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Monday, October 10, 2016

MANI MONDAY....HAUTE Mess with Fingr's

HAPPY Monday friends!!! Hopefully it's a holiday for you and you get to enjoy! 

I LOVE a fun mani! 

Whenever I am out and see a fun pattern on nails, I grab them! Sometimes I use the entire set at once (as seen above) other times I just add a nail to two to each hand as an accent. I found these @FING'RS prints @dollartree (where I get most of my "fake" nails). 

With a name like HAUTE Mess you can't help but love them!!! And the colors and pattern are pretty fab too!!

The trick to making these nails look more natural is to file them down after application. Here you can see the left side is as they were out of the package and the right side is after they are filed down. It makes them look a lil more "natural".

While they look FAB they are a "press-on" nails SO they already have the adhesive on the back (which makes for EASY application). However not great wear. Because of the tacky glue they shift in place and I ended up removing them less than 24 hours later. They are a good "quick fix" but not meant for the long haul (UNLESS they didn't come pre-adhesive and you could use a nail glue). 
Do you guys have a favorite go to for at-home (fake) mani's?!?!?

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