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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kardashian Kolor Kraze

Last night was at home pedi night.....After soaking my feet in a dish of warm water (I DID spare you THAT photo!!). I used this handi-dandi pedi block  I picked up at Big Lots over the summer. This is the best invention EVAH!! You simply "sand" away on your damp's made by hoof feet (that name KILLS ME). AND it was only $1.00 - S T E A L!!!

Remember back in December when I posted about the Kardashian book and nails colors I picked up? I chose this one.....

The Color is "Listen to your mom-ager". A FAB royal blue (which just so happens to match the new highlights I got last week.....see them in the pic? Not an entirely flattering pic of me as it was last night and I'm battling a crappy cold....They are hair extensions that are "melted" onto my real hair....they last several weeks. (so I'm told)

Ta-Da!! Here I am RAWKIN'  "Listen to your mom-ager" on my toes AND a french on my fingers. As I look at this photo I realize my hands look OLD (Insert sad face here). Do y'all have any fab tips to make my hands look young again?!?!?

Is it just me OR do we notice a theme here?!?! Have a BLUE Tuesday :) 


Makaila said...

ohmylord, you're hands do NOT look "old".. you silly girl! Lol I loove the blue.

White Door Cream Puff said...

My toes are blue this week too! Love it - so fun. Tips- yes, soak your hands in warm olive oil then get the aloe infused gloves (Khols, or CVS, etc) and sleep in them. Your hands will be supple, soft and winter-armored! Happy w-end oxox :)