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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

She wears leopard on her toes.....

Thanks to Sally Hansen Salon effects Polish strips! I saw these while shopping at Wallyworld last week and didn't pull the trigger and buy them. OF COURSE all I could think about was going back and getting them. So yesterday while grocery shopping I picked them up! There were many patterns to choose from: LEOPARD (OF COURSE), Black and white lace, Black and White Houndstooth, Zebra, Flowers and Solids. They retails for $8.50.....

And come with everything you need! There are 16 nailpolish strips (so you can match the strip to YOUR nail), a wooden cuticle stick, buffer and directions (these were pretty easy to apply. I was a lil nervous I would "waste" them and not be able to do it BUT it was eazy-peazy. I used the wooden cuticle stick to gently go over polish strip and push down around the cuticles. I followed the directions that said to gently stretch over nail, then I gently pulled the strip away from the nail leaving a very small portion of the strip which I sanded off). While I LOVE Leopard, I thought this was just too much for my fingernails SO I decided I would use them on my toenails!

TA-DA!! They came out GREAT!
L O V E!!! I am anxious to see how they wear.
A few lil tips and tricks I employes was to use one strip for 2 toenails (which I could not do with the big toe BUT I was able to share strips for the rest of my lil piggies! Now the directions say you should throw away whatever strips are left (my guess is because they will dry out over time and not adhere as well). After I finished with the application I did put a topcoat on them. I will update in a week to see how they have worn. These will be SO GREAT come summer! Too bad my feet are covered by Coach boots right now (although I suppose if they are to be covered Coach is the way to go!!).


Poster Girl said...

It looks incredible! I want to try this pattern on my hands, but I probably don't have the patience to do them on my feet. Yours would look stunning with some black peep-toes. Thanks for the tips and the photos.

Sher said...

I have been wanting to try these! so cute!