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Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Hi! I'm still here....just not blogging as much because I think we have become an instagram clan! Makes sense since we are mostly an INSTAnt gratification linda world! I thought I'd drop in and say hi!! I miss the blogs (I too am guilty of that insta habit) post a few pics and I'd LOVE to hear from you guys....if anyones still out there!!

With the cool "spring" we had I did several inside the house projects....changing out these knobs was one of them (this is the AFTER...a mix of 2 different knobs for a unique look).

Target never disappoints....saw these FAB neon sandals and was in LOVE

And this romper too....Target again

Re-opened my etsy shop and have been listing like a fiend in between flea markets...this party kit is ALMOST too pretty to sell!!

Some pieces of nature for this wasp nest. Did you know these nests are a paper like substance created when the wasps take in wood and mix it with their saliva to spin these masterpieces of nature?!??! Pretty impressive - dontcha think?!??!

Also selling these vintage berry baskets...a few varieties just in time for summer!! 
It's been so long since I've thought about posting that all my pictures are still prisoners in my phone!! Until next time.....

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