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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WIWW Keepin' it Real

I LOVE linkin' up here every Wednesday! As the title says, this week I am keepin' it real....

For example....TODAY! This outfit is nothing fab or grand BUT I FEEL GREAT! And at the end of the day, isn't that what matters?!?! I have this quote at my shop that reads "the happiest girls are the prettiest girls"...when you are happy, and feel good, it radiates from the inside out!
I didn't bother fixing my hair because I am going to the salon later today (a big change may be in store....I've been tryin' to grow my hair out BUT it's at that AWFUL in-between stage and I may hack it all off!). ok, onto the outfit...

Black Fleece jacket (which has made m any appearances): Target $4.98
Seven Jeans (my faves) : Marshall's
Green Sporty t: Walmart (the jammie section 3 yrs ago)
Black Ugg biker boots
Trophy Cup necklace - Target (last year?) pearls added by Moi

This is a look (vintage slip peekin' out from under my dress) I have been dyin' to try HOWEVER when I look at it, I think it would be better w/out the leggings and cowboy boots.....and it was 42℉ here So I could'e ditched the leggings!

Black Dress - BRAND NEW Target via Goodwill $1.23
Blue Snake Print Cardi - Express (YEARS 13 yrs ago)
Blue Vintage Skirt - Salvation Army
Black Leggings - Marshall's
Black UGG Biker boots

** My daughter took this pic and she said "mommy, your hair looks bad today so I didn't get your head in the pic" WOW....outta the mouths of babes!!

PEEK-A-BOO....Cute lil slip detail....

DARN! I forgot to take a pic of my inspiration for the next outfit...anyway, it was a FUN (orange) jacket and while I don't have orange, I do have lime green!
Lime Green Corduroy Jacket - Wal-Mart 6 yrs ago..I don't remember how much it was
Plum t-neck sweater - Ralph Lauren
Green Cami - Target
Jeans - Lane Bryant (new SMALLER :) size BUT now sure I am loving the fit....)

NO OUTFIT IS COMPLETE without jewelry......
and this week more was more for me! I layered it on....

Sterling Silver Faith Ring (Target via goodwill?)
Vintage Diamond band (purchased at an estate sale)
FAB Peridot Chunky sterling ring - Kohl's (5 yrs ago)
Peridot and rhinestone band - Local Boutique

After check out all the WIWW posts I was inspired to try something a lil different....I layered an orange t under the grey striped dress (yes, i said dress, I wore it as a dress last summer - what was I thinking - it is SHORT)

Orange T - Thrifted - $1.23
Grey Strip Dress - Jones New York via Marshall's (last summer) $19.99
Hydraulic Cropped Jeans - Maurices
(FAB) Grey Boots - Target $9.99

And the end of last WIWW found me here....wearing this.....a frown and a gown.....

I went to the ER for SEVERE chest / arm and back pains on my left side....I debated blogging about this because all's well that ends well BUT that may not always be the case. I want to take a minute to remind us women / moms to take care of ourselves....we tend to take a lot on and can sometimes over do it. I was in the ER for 10 HOURS people....the pic below was taken around 1:45 am....anyway after a battery of tests (EKG, several blood test, a chest scan and a CT scan) I was sent home diagnosed with a bruised inner chest wall...WHAT?!?!? Who's heard of such a thing? Apparently you can get it from coughing too hard, vomiting too hard or lifting something heavy (which was the case for me....lifting my {no so} lil {46 lb} guy). I am on the mend now....and so THANKFUL it wasn't a heart attack.
Take care Y'all!


DeeAnna said...

I love your little details!! The blue slip...slipping out is adorable! Love all of your color choices!

Courtney and Heather said...

Looking good!! I love the grey and orange outfit. I might have to try that look some time this week.

I hope you get to feeling better!!


Anonymous said...

Love the green jacket and cuffed jeans!