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Friday, January 23, 2015


Y'all I am TRYING to stay current with posts but I'm not being so good at it....follow me on instagram for MORE up to the minute stuff! SO for the past 2 weeks I have been  on this fitness journey...I believe what "they" say...that 70% of your body transformation starts in the kitchen....SO that requires quite a bit of prep work BUT it's SO WORTH it knowing you have healthy (sodium and preservative free) foods at your disposal to take to school, work or when you get home. Below I am going to share with you a few pics of the meals I have prepared...and I would LOVE for you to share some of your healthy recipes with me - just leave me your link!!

A lil compilation of my meals....

I LOVE me some carbs and am not ready to give them portion control has been KEY

Guac is a good fat - it's the chips that kill it... SO if you limit your chip intake you can indulge in a lil treat like this (in my guac I add red onion, diced tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice a lil salt and some pepper and garlic powder)

 I take my lunch to work in portion a tupperware I add a meat, a carb and a veggie...I bring a greek yogurt and fruits....

Again portion control is exercised here...I sued 2 small 8" tortilla shells and a lil butter to brown them and filled them with shredded chicken (prepared earlier in the week) some shredded cheese, onions and's about making the meal FLAVORFUL quality OVER quantity

This is a typical Sunday or sometimes Monday for me...meal planning, marinating, washing and cutting veggies and putting together jars or refridgerator oatmeal

Another work lunch....still fruits, greek yogurt and in the tupperware a mix of ground turkey and lean ground beef with onions, jalapenos and yellow peppers...this serving of rice was large SO I skipped my afternoon oats and just had fruit...

I KNOW this doesn't look healthy BUT it's portion controlled...a very small baked potato (no butter JUST gravy)
Show me YOUR recipes!!!

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Twinkle Terrior said...

What great meals.. we are trying to do more fish and veggies in the new year. However, being part Mom brought us tortellini soup yesterday that was AMAZING!!