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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


HOW do I always get SO BEHIND???? I put up St. Patricks decor the weekend after Valentines Day and I'm just blogging about it now? WHA? BUT in MY defense, the things I am blogging about now I JUST found last Tuesday (bought them last year at Goodwill.....that's RIGHT, they were only .25 each {granted I bought them in May BUT STILL} they originally retailed for $2.99).

They were (country) cute the way they were BUT as anyone who knows me KNOWS, I rarely leave things as I find them....

Cute lil grouping on the kitchen island....
(if you look closely you'll see the shamrock wands I gave a make-over too....EVERY holiday needs a lil leopard!!)
Aside from the leopard (scrapbook paper) covered shamrock, I covered another shamrock with a glittery think scrap(board) paper and added the rub on letters that spell out "lucky" and on the last one I simply removed the button that were on the right hand upper corner and added these FAB (cuz they were pearl, rhinestone and black bling)

I also covered the back of the shamrocks with patterned paper for two reasons....MORE is always MORE with me....and since this display is seen from all sides, it needed some UMPH (and I couldn't get my .25 deal price stickers off)


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I Love LOVE LOVE that you've got argyle and a little bling in there. Super cute vignette!

Rissy said...

love love love that you have st. patrick's day decor!