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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

GoodBUY Swoozies

Have y'all heard of Swoozies? If not lemme fill ya in....the name alone is TOO fun right? Go ahead say it (not in your head -out LOUD)'s was a fun tongue in cheek preppy monogram heaven. They had paper and invites galore, monograms, you want monograms they had 20 (does anyone get that I was typing that to the tune of The Little Mermaid....thingamabobs I've got 20....) fun paper napkins, etc. Anyway, I read on Katie's blog @ Harrington House that she went to her store and they were going outta business...I called my Swoozies and they had 4 days to go....ooooh....sad :(
I picked up some FAB brown zebra print napkins, a sterling silver charm bracelet with several monogram charms that'll be going on Ebay as none of them are mine) and this....

FUN FAB colored beach pool bag (and perfect timing as vacay is just around the corner) BUT fab can always be FAB-er (I know I know, not a real word but in my dictionary it is)
So I gathered my supplies (a crown printed out from the net and a sharpie....originally I was going to paint BUT that left too much room for error on my part)
Traced the crown and simply colored in (I needed my carpal tunnel / crafter brace afterwards BUT think it came out great)
Don't you agree?

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♥ Noelle ♥ said...

cute idea!! i will have to post my giant beach bags i bought! they are too cute!