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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday and a LEOPARD project

I KNOW, it's Thursday BUT that's ok!! I LOVE linking up to The Pleated Poppy and see what everyone else is wearing!
I am really into layering lately (perhaps it's the winter in the midwest?)

Ruffled Tuxedo style shirt - TJ Maxx
Grey and white stripe sweater - Kohls
Hydraulic Jeans
Grey UGGS ♥
and OF COURSE Pearls....Classic Pearls

Denim Shirt by Miley (yes, Wal-Mart and yes, I am wearing a teeny boppers clothing line)
Black Tank - Target
Black Boyfriend Cardi - Target (2008)
Seven Leggings
Coach (winter) Boots
(lots of snow that day)
VINTAGE Silver link necklace

And now a lil project! My girl Jen gave me 3 of these frames SO I have had several ideas WHAT to put in them BUT never followed through BUT Monday being a crappy snow day (when it's like that I don't leave the house - HATE driving in snow) I decided to do a lil quick project! It involved the frame (simple plastic box frame) Martha Stewart Crown paper punch and assorted scrap papers......
TA-DA!! Anything with a crown and leopard is destined to be fab! This project would be cute with varying colors BUT I wanted to stay within the black and animal families! Now as I said, I didn't leave the house so that means I had to use what was on hand (ie school glue to adhere the crowns....IF I were "planning" this project I would have used glue dots to avoid the wave that glue leaves...oh man, as I type this I am wondering why didn't I use hot glue?!?!?)


sugar Creek said...

I love your are such a cutie!!

Sara F. said...

Thank you for hopping over to my blog! I have that exact same Miley denim shirt!