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Friday, August 4, 2017


This year was the first year we've done (or TRIED to do Shark Week - my kids just weren't about it!!). Of course I LOVE a theme!! So I ran with it (with only a week of planning - well, perusing Pinterest).


 SUPER easy to make!! Blue Hawaiian Punch (about 2/3 of the glass) 7-up (about a third of the glass or you're ice cream won't fizz) and a scoop of vanilla ice cream...topped off with a gummy shark of course!!!

We borrowed Jaws from the library...CLASSIC Shark Week right?!?! The kids weren't impressed with the 1970's faux shark. I was startled at parts of it!! I don't think I've ever seen jaws in it's entirety until then. For the movie I made SHARK CHOW (popcorn, pretzel and cheddar goldfish and red, white and blue M&M's).

These were FINtastic  
(pun totally intended)
Shark Spoons (I blogged the how-to yesterday), Blue jello and cool whip - can't get much simpler than that!!

Do YOU participate in Shark Week?!?! If so, I'd love to know what you do so I can implement next year!!

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