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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Midwest Gardening

These daffodils were just about to open in the garden BUT with temps getting down to the 30's that night I cut them and brought them in.

ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS......At least for this project!! I wish I could remember who's blog I originally saw them (if it was yours or you know, PLEASE tell me so I can give credit where credit is due) when I say them, I mean these(the herb cylinders)....
I LOVE the uniform look of all 3 like don't get me wrong, I'm a mix and match kinda girl BUT these below just looked wrong....
Just a glass approx. 12" cylinder filled with dirt, topped with a kitchen cutting herb garden of choice and labeled with Dollar Tree chalkboard adhesive panels. Simple, FAB and inexpensive! For all of this....
It was only $5.00 INCLUDING seeds!

As long as I am sharing my window herb garden, I figured I'd also share my happy collection of white and glassware. Vintage glass bottle made in Italy adorned with a pearl "ornament", Mother Mary with my great Aunt's Rosary and a soldered charm that reads "I am not perfect, just forgiven", vintage glass door knobs and a pair of brass hands(which I'm thinking of painting white) to hold my rings when I do dishes.

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