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Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like....


WHAT?!?! Just kidding - kinda! My girl Paola and I wanted to make something and since Halloween is already next week, we decided to forgo a Halloween project...Thanksgiving could've been fun BUT nope, we went right ahead to Christmas! Last year in blogworld there were tons of ornament wreaths all over blogland so I thought this might be a fun project for us.

We are Happily getting our craft on! Until we realize we are short balls....big balls, small balls, green balls and gold balls! (edit: had I ACTUALLY read the blog posts I would've known you need between 60 and 80 ornaments to complete)

SO, Here we 4 days later with MORE balls!
The girls lookin' silly!
HOORAY! We finished! I did silver and lime green with a leopard accent ribbon and Paola did red and gold with red accent ribbon.
ONCE you have all the materials this project is a fun breeze! The challenge for me is that I am 25 minutes from any store that carries this type of decoration. I am SO PLEASED with how they came out! To make your own:

* simply get a wire hanger
*un-twist the top hook portion of the hanger
*shape into a circle
*gather 60-80 ornaments in varying sizes
(I used only plastic and styrafoam so I didn't have to worry about breakage. I also found it's easier to use the large 8"ish in diameter balls as the major base - I used 8 total)
*thread varying sizes and colors onto hanger until it's almost full
(leave about 3" on each side so you can twist them back together to seal the circle)
*gather ribbon and thread onto wreath and tie a big bow at the top...VIOLA!!

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Amanda said...

What a great idea! Love how they turned out, and probably cheaper than buying one you can customize colors...just perfect!

Christy said...

oh...say it isn't so. while i love what you made...i am freaking out that it really is time to start thinking about christmas decorating. arghh! your wreaths are really awesome...i love the colors. popping in from tatertots and jello.

Ann said...

love it!!!!!