It's the start of mt fall table! COME BACK THURSDAY to see the rest of the table and the centerpiece I made!! 

What's YOUR color scheme this fall?!?!

Monday, September 25, 2017


IF you've read my other posts you know about my love of @dollartree faux nails (NOT a paid sponorship....although....I'd be down @dollartree). For this weeks mani I wanted something fall BUT not all out fall (ya know since it's been in the 90's here in the midwest).

I bought this color a few years ago and I missed using it last the bottle it kinda looks like baby poop!! The name is "yummy yam". These are my accent nail choice (there is a "yammy" color in there - look closely).

The yummy yam's are my nails and the accent nail is faux...coincidence it's the middle finger?!?!?! I think not!!

What color are YOU sporting this week?!?!

Monday, September 18, 2017


If you've been reading for awhile you KNOW of my love for @dollartree faux nails. AMAZING designs, only a dolla and they typically last about a week (depending what projects or cleaning I am doing). Here is LAST week's Mani Monday....

The SECRET is picking up the nail design you like WHENEVER you see it (because they sell out quickly). I bought these back in July. They're perfect ANYTIME of year BUT I knew they'd be especially perfect for "fall".

I have St. Patrick's Day designs for next year, red and black ombre for around Halloween, glitter for the holidays....Have YOU tried Dollar Tree's nails?!?!

Thursday, September 14, 2017


I LOVE a good find!!! Last week I got to go garage sale-ing and found a few pretty good pieces...

 (obvi the napkins are from Target and the other from Homegoods BUT this ENTIRE haul was $10.00 - TOTAL). See the apple picture?!?!? While it IS beautiful, I really bought it for the mirrored frame - I paid $2.00.

        I pried up the apple pic to see if it would loosen without tearing the fabric and it did!!!

I needed some type of backing for my picture as it was slightly smaller than the glue spots left behind....

 I was going to use a scrap of denim from an old pair of jeans BUT it wasn't wide I dug through my scrapbook paper and found this blue tissue type glued it down...

Hot glued my cute lil @dollartree Cow print on the paper....and VIOLA!!! My country glam print is ready to be hung!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


I am SO LATE to the youtube game....I NEVER watch videos on there....but one of my insta accounts I follow posted a fall home tour and I've been ADDICTED ever since!! I find so much INSPIRATION on these decorating / haul channels (I mean I TOTALLY wanna make some videos too BUT I'm not ready yet...I want my office to be perfect OR at least usable - like legit the table is COVERED with stuff). Anyway after watching @sharonshesofabulous I was inspired to create FALL FLORAL centerpieces.

While out thrifting one day I found this gorgeous floral urn - already done up like this and I was buying it to piece it out...was going to use the flowers for one thing and the urn for another...

 BECAUSE it was ONLY $1.00 for the whole thing....I couldn't buy either the flowers or the urn for under $4.00....

 Then I realized it was TOO GORGEOUS to take apart...and I could keep it out year round and just ADD fall this chunky glitter pumpkin I made and showed y'all HERE
I simply added a wooden skewer and stick it sideways into the arrangement....
and then I remembered I had this gorg feather I found at a garage sale (in the driveway out in the country on our way out) and plopped that in there too!!
Now I have this really gorgeous rustic arrangement in my powder room (and the total cost - $2.00). If you have a decor youtube channel leave me your link so I can check it out!!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


 THESE are what you get when you ask your son to take a pic and you've interrupted his video-gaming....

Necklace/Choker in One - Burlington Coat Factory (MORE than just great coats)
Leopard Top - Fam Dolla (old)
Jeans - Maurices
Booties - Target
BLUR - Courtesy of my son
 What I'm wearing:
Top - Thrifted
Jeggings - Maurices
Booties - Garage Sale

I DO NOT think I'm a supermodel....these poses get weird (I KNOW all my WIWW girls and any blogger / social media poster feels my pain)
Sunglasses - Fam Dolla
Necklace - Burlington Coat Factory
Top - Vintage and thrifted
Jeans - Burlington Coat Factory
Booties - Target
Pouf - Target
Purse - Vintage Louis

Er'one needs the requited fitting room selfie!! 
Vest - Thrifted
Necklace - Thrifted
Floral Top - Ross
Jeggings - Maurices
Booties - Target

Where's YOUR fave place to shop??!