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Thursday, March 3, 2016


The 5th (YEP 5th ) time was the CHARM!!!
I am ga-ga over my new kitchen curtain!!!! The colors are GLORIOUS!!! (I've always done the Robins Egg Blue BUT I am finding I am drawn to pink - which is a BIG shocker for anyone who knows me...and kitchen is accents of yellow and pink). 

The photo below was right after we moved in (I was actually taking pics of my new highlights BUT look way in the background at the window). Those were the cafe curtains from my last house (I LOVE them BUT they no longer make them so I couldn't add to them...see how they were peek-a-boo curtains?!?!)

Then there was a vintage curtain...and that was too skinny and too long (and since I have 4 panels I didn't want to go slicing one up, because someday I may need a set of 4). SO then I had the idea to use a vintage tablecloth.....It was for a card table and again too narrow
(this window has been the BIGGEST PITA to's taller and narrower than a standard window AND it's right above the sink so the length has to be just right). 

ENTER the dream....first I bought the napkins to this pattern thinking I could put them together to make 2 cute lil panels....the pack of 4 wasn't enough AND when I went back to grab another they were GONE! SO I bought the tablecloth instead!!! Knowing I could trim and heatbond it to the right size (because I don't know how to sew). Moving during the winter is AWFUL (not only the ACTUAL moving in that frigid weather) BUT the fact that my garage is a storage and I can't find a thing!) I have countless packs of these clippy O-rings (I pick them up whenever I see them at the thrift because I know I can always use them and they're expensive in the store). SO I made due with the 3 rings I had (it looks like a total make-shift job...I can only imagine what the neighbors think).

I popped in my fave thrift last week (I didn't even grab a cart because I am trying to stay away from the thrift stores - I have spent crazy cash there lately). I found an UNOPENED pack of (mini) goldtone clip rings (these are legit older - made in the good 'ol USA). NOW I can finally gather and clip the curtain as I saw it in my mind the ENTIRE time!!!

I folded the top over and clipped (I see where I got a lil crazy...this was a 2 person job and my daughter was O V E R it!!). No matter - I LOVE it!!! It's an @aprilcornell table cloth.
What was YOUR solution for a troublesome window?!??!

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