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Monday, June 20, 2016


For the past 4 months I have been getting the no-chip mani’s and I L O V E them!! With flea market season upon me (and 3 shows in one week) I wasn’t about to go get my nails done (even though they had outgrowth and I DESPARATLEY needed too). With painting, sanding and styling my nails take a beating during flea market prep. SO.....with an outgrowth like this.....

There was just one thing to do!!! I was sitting there looking at them one night thinking how can I disguise the outgrowth for my show...and then it came to me.... Turn them into watermelons of course!!!

I simply used a thin green nail art polish to paint in between the coral and the cuticle......they looked pretty janky before I added the “seeds”!! Which I did by again using a nail art polish (they are the lil skinny bottles with smaller brushes). 

I’m pretty pleased with my creative turn around AND have gotten several compliments!!!

What do YOU do to make your mani’s last?!?!!

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