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Thursday, January 12, 2012

57 to 26 and Target Treasures

Um ok, I know I am in the Midwest and it is ONLY January BUT yesterday it was gorgeous and sunny and 57.....           

What the what what?!?!?!? How did it go from 57 to 26 in a matter of hours? Well, what does one do when there's a winter weather advisory? Go shopping of course!! (ok, not really, I was an an appointment that I could not cancel and made the best of it by running to Targét afterwards. I picked up a couple great shirts and some cutie winter boots (for another post) and these.....

(Targét brand "Emergen-C", Loreal's new line of polish in "satin sheets", Nicole by OPI "Glitter in my stocking", Maybelline Baby Lips ,People Style Watch and some Blingeratti make-up brushes.....

These fab blingtastic babies are made by ELF (Eyes, Lips, Face) and look so fun! Even if they suck, they will stand tall and proud in my make-up display!!

Babylips by Maybelline...I saw these at the store a few weeks ago and wanted to try them and then last night while blog surfing I found another blogger who had given a review on them SO, I decided to give them a whirl! Their stats look pretty good:

82% VISIBLY less dress
94% Less Rough lips
77% more supple
77% better looking lips

AND they come in a two pack so you can share with your lil princess or BFF! My flavors are quenched (which is a clear balm) and Pink Punch (which is a pale pink hue)

I will let y'all know if they are any good!

I have been looking for a pale-y white polish with sprinkles (gold flecks, glitter, etc) and haven't had much luck...when I saw Satin Sheets by Loreal I thought it might be just what I was looking for...I'll review and post later.....and Glitter In My Stocking was FUN and yup-yup, it was on clearance!!

"emergen-c {cuz momma feels a lil something coming on}, Smart Water {if it's good enough for Jen Aniston, its good enough for me, LOL!!}

Ciao! for now....I'm off to indulge in bloggy-blogs and my People Style! Have a great nite! Stay warm and safe!

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