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Thursday, August 31, 2017


These cooler mornings are giving me all the feels....for FALL!!!! I LOVE everything about it (except getting darker early - DO NOT LIKE THAT PART) the layers, sweaters, PSL er'thing, candles, leaves, apples, cider, fires....

Back in JULY I saw this display at my local @joannfabrics 

I am pretty smitten with ALL the pumpkins and know I could DIY most of them! First on the list was the white with the chunky gold glitter bottom.... 

I purchased my lil jack at Dollar Tree and had the chunky glitter from Targets Dolla spot last Christmas (I couldn't remember why I originally bought the chunky glitter UNTIL I was thinking about senior photos - that's what I bought it for).
 Got some wax paper, painted the bottom 1/3 of the pumpkin with white glue and sprinkled the chunky glitter on...

 I did this one morning BEFORE work and I felt so accomplished! I let sit to dry....and will be putting it on display NEXT WEEK (well I was holding out for September...tomorrow IS September 1st....).

Next on my list is the feather pumpkin!! What has been your FAVE FALL DIY that I should try?!?!

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