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Saturday, November 12, 2016


.....Snapshots via my iphone from the past FEW weeks....

Sweet baby kitten

and her sister....

While Trick R' Treating in Chicago people went ALL OUT for the Cubs (how about that World Series WIN?!?!?)

The Skullydog was wearing a Cubs jersey and carrying the "W" flag

The kids and their pets!!!

If you've been following me on instagram you know I'm trying to get fit!! Drinking a gallon of water a day is H A R D!!!

Have you tried the NEW Carmelized Banana Chocolate oatmeal from @Starbucks?!?! It is DEVINE!!!

While in the city visiting my peeps we decided to food prep! (see yesterdays post for the 6 P's)

We are having the MOST AMAZING fall here in the Midwest! This pic was from Rock Cut State Park this past Sunday...sunny and 66!

While visiting my chica's I was reminded how much I LOVE I came home and went thru my stuff and realized I have a BRAND NEW Smashbook (good thing since I have been informed they are no longer in business - WHAT?!?!?!).

This is a PERFECT example of WHY I don't clean!!! I was wiping down my crystal glasses and apparently with mighty force! It broke in my hand!

I KNOW I want some Cubbies gear to commemorate the BIG WIN...this zip up jacket is the WINNER so far!

Walked a mile the other day....not much but a START 

What have YOU been up to?!?! 

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