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Thursday, August 3, 2017

TRY IT THURSDAY Shark Week Fin Spoons

I saw this CUTE Idea on Pinterest (thank goodness for Pinterest, where would we be creatively without it?!?!).

So here's the HOW TO on the spoons:

I'm super sorry Kilz....I KNOW this is NOT what you intended with your adhesive (VERY LARGE like 8 x 10 paint samples). The color was PERFECT (porpoise grey) and the adhesive part was the

I just free-hand drew a shark fin (remember to FLIP the fin to make the spoons double sided). Cut, peel back your adhesive....
....stick your spoon down and press your other adhesive fin on top!

VIOLA!!! You now have a SHARK FIN SPOON!!!
The Cotton Candy jello was DEELISH and smelled even sweeter!! These jello cups were a HIT!!

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