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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I ♥ Dollar Tree and Chore Charts

Dollar Tree love RIGHT HERE peeps.....

....2 frames, 1 pack of dry erase markers $3.00.....

Makes some HAPPY chore charts! I simply printed the chart out on the computer (once chore negotiations were complete....dollar amount, chores and payment frequency), inserted into my almost(will be SO much better with a Granny Smith Apple wash over the black) fab dollar tree frames and use dry erase marker to check which chores have been completed. This makes the kids wanna do their chores (so they can use the markers) and helps us to keep track as they get paid per chore. These will be mounted low on the kitchen wall so they can easily reach them.
If you're curious on what we've decided as a pay structure, here goes:
Paid weekly
.25 Per chore(not per day, simply per chore per week) for Ex. Maya gets $6.00 (i think we rounded hers up) and she gets $3.00 to spend on whatever she wants and the other $3.00 must go into her savings. I believe this will teach responsibility (she needs to save for big ticket items), will cut down on her begging me for senseless crap and she will over the course of time see she has saved money for the future ($156.00 / year will go into her savings account).

Try it, it's fun! Stay cool!


♥ Noelle ♥ said...

great idea! i did this before with my oldest but am WAY TOO POOR now:(

we decided to try it again and offer a quarter per chore so i could get some help with housework!!

Gracefully Vintage said...

Hey , I found ya- Great Idea, i love it.. I also love your cute tank tops- have you ever chkd out (Ruffles & Stuff) her blog is all about ruffles- and stuff like those tanks-.. Too Cute.
Glad to put a face to your email-..
A New Follower of yours- i ll check back- hope to see more of your shop.