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Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I have an affinity for collecting THINGS!! And it's funny, when I'm thrifting I seem to choose items that go together...not intentionally, but probably self consciously. When you collect what you love, it all works together. Take my table setting below for example, 95% of what you see is thrifted...and that other 5% the items were less than $5.00. 

This year I wanted a black and white buffalo check theme (harder to find than you might think...the place I had the most success was Homegoods)

 Runner - Thrifted last year AFTER seeing Love the Coopers....I adore Diane Keatons style and thought I could use this as a sash (I never did that BUT thankfully I held onto it)
Placemats - Thrifted last month @ Salvation Army
Chargers - Michaels - June 2016 - they were clearanced to 70% off so I think I paid around $9.00 for 12
(it does mean you have to store it and remember WHERE you put it BUT it saves SO much money)
Plates - Picked up at various thrifts over the years - when you do white it can always be mixed and matched
My entire Centerpiece is various thrifted finds....I had planned to only do black and white BUT my kitchen theme is a candy colored christmas SO I added the pops of green and LOVED it. This year I layered, layered and when I thought I was done - added another layer!!

These gold glitter coasters were .75 for a pack of 12 at walmart a couple years ago after New YEars Eve...I picked them up because they were gold and GLITTER!!! The 6 pack of napkin rings were $2.00 at Marshalls and as I mentioned the place mats were thrifted and .69 / each
I'd LOVE to see your table decor for the holidays!!! Getting inspiration from fellow bloggers is always fun!! Leave me a comment with your link so I can see how you decorate!

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