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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


OK, so anyone who KNOWS me (like really knows me) will be SHOCKED by this post!!! I was ALWAYS the girl who LOATHED pink (because it was so girly and everyone likes it and I wanted to be different) BUT pink has wormed its way into my heart! I frequent thrift stores A LOT. You never know what you might find (I personally LOVE the thrill of the hunt) and I pick things up here and there for future projects so I’m not running out at the last minute paying full price for items (knobs, display props, fabrics, greenery, florals, etc). I have noticed when thrifting I lean toward a color scheme (not always the same color every trip). It usually starts with one piece and then before I know it my cart is an onsemblage of hues and shades of one color!!! 

I always always will pick up an interesting glass storage jar BECAUSE I know I will use these in my kitchen (even if just in my cabinets I like to have my items pretty vs. store packaging).

While playing around on pinterest I found cute napkin ideas and KNEW I had to go back and get these bow napkin holders (I had passed them over several times before because I didn’t really have a use for them BUT pretty can be useful AND I have used them as props for my etsy shop). 

I am smitten with all things Italian SO it’s only natural that I would purchase this woven ceramic planter stamped “made in Italy” on the bottom!!! (and these have now evolved into a collection...I keep my eyes out for them and they have their own display spot in my cabinet). 

What have you SCORED at the thrift lately?!?! Leave your score in the comment section and I’ll pop by your blog and check it out!! 

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