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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For Prosperity....

I wasn't going to post any more pictures of Christmas BUT while on Katie's (@ Harrington House) Blog she posted after the 1st of the Year with holiday photos and she said "for prosperity" and I liked that idea! We work so hard to get it all up and out, so why not relish in it (although I am anxious to start decorating for Valentine's Day).

Every year the kids and I put together a Gingerbread house and this year I got this kit from Wal-Mart - the BEST kit EVAH!!! Came with skittles, gumballs, mini M&M's, premade icing that was thick as paste and held the house together (I usually hot glue the gingerbread together first, this year I didn't have too!!).

VIOLA!! The finished product!!
Being in a new house it's always a challenge to figure out where you're going to put things. As was the case with holiday cards....I simply pokes some pearl headed straight pins into the wall (leaves a very small hole BUT does the job for lightweight things) looped some twine around each end, used glitter and leopard clothes pins and hung them as they came in....but the cards alone felt naked SO I added the chipboard "notes" above them.....

BUT it was a large wall and STILL needed more....SO I saw this FAB idea on Tia @ Two Junk Chix's blog.....framed ice skates!!

My paper vintage Christmas Village.....(I used icicle lights this year and they worked FAB.....)

A wintery display under a large "cloche".....

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