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Friday, January 20, 2012

I dont know what to call this post

Sometimes life isn't what we expect it to be....there are bumps along the journey of life and we are taken in all kinds of directions. Along the way you meet people who come into your life, some go as fast as they come and others stay....those that stay, you know are your friends. Sometimes friendships form in the most unlikely of ways, but the most surprising and pleasant....I have that. Despite our busy lives and the opposite directions we have gone....we still keep in touch and make time for one another. We recently met for lunch and this friend so surprised me.....

Yes, those are boxes from Coach! I have to tell you I secretly hoped they weren't really gifts from Coach because that would be far too extravagant....and I struggle accepting gifts of that magnitude. My friend wrote this note:

Every woman should have
-Something Bling!
-Something Wild!
and something for that "little black dress". Happy New year. All the best in 2012!

Thank you kind friend! Your selflessness and kindness won't soon be forgotten. You are one in a million!! 


Makaila said...

What amazing gifts!! I'm sure you're friend got a lot of joy from giving them to you. :)

Deanna Jones said...

:) Your 'friend' has great taste, like YOU. *wink wink*

Andy said...

Love a good gifty!